Just In: Newsmax Anchor Explains Media Projection Is Third Coup Attempt — And Fox News Is In On It

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Greg Kelly is currently an anchor for Newsmax, the network that Trump supporters switched to in droves after Fox News appeared to completely turn on their core base on election night with irresponsible, inexplicable calls for Biden and subsequent reporting that he was the president-elect of the United States as the general election remains contested.

Kelly says that Fox, where he used to be employed, along with other corporate mainstream media outlets, are gaslighting Americans by prematurely declaring Biden the winner of the 20202 election.

This, he says, is the third attempted coup of President Donald J. Trump, following four years of such shameful attempts.

Speaking with Rob Schmidt on a Saturday evening broadcast, Kelly scorched the media complex that gleefully declared Biden the winner of the presidential election that evening.

“Everything you’re seeing tonight is an illusion. There is no president-elect. Even the term ‘president-elect’ used right now is a media fabrication. We don’t have a president-elect until the electors come and actually elect a president and that happens sometime next month,” Kelly stated.

“This is still in dispute…Constitutionally though nothing significant has actually happened…this is yet a third coup attempt. We had Russia, we had the impeachment, and now we have this nonsense, which is so incredibly dishonest…[the media] has squandered all their credibility. We should not listen to them; we need to resist…This is not over, not by a long shot,” he concluded.

Newsmax is the only major television media network that has not given the election to Biden, and it was the first station on everyone’s lips when they began jumping ship from Fox News.

BizPac Review notes that some people are speculating that the cable news networks rushed to call the election for Biden to try to distract from a presser held by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on Saturday that outlined the Trump campaign’s case that voter fraud had been committed in the state.

It just happened to have taken place at the same time that Biden was declared the winner and his campaign scraped together a celebration, which was mimicked by his supporters in the streets as COVID appeared to magically disappear.

Kelly had been slated to appear on Schmidt’s show to react to the news that Justice Judge Jeanine’s regularly-scheduled Saturday program was taken off the air which was rumored to have been due to Pirro’s plans to discuss allegations of voter fraud.

“Fox News has lost, in my opinion, all legitimacy. Fox News was founded as an alternative to the mainstream media. The idea that the center of the country is not Manhattan. The center of the country is not the Beltway. The center of the country is the country. It was found by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch with that understanding,” Kelly opined.

“And now it appears to me that Fox News is more concerned what The New York Times writes about them than what the audience thinks about them. They have lost their audience; they have lost their way.”

He said that he would admire Pirro if she were to leave Fox over the alleged conflict.

Fox News, however, has stated that Pirro’s program and others scheduled for that evening were put aside for special election coverage and that it would air next week at the normal time.

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  1. Can it be true? Morning Joe who has been broadcasting from the basement of an outhouse for years has out rated Faux & Friends.
    Holy cow Batman what’s nest?

  2. I am deeply disappointed that Fox News has joined the liberal media is staging a 3rd coup attempt against President Trump. For the longest time I have had high respect for its conservative (or what I thought were serious conservative) principles. I have stopped watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the rest of the liberal media because of its slanted and unfair coverage of the president. I hate to do it, but I must also wind down my watching of FOX News (except for Tucker, Hannity, and their conservative commentator colleagues.) Fortunately, there are still serious conservative alternatives. Maybe, the sudden and forced exit of Judge Pirro was in the end all for the better.

    This is all the more reason for us to document the extent of the election fraud so that we can prove to the courts the need for their remedial action.

  3. Or go back to a life of welfare and food stamps if Obiden wins . That’s how today’s progressive liberal trash will act you know ?

  4. “Everything you’re seeing tonight is an illusion. There is no president-elect.” BUT BIDEN IS CALLING AND MAKING DIPLOMATIC CONTACT AND AGREEMENTS WITH OTHER COUNTRIES WITHOUT THE AUTHORITY TO DO SO. He needs to have some secret service visitors in the middle of the night to explain to him the real not pretend status.

  5. One of the reason NewsMax TV was even started was the way Fox, ever since Disney bought into it. I would not be surprised to see Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, even Sean Hannity and Shannon Breen all leave with Jeanine Pirro. The like of Chris Wallace, Geraldo Rivera and the real fat boy Chris stirewalt could ever hold and audience. I have been a watcher of and subscriber of NewsMax, almost from the beginning of their organization. I say it s about time this so-called Fair and Balanced is called a farse. We have the truth and then we had the filibusters, who babbled on, or propagandized and this was supposed to be fair and balanced. All this showed was the Evil, was on Par with the truth that come from God. The owner Murdock, was going to vote for Biden. What an ass hole, when he found Fox to counteract the Liberals, do not let him out of the nursing home again.

    • Fox was much better 20 years ago then the progressive trash took it over with Donna Brazile, Juan and the other worthless liberal filth.

  6. Fox News is such a disappointment I have watched the morning fox for 40 years. They not all but most especially the daytime fox people have now become no better than CNN and MSNBC so I say farewell it was a good ride

  7. I am no longer a Fox News have to be, I was a 24 hour viewer but. After seeing so much of Chris Wallace ,Juan, RIveria and the big fat man, I have found other net works

  8. Biden goes from openly corrupt to abusive of his hoped to have position by intending to appoint every criminally corrupt and lawless person to his cabinet. This administration will make the pandemic feel like a picnic.

    P>S> remember the democrats are the ones who early in the “pandemic” steered the medical community away from the treatment that was successful. Also remember that Fauci as head of the NIH worked with the lab in China and has constantly steered us away from the help that has cured thousands

  9. I see you post your messages on Facebook and Twitter I am not on those racist sites so if you want me to read them you can post them on newsmax and I will be able to view them. Some seem to think that I voted for the corrupt untrustworthy kkk supramist democratic party well I didn’t vote for the party of liars and corrupt untrustworthy kkk supramist democratic party, just to let all of you know. The recounts will show who committed election fraud and let the party of fraud to America see who they really are. God Bless America there I said because it is my understanding that the democratic party will crawl back into the holes that they came from and good riddance to them.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. I pick and choose what I listen to on Fox News now, because most of them I can’t abide. Their are still some I enjoy, but I wonder if their days on Fox News are numbered.

    If their was any non-biased news sources in the U.S. people like Chris Wallace would not be allowed on any news channel.

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