Just In: Senate Homeland Security Committee Has Now Reviewed All Materials From Bobulinski And It’s Bad News For The Bidens

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, the Senate Homeland Security Committee has reviewed all of the materials that were handed over from Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski and have verified them all, which is very bad news for the Biden family.

Earlier this week Tony Bobulinski sat down with Tucker Carlson for an exclusive interview. During the show, Bobulinski talked about how he met with the Biden family, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his brother Jim, in order to chat about their shared business with the Chinese communist party. Bobulinski then confirmed that the Bidens were compromised over China.

Hunter’s former business partner then detailed the elaborate Biden family business throughout both Asia and Europe. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media has dedicated zero coverage to any of this, despite the implications it has about the personal character of a man they all want to win the presidential election this year.

Bobulinski says that he actually met two times with the former vice president to discuss the business he had with his son Hunter. Shockingly, the Biden family has not disputed any of this information.

Sen. Ron Johnson interviewed Bobulinski on Friday and said that he hopes the man will speak to the Senate Homeland Security Committee as soon as he possibly can, which is something the former business partner of Hunter Biden stated during his interview with Tucker Carlson that he is willing to do.

“I appreciate that the FBI has a job to do, and I am glad they are finally taking an interest in these concerning financial matters that our Committees have been investigating for months,” Sen. Johnson stated.

“I expect that Mr. Bobulinski will speak with our committee as soon as possible and fully share his insights into the Biden family’s business dealings,” Johnson continued.

Joe Biden and the rest of the family have to be sweating bullets right now. They have to know they’ve been caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, right? Now, if only the mainstream media would do their jobs and cover this story.

People deserve to know if the candidate they are voting for is someone who abuses power and authority, especially before casting a ballot to give him access to the highest office in the land.

Video: Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals

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    • Well according to today’s progressive liberal trash there are 26 genders , which one Barry has transitioned to remains unknown. His partner appears to more of a man though,so he’s leaning towards……

  1. The younger brother was out of work for three months and a month ago her check was… Way too funny… if your gonna lie… pick a gender and stick with it!

  2. Yeah, these revelations have the Biden’s running for cover and if you believe that I have some oceanfront property in Arizona and a Bridge in Brooklyn you may want to buy. In the meantime, Congress is promising more hearings, more Kabuki theater, subpoena fights, and the general run of the mill obstruction of justice moves.

  3. You have a good sense of humor but no one is laughing. Are you telling us that the present occupant of the WH is an example of ethic and moral dealing that must be emulated? The brother is a pathological liar coupled with gross incompetence with 232,195 death he is still downplaying the virus? History will judge our beloved country

    • Emmanuel you have drunk so much of the kool aid our brain and vision are water logged. You need to get out of the basement and see the real world

    • Manuel lecturing us on morals and ethics is like Bill Clinton giving us the definition of “ Is “ .
      Manuel ain’t nothing but progressive liberal trash..and he knows it !

  4. It’s unbelievable to me that our “upstanding” (?) News Services have turned a dead eye/ear to these accusations. It’s one thing to be talking about the outcome of a baseball game tainted by someone beating on a garbage can and IGNORING a smoking (on fire) gun which accuses a man who may well become the next President of the United States with COLLUDING with the enemy. For heavens sake people, this man will have access to the innermost secrets of our republic with a possible disastrous outcome. How can even the most loyal followers believe this information should be ignored/covered up ?? (Unless, of course, the MSM are reporting to a higher — and more sinister — master)!!!!

    • Corrupt Media working for or with corrupt government officials and employees is the problem.
      Obama employed media people ,their spouses , and anyone else connected to the today’s corrupt media. He was protected by the media, unlike president Trump .

  5. Keep dreaming people, this will be reported by the FBI and homeland security as just a partisan attack and nothing was inappropriate. Remember they have had this info since the end of 2019. People are wasting time and air in the criminal Democrats hoping that they will be held accountable. Only Trump will be able to do this if he cleans out the entire alphabet departments like FBI CIA DNI homeland security. If he leaves one person that has been there prior to his election nothing will be done. Look even Bahhhrrr is complicit with the criminal Democrats. Go Trump MAGA 2020. He doesn’t want to jail the criminals that lie stating he wants bigger crimes, I say jail them all for lying then one will sing like a bird

  6. This scum will only continue to be the petrie dish for breeding more leftist bacteria unless we VOTE enough to disinfect America and send the corrupt to prison. And that includes the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obama administration officials, and maybe even Obama himself!

  7. When Trump wins, someone will break, and the dominos will start falling. When one’s ass is on the line…. one will sing like a bird to get a light sentence or even immunity.

  8. Still… nothing will happen here. This is just for the HoiPolloi, us common fly-by Americans. To let us know they are doing something. Unfortunately the “criminal investigations” are going to continue until we forget.

  9. Tick tock for the dems criminal corruption ring including their hero the Kenyan Hussein on down to their latest choice Joe Biden folks .
    The media and FBI cannot protect them forever. Sure , they can fool the fools, today’s bottom feeding progressive liberal trash, but no one is above the law , nor should they be !
    Sleep well democrat traitors, Geoffrey Epstein didn’t…

  10. just like the clintons nothing gonna happen they all have so much dirt against each other that they all are scared to death of each other

  11. Two concerns; 1. the FBI will do nothing since they are members of the swamp. 2. The people who will vote for Biden don’t care about the country or what the politicians do as long as they keep getting everything free and don’t get arrested for looting.
    Here is something they need to care about, Joe Biden has great plans to increase the free stuff and he can only pay for it by printing more money, and when he hits the point where he has no collateral to back it up the Country goes bankrupt and everybody is broke to include the government. After that, the civil war will begin and many people will die.

    • Low IQ , you know sucking and swallowing the free seamen today’s progressive liberal trash have to offer .

      Btw loser , it’s Harris and Biden !

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