JUST IN: MSM Declares Trump Is Losing His Mind … This Psychologist Proves Them Wrong

October 12, 2017 9:19 am  

(TeaParty.org) – We can’t keep track of all the times the mainstream media has openly questioned Trump’s sanity and called for his psychiatric evaluation. But they’ve just taken their psycho-analysis to a whole new level.

Vanity Fair just posted a piece piece that portends an “unraveling” president, who is “increasingly unfocused” and consumed in “dark moods.”

The article cites two unnamed sources close to the administration overheard a conversation between Trump and his trusted advisor, Keith Schiller, in which Trump was heard yelling “I hate everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” A White House official denied this allegation.

If that’s how he feels about the White House, the MSM would get a kick out of his opinion of Congress.

The MSM is drippingly critical of the president because he is frustrated and hates everyone in the White House — but so does the MSM. They hate every single member of Trump’s administration WITHOUT exception (except possibly Mueller, of course). There you go, the liberal media has finally admitted they are nuts.

Know who else hates everyone on Capitol Hill? Everyone else in America, whether they voted Trump into the Oval Office or smash windows because he’s there. So did Vanity Fair just accuse us all of being insane, too? That won’t go over well with PR.

An oped by the Washington Post calls Trump “unstable and divorced from reality.” At this point, the only way the Democrats can remove the president from his post is by blasting him for his mental health and impeaching him on grounds of insanity.

During his campaign, Politicp ran a story titled “Could America elect a mentally ill president?” You don’t have to read it to know they weren’t talking about Hillary Clinton’s dementia. And Trump still won.

A psychiatric professional, however, says that they’re wrong. Allen Frances, who writes for the health news publication STAT, confirms that the president doesn’t in fact have any major mental disorders.

“The three most frequent armchair diagnoses made for Trump — narcissistic personality disorder, delusional disorder, and dementia — are all badly misinformed,” Frances writes.

According to Frances, the most that Trump could be diagnosed with is a narcissistic personality — but that’s extremely common among celebrities and politicians. A little madness is how they came to success.

Neither does Trump suffer from dementia, which France calls a “hallmark speechmaking tactic.” “He uses the same words over and over again because they work successfully on the crowd,” he said.

If the MSM and the establishment are so concerned about the mental health of political leaders, there are plenty of other examples they aren’t even talking about.

Nancy Pelosi has been exposed completely losing her mind on live TV interviews, slurring her speech, babbling nonsense, and falling into a dumb stare at the audience.

Leftism itself is a mental disorder. Contrary to what we’re told about conservative beliefs, the American Journal of Political Science published a piece that confirmed liberal views, not conservative ones, are linked to psychosis.

Attacking the president’s temperament and personality is an old, worn-out trick of the Democrats, because they have no other way of delegitimizing the president and his actual policy proposals — a lot more sane than any inventions of liberals.

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