Just In: What Michigan Governor Put In Background Of Latest Video Is Almost Treasonous

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The hatred against President Donald Trump has reached an all-time high over the last month or so as we head straight for the November election. The left is not at all being shy about expressing their wishes for the commander-in-chief to croak and for all sorts of nasty, unsavory things to happen to his family.

Unfortunately, that’s the over emotional mindset of the average modern-day liberal. Everything they say is just a spewing forth of their emotions rather than a well thought out rebuttal to policy positions and philosophies they might disagree with. Guess there’s no more room in America for polite political discourse, despite the fact our society desperately needs that to continue progressing forward.

Just how bad have things really become?

Well, in a recent television interview conducted by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, she had a symbol in the background that many have interpreted to mean “Kill Trump.”

According to Gateway Pundit, a number of individuals picked up on the symbolism and posted their observations on Twitter:

What kind of crazy person would put something like that in the background of a video being shot for a television interview? Is this another case of the left thinking Americans are too stupid to pay attention to symbolism and small details? What would possess someone in such a place of authority to do such a thing?

There’s a bit of a motive for Whitmer’s behavior. The Michigan governor was the subject of a kidnapping plot that was busted up, which she totally blamed on President Trump. The president also recently held a rally in which folks got fired up and wanted to see Whitmer locked up behind bars for her oppressive orders during the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep in mind, this is the same woman who actually forbid Michigan residents from being able to purchase vegetable seeds at grocery stores to plant during the pandemic. Whitmer went so far as to demand that Home Depot and Lowes shut down flooring, garden centers, and plant nurseries to back up her order.

Whitmer also played a large part in helping to keep Big Ten football from starting up, which had a negative impact on student athletes at the various colleges and universities that participate in the sport.

The Michigan Supreme Court rejected Whitmer’s actions and her attempts to keep prolonging the state of emergency without legislative approval.

So what proof is there that this symbol was purposefully used by Whitmer to send a message? Well, it was only used in the one interview. It was removed for a second interview she conducted with a local NBC Channel 4 station that was also held on Sunday.

Folks, this is very unbecoming of a sitting governor, but it’s not surprising given her tyrannical behavior during the first part of the coronavirus pandemic. There’s something seriously wrong with this woman. If the people of Michigan are smart, they’ll not ever reelect her to this office again.

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  1. i remember when i lived in california it was billions in the black, then grey davis got elected and before he was gone california went into the red by billions and has never recovered thats why i got out of my home state on 2/2/06

  2. In the 1970’s this same data was used to promote the next Ice Age which should have had us under 5′ of snow in South TX by now. Then in 1990’s to 2010 it was global warming with same data. Now since they can’t seem to decide if it’s the next Ice Age or Global Warming it’s now just Climate Change again with same data. And again we will all be gone in 10-12 years.
    I don’t deny climate change as there is geological data of it having been cyclic events for past several millennia. At least 2 Ice ages and for every Ice Age is followed with global warming. Where I used to live was 20-50′ under water in the Pliocene, and glaciers came as far south as CO & KA. If you want to follow the science follow ALL of the science not cherry pick what you want

  3. Power mad & evil to the core. This mindless hatred based on simply losing the 2016 election, despite it being rigged for Hillary just ruins so many minds. No reason to hate Trump at all, he’s been a great President. Obama was a bad President & Hillary would have been worse. Now? The power grabbing Left using the senile Biden is beyond scary. It would ruin the country should it succeed. Ignorant, hateful people who have no sense of country & history, economics or any of it, could take us down the rat hole into Communism. Perhaps people are so used to having what they want, if that reality happened, they’d rise up & there’d be a real revolution but we don’t need that blood shed. Vote Trump, vote Republican, throw people like this person out on her head.

  4. If we have learned nothing else in these recent months and years, it is that you can’t take any of these elections for granted. Like the watchman on the wall, be forever vigilant or these monsters will gain power over us.

  5. The left needs Psychiatric help. I don’t know if the blocks really mean what they seem to mean, but I find it very disturbing. We have celebrities, comedians (who don’t really know what comedy is anymore), Democratic politicians who seem to have stepped over the decency line. And I don’t mean just be the lies they tell! Everyone who claims to be a Democrat should be ashamed.

  6. Disgusting !! But not surprising that the left is once again calling for violence against the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! This women is a danger to society and should be removed from her position.

    • This women is merely a pawn for the democrat party , I doubt she’s smart enough to plant this progressive trash in the background of this propaganda piece .
      True danger is having another corrupt criminal politician from Obama’s administration becoming our president.. that’s dangerous..!

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