Judge Strips Mother From Her Child For Being ‘Anti-Mask’ Gives COVID Vaccine Ultimatum

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – In a brand new interview from Red Voice Media’s Stew Peters, a mother shares the harrowing story of how her son was taken away from her by a Florida judge because she posted a picture on social media without a mask.

According to Infowars, Melanie Joseph had her parental rights taken away during a custody battle with her ex-husband after the court stated that she was a “danger” to the child due to being “anti-mask.” Welcome to the authoritarian world that the left has dreamed up.

In an audio recording, Broward County Judge Dale C. Cohen tells the court that he believes the mother’s “credibility is very low.”

“I don’t believe a lot of what she testified to,” Judge Cohen stated. “Um, she’s one of these anti-mask people and she’s got the audacity to post that on social media that she’s an anti-mask people.”

Joseph then told Peters that she’s not “anti-mask,” but had posted a picture from before the pandemic. The judge was also very worried by photos of the mom with her gun, which she has a legal permit for.

Judge Cohen explained his ruling, saying, “If the mother wants in-person time -sharing, it’s going to be in Broward County, she’s going to come down, she’s gonna pay for a supervisor and she’s gonna wear a mask. And if she doesn’t, time-sharing is just not gonna happen.”

“When this pandemic is over and there’s no cases and there’s a vaccine and there’s proof… well, the father will get a vaccine for the child, but you know the mother’s going to need to get a vaccine as well. And, when I have proof everybody’s safe and the child is not at risk of danger, then we can talk about a long-distance parenting plan, but for right now her time-sharing is suspended,” the judge said.

“She’s a danger because of COVID and she’s not taking proper precautions. When COVID passes, I don’t think she’ll be a danger,” the judge continued.

Honestly, if you look at the words spoken by this judge, it seems like he’s not playing with a full deck of cards himself. He’s completely and totally inarticulate and his argumentation here doesn’t really hold water. How this guy got a career in law is astounding.

He’s also violating this woman’s rights, but hey, who cares, right? All we care about in this current pandemic world is making sure nobody gets COVID. By the way, there’s no such thing as this thing going to zero cases. That’s not how this works. The coronavirus will be here for good. Like it or not. It’s here to stay. We can only adapt to it over time and it will weaken into just another strain of the flu.

This is happening in Gov. DeSantis’s backyard. Let’s hope he gets involved and helps Joseph fight for the right to be with her son.

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  1. This is absolutely absurd and she needs to fight. Wearing a mask is not a law. I know many many people, including myself that don’t wear masks, are against vaccines, and know all Covid nonsense is fake! Wake up people! This judge should be stripped of his license! This is unlawful and goes against our constitution!

  2. Might be a really good idea to have this judge mentally and cognitively tested before he returns to the bench. Obviously, he has one, never took a constitutional law course, or two, he is mentally impaired or deranged. If he thinks that is how the law works, maybe, another judge needs take away his right to see his grand children pending a mental acuity and psychological test. Maybe if he does very well on that test the judge will be kind enough to give him supervised visitation rights if he is willing to pay the state out of his own pocket, of course.

  3. That Judge is one of the most dangerous people in America. I hope he gets his gene therapy long before that young mother ever does.

    • VERY OLD WHITE GUY, I dont think this Judge has the authority to enforce his actions, I dont know if this mother has the means to hire an attorney, But if she does she needs one that is well versed on the Constitution. This Vaccine has not and can not be mandated by Anyone including this arrogant Judge.Sounds like he needs to be removed from the bench the sooner the better. We the people are being forced into accepting restraints imposed on us by those in authority simply because many dont have the financial means to fight back.


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