Just In: Pelosi Backs Down From Her Coronavirus Bill (For Now) – Says Will Try To Pass Senate’s Economic Stimulus Package

(Gateway Pundit) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday that she’s willing to set aside her 1,400 page Socialist wish list (for now) and try to pass the Senate’s Coronavirus stimulus package.

Pelosi said she will try to pass the Senate’s massive $1.8 trillion bill by unanimous consent which means Representatives can vote “yes” without showing up on Capitol Hill.

“The easiest way to do it is for us to put aside some of our concerns for another day, and get this done,” Pelosi told CNBC. “If it has poison pills in it, and they know certain things are poison pills, then they don’t want unanimous consent – they just want an ideological statement.”

Pelosi did warn that she will call the House back to vote on her gargantuan Socialist power grab if the Senate can’t come to an agreement in its stimulus package.

Senate Democrats on Sunday blocked phase 3 of the Coronavirus economic stimulus bill.

60 votes were needed for this bill.

All Democrats, and Independents who caucus with Dems voted no so the country is in limbo.

Pelosi continued to play politics on Monday amid the Coronavirus shutdown and demanded a wish list of Socialist policies that have nothing to do with the global pandemic.

The Speaker’s Socialist wish list includes: Collective Bargaining, Green New Deal Priorities, Student Loan Forgiveness, Federalizing Elections, Immigration Provisions, Overreaching Mandates on Businesses and much more!



  1. Pelosi is just another obama type hold over Americans want out of their lives .

    Why is she in power for God sakes ?


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