JUST IN: Democrats In Shock State Block Vote Making Female Genital Mutilation a Crime

July 16, 2017 1:53 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – A new vote made by Democrats has America reeling in disgust.

In what can only be described as shocking, Democrats in Maine decided they do not have to pass a law making female genital mutilation illegal, according to Press Herald.

What we see here is a case of Democrats trying to be politically correct. They fail to see that mutilating genitals of girls in other cultures is barbaric, and that it is morally unjust.

Many are questioning the reasoning and the views behind blocking this vote.

If one refers to federal law, this kind of mutilation has been illegal for two decades. Despite the laws being in place, the earliest case of this happening was early 2017 in Michigan.

There are doctors out there that will perform the procedure, but it is viewed as a “hush hush” situation. If people are still interested in getting it done to their innocent children, they can find a way.

Many view this as Democrats not caring for the safety of women and innocent children as much as they say they do. Feminists are starting to rally against this, even though it has been going on for many years.

We need to keep pushing to make sure the safety of all of the little girls in the United states is secured.

Action needs to be taken NOW to stop these sick people from trying to incorporate this disturbing part of their culture in OUR country!


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