Judge Crushes Democrat Hopes Of Attempting To Stop The 2020 Election Vote Audit In Arizona

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A judge in the state of Arizona has officially crushed all the hopes and dreams the Democratic Party within the state held about possibly stopping the forensic audit that is happening in Maricopa County, despite the hard work that the left is putting in a campaign designed to suppress the work that is happening and the results that might be uncovered.

According to WND, Judge Daniel Martin also ordered that the audit policies and procedures of the Cyber Ninjas firm that is conducting the audit be made public. Just in case you thought this judge was totally on the conservative side of this particular battle.

Arizona is one of the six states Biden won by an extremely slim margin which has led many lawmakers to raise objections about the results and presenting evidence of voter fraud that for all intents and purposes should’ve led to investigations and forensic audits of all the ballots in the key battleground states.

Senate Republicans launched their recount last week when officials for the county began bringing in equipment that was used in the November election to the state fairgrounds where the audit will recount 2.1 million ballots. The work in question will take weeks to complete.

It’s important to note that no matter what the results of the audit say, it won’t change the actual outcome of the election, which have already been certified. So don’t get your hopes up that if voter fraud is found we will be getting rid of Biden and reinstating Trump. That will not happen.

However, Republican Karen Fann, who serves as the president of the Arizona Senate, said, “When almost half of the voters say they lack confidence and have questions about the integrity of our system, it’s time for someone to step up and give them answers.”

The state Senate is currently conducting the recount at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which they have use of until May 14.

Here’s to hoping these folks get to the bottom of this matter and reveal the truth about what happened in this election. We need to know if our elections are still free and fair or if the whole system has now been compromised.

If it has been compromised we must do something to fix the situation and restore voter confidence in the system.

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  1. A bit of truth was written in another commit section and I would want to repeat the valid statement here.

    “Impeach, remove, and prosecute Biden for human trafficking, treason, sedition, conspiring with Globalists to enslave U.S. citizens and deprive them of life, liberty, and property.” The majority of Biden’s administration members are also eligible for criminal prosecution for their violations. it is a political mafia with the government in the hands of criminals.

    Another patriot stated “Trump’s continuing gift to the American citizen is lifting the curtain on the deception and criminal activity of the federal government.” They are exposed for all to see along with the wickedness they commit.

  2. Again what is being done in Arizona MUST be on the truthful and right track because iq is complaining.

    And as far as the issue of certification having already taken place, “It’s important to note that no matter what the results of the audit say, it won’t change the actual outcome of the election, which have already been certified.
    It is hog wash to say it was determined to be accurate when the accuracy was questioned by the State legislature from the start but confirmation of accuracy was blocked. As far as the certification goes, how could it be certified but not allowed to be validated?

    • no you and your cult are just embarrassing yourselves with this made up BIG LIE that tRUMP keeps trying to get others than his cult to buy into just embarrassing already

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      Right little queer man Low iq ?

    • low iq … talk about embarrassment !!! Nothing from childish iq drivel can be construed as intelligence, rational thought or logic. Lefty troll trying to appear ‘bright’ … except his ignorant grammar shows his grand ego. Fail.

  3. they lack confidence in the voting system because tRUMP and his minions OANN NEWSMAX FOX”NEWS” and this rag keep spreading their lies about non-existent “fraud” which has never been proven in any court of law by tRUMPS “legal” team once again 1-64 in ALL COURTS!!! BECAUSE THEY HAD NO PROOF TO SHOW!!!

    • Talk about lack of COMMON sense little queer gay man …get you some before you succumb to your ignorance little queer gay man .

    • By your whining little queer man only proves your hero and fellow queer Obama is going down for election FRAUD…

      Sorry for your luck loser.

    • When this low iq, mental midget learns how to use grammar, maybe some might even take him serious … but we doubt that. His self importance shows his naïve and stupidity. So goes the folly of young and dumb.


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