Judd Apatow Says Prosecute Trump And Republicans: ‘They Are All Murderers’

(Breitbart) – Hollywood writer-director Judd Apatow launched another scathing attack on President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress, describing them as “murderers” whose actions have caused “thousands of deaths.”

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell argued that the efforts of Democrats in Congress to impeachment the president on false grounds had distracted from the impending threat of the Chinese coronavirus.

“It came up while we were tied down in the impeachment trial,” McConnell said in an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show. “And I think it diverted the attention of the government because everything every day was all about impeachment.”

Responding to McConnell’s claim, Apatow suggested that McConnell and his fellow Republicans should face prosecution, without specifying what charges they should face.

“I think [the Senate Majority Leader] and all of these politicians should be prosecuted when this is done for the lies which cost thousands of deaths,” he wrote. “He knows Trump is a con man who lied to everyone to delay bad news and that led to thousands of additional deaths. They are all murderers.”

Indeed, as Breitbart’s Joel Pollak has reported, Congressional Democrats were focused on their impeachment trial while coronavirus was spreading from China to the United States. President Trump also declared a national health emergency in January and imposed a ban on travel to and from China.

Of course, Judd Apatow failed to mention these facts.

It is not the first time the 40-Year-Old Virgin director has accused Trump of murder. Last year, Apatow said Trump’s skepticism of climate alarmism was equivalent to “murdering our children.”

“We are murdering our children,” he wrote at the time. “It’s as simple as that. The President could care less.”

The 52-year-old has previously said that Trump is both a terrorist and a Nazi.

“He’s a Nazi. He wants no judicial process. He kidnapped children and commits acts of violence for political gain and to support his racist views,” he ranted back in 2018. “He admires violent dictators. Trump is a Nazi. The debate is over. Soon we will have proof he is a Nazi supported by the Russians.”



  1. This alleged charge coming from someone that endorses a political party that unashamedly supports the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies each year? He’s demonstrably much more involved in murder than he wishes Trump were. No proof against Trump, but plenty against him, Pelosi and most Democrats. Worst hypocrites ever.

  2. This guy is so full of hate that he definitely needs mental help! He doesn’t mind murdering millions of helpless babies but can’t handle deaths due to a pandemic that America is working desperately to end as soon as possible. Get help whoever you are because you need it!!

  3. Give the guy a break. He has advisors meeting with him daily! Just think if Biden were president, he would look blank and say “what virus”. I’m in TN when he’s in another state. LOL but Sad!

  4. I think these liberals wake up each day in an alternate universe. They just open their mouths and spew whatever comes out. No research, no facts. Yes, Trump is FRANK but we elected him to be. We were tired of the mealy mouth politicians who had good soundbites but no action…just back to normal deal making for personal power. The audacity of these liberals and their Dem leaders knows no bounds. They are PERFECT in their own minds; yet We the People see thru their lies/actions. As Holder told Obama “Never let a Crisis go to Waste” and that is EXACTLY what the Dems are doing with this national emergency. They hijacked the government with their phony impeachment and now blame him because he “took no action or was too late”! Where were they? Out ordering impeachment pens and appearing on MSM with their lies. They can’t decide if they want President Trump to be a dictator or not. Seems they are very conflicted. Let him take decisive action, they scream dictator. Otherwise, he’s a killer. Whatever they think gets them the most air time and helps them retain power. Look at Pelosi…busy celebrating her birthday and urging people to come to Chinatown and holding up the stimulus bill so she can fly back to DC on her PERSONAL JET with her greedy little WISH LIST in hand…so who is the one really responsible for lack of action. These Dems leaders and supporters would prefer to see deaths and our economy fail than to see President Trump and our Nation succeed. That is a CHILLING scenario and shows how much they care about the American People.

  5. Forget about the likes of Bobby. If the Dems think that the American people are supporting Trump and his team they will start impeachment proceedings for _____ you can fill in the blanks. They will do their best to take our minds off the Coronavirus

  6. Yes, Trump is a conman & habitual liar at best; and, a definite contributor to the spread of Coviod19 here in the US at worst! Both his incompetency & ineptness is glaring! And typical Trump & Trumpilicans (GOP), blame the Dems & everyone else for their inaction, unpreparedness & faults!! So it is no surprise that Moscow Mitch would/will say what he stated!!!

  7. Very said how the left wants to blame Trump for the stupidity of both parties in making our country so dependent on goods from China. Trump is the first President to tell businesses to look to other countries to make our goods. Please wake up America. President Trump loves this country. Get behind him. He is our last hope.

  8. This Hollywood idiot says President Trump is a Nazi backed by Russia?!
    Has he no decency? He needs an education too, Russia fought the Nazis.
    Make another funny movie, it’s what you do. Leave the politics to the politicians.

  9. Those Hollywood perverts are disgusting. That guy is just another example of one. They are totally evil people and enemies to America.

  10. Apatow . . .what a dumb ass I dont see how he can write anything of value, he or any of the loud mouths in Hollywood can accuse people doing what is necessary of doing wrong ? They are a very important group DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF VALUE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . .EXCEPT TO SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE MURDERING THE NEXT GENERATION OF CITIZENS ALL BECAUSE IT PISSES THOSE OF US WHO BELIEVE IN OUR CHILDREN !!!

  11. psychiatrists have always known that we have a substantial population of mentally ill who are functional. many of these people can be found in the entertainment and film business where marginal thinking and off the hook imagination gets high marks. left to their own devices though without much in the way of work and even less in attention paid they become as we see them in social media especially. strange, crazed incoherent rantings targeting our President. in the end they are talking to themselves in an echo chamber. they are sad and desperate characters looking for a job.

  12. Hey apatow, your big and brave with a big mouth, come on around my area and say that and the world will all see what a liar and worthless POS you are. You demoncraps are the antagonists, obstructionists and hypocrites of the USA. Your socialists who want communism, bottom line is the majority of all sane and sensible don’t want your failed type of politics. You and your ilk are losers, failures and will be destroyed in November 2020. Your just a POS!

  13. When TSHF (soon, if this foolishness keeps up) I will, hopefully, be one of those chosen to trip the guillotine on a few of these democomms…at least be on a firing squad.

  14. Judd, by posting a really dumb remark like that, we don’t have to GUESS your intelligence level, we KNOW what it is ! You, and all the other BRAIN DEAD Liberals have NO ability to REASON, or understand FACTS, you just SPOUT whatever nonsense your pathetic brain comes up with !

  15. Of course another Hollweired know it all spouts off. What a jackass. Maybe he should start with Nancy, Adam, Little Jerry and the rest of the Democrats that could think of nothing but Impeaching President Trump and then when they should have stayed in D C and voted on the stimulus package they all went home and wasted more time getting it passed. The Holloyweirds think Nancy and crew have all the answers. Ha Ha Ha

  16. This guy is a total Hollywood moron. A hack a best. He is much like the waste I flush down the toilet, not worth keeping. This virus started in China, how it was delivered will be up for debate for years and we will probably never know. Out of a lab or via some bat (yeah right), but however, it made its way to the US, President Trump didn’t murder anybody, just like Barack Obama didn’t murder anybody when the different flu’s killed tens of thousands of people in the US during his presidency. The moronic hate from the far left towards President Trump, shows that mental illness is alive an well in the US.

  17. I guess they’re now copying liberal governors freeing prisoners using Coronavirus safety as an excuse. Democrats are releasing loonies from their bins to protect them from the virus. But who the hell is Judd Apatow? Must be another ego inflated leftist minion who thinks his opinion means something.

  18. If that idiot apatow would look at the facts he would realize all of this is from the democrats ignoring what they heard in January and went after the impeachment instead. If they would have done their jobs in the first place all of this virus crap could have been avoided. The democrats are the ones that should be going to jail, along with the so called celebrities for pushing them into doing all of their dirty deeds in the first place.

  19. 10 foot tall and bullet proof like the rest of the Hollywood idiots. set on your dead ass & preach as you know what the hell you are doing. you grow a pair & come get us!

  20. Why is it that Hollywood people need to constantly pretend that they are superior to the rest of the world; specially when it is clear that the people or plan they are attacking is the best that we have ever used? We have decided to avoid Hollywood movies, musicals, etc. to make sure that we don’t put money in the pockets of these snotty, arrogant lunatics.

    • Jim you hit the nail right on the head, all the Hollywood imbeciles are crying because they are all losing money, so good let’s all stay home and they call shove their movies up where the sun don’t shine, and also do not buy any crap associated with the scumbags in hollywood, it’s all about the the money with them, so let’s all put a hurting on them and maybe they learn to keep their no count opinions to themselves,

  21. Rodney; Bob is a born idiot just like Pelosi,Schumer,Schiff,Nadler and the Squad. my 16 year old granddaughter is 1000 times smarter than ant of them

  22. What is said about Dims? They are self-absorbed and project or accuse others of what they are doing or have done themselves! Notice how vile they are—they smell of sulfur!! Americans are not stupid to think these Hollywood pretends are rational. They’re out of work—no more “idolatry” of the ‘screen’ or people who think they are GODS! They try to lecture the rest of us when they themselves sell their souls to play any sick character. Conservative and Christian actors, STAND UP to these vile individuals. I know GOD has other areas for you to meaningfully work—maybe, Christian films??

  23. All of the people of Hollywood and the Democrats are born of Satan the are the largest killers of all time look at the millions of unborn babies killed.I read where one woman said she had 21 abortions to bad her mother didn’t abort her

  24. Hollywood Libtards are so self-absorbed they can’t see past their own mansion gates. They know they can’t win a fair election, so they choose to find an illegal way to win. They look so stupid doing this that even people in their own party are moving to the other side. Keep it up Apatow, you are doing good work looking stupid.

  25. Judd Apatow is a mindless fool, to which his comments surely attest. I’ll never buy a ticket, rent, or screen a movie of his again. What is he doing to help solve the problem? Zero. Oh, except carping and pointing fingers from the sidelines. Good luck with that, Judd. You’re a clown. A good one. But no one takes you seriously on any other subject.

  26. Judge who? Never heard of the turd. I am a poet and I don’t even know it. Get it heard with turd. Another Hollywood loser looking for free pr and a job assignement. Maybe some day he will make it big but more likely he will never even be remembered when he leaves there..

  27. Apparently this DEMOCRAT POS, doesn’t think ripping apart babies out of their mothers murder? WHICH IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY ⚰️

    • I think you could easily recognize him. He’s the guy walking around with his head up his ass.

  28. What I find amazing is the Liberals consider themselves enlightened and for the democratic party its all about power. They can’t have a full argument without changing the topic and accusations as they begin to run short on facts…. but again they are clueless to this. I wince sometimes when Trump speaks but I also believe he truly wants whats best for this country and when I hear something that sounds a little off I do my research and form an intelligent reasonable opinion.

    I recently confronted someone about a fact from a prior discussion, the response was I’m focused on whats going on with Covid19…. but he wasn’t when he brought it up. I’m simply tired of the BS that is being spouted by the left and democrats… but I realize, silence on my part is no longer an option

  29. Well now … this fool must be part of the hollyweirdo pedophile club who are scared sh#$#tless that Trump will be the one to out these sick sub-human stooges.

  30. Lock every crooked republicunt in gitmo and strap them all into the electric chair right now, and then MAYBE America might start becoming great again.

    • How long have you been suffering from TDS Bob ?

      You do know obama,the progressive trash’s hero is the one who should be incarcerated at Gitmo , Don’t you Bob ?

      Btw Bob , TDS is curable .. become responsible and self reliant !

    • Bob, what happened to the TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY of the “dems”?! IS there a REASON WHY people HAVE to BELIEVE the SAME AS YOU?!

      If we don’t, you Attack & Vilify US and our AMERICAN President.

      Republicans HAD to live under 8 YEARS of two dem administrations. WHY Don’t you Even TRY to Do the Same?!

    • TDS maybe curable,
      being stupid is not,
      education can’t fix it. It just
      makes them even dumb.
      Unfortunately this seems to be a mainstream hollywood trait.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder the cure KAG 2020.

    • Mighty ignorant, infantile comment Bobby. It is people like you that are in dire need of an education.

    • Hey Bob:
      Trying pulling your head out of your ass! On second thought, forget that! Since you are obviously not using it to think, having it stored up there will not really create a problem for you.

    • Face facts, morons. If Traitor Trump hadn’t dismissed the virus as a “democrat hoax” and proven himself as a pathological liar with over 20,000 lies under his belt in 3 years, maybe our country wouldn’t be in the toilet right now. The main threat to our country right now is not the Coronavirus, it’s Don the Con.

    • Hey “ChopperPilot”, the only ‘cure’ for TDS is a DOUBLE TAP at the bridge of “BOB’s” nose. For BOB and all of his vile ilk: Millennials, X > Y > & Z-Geners, Socialists, Feminazis, Antifas, Democrats and Communists and other sundry domestic terrorists and insurgents. Lock and Load and charge the Ma-Deuces. Big mouths, small deranged
      brains and very SHORT lives. “FREE – FREE AT LAST!”


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