John McCain’s Daughter Goes All In For Creepy Joe Biden On The View (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – John McCain’s daughter Meghan went all in for her dad’s old buddy Joe Biden on Tuesday’s episode of The View, claiming that if the party goes with Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren “it’s your funeral.”

The out-of-touch heiress predicted that it would be a “bloodbath” if the Democrat Party doesn’t choose “Teflon Joe.”

“I think it’s important to note that he’s doing the highest with African-American voters still. After all this, he’s sleepy uncle Joe, I showed the graph yesterday and he’s teflon Joe right now. Teflon Joe against Donald Trump is something the voters are going to see,” McCain said, with a straight face.

Co-host Sunny Hostin interjected that Biden is only really doing well with older voters, even among the black community. “In fact, it’s split along generational lines. Older voters support Biden, younger voters support Sanders or Warren.”

“If you want to get in with Sanders and Warren, I believe it’s going to be a bloodbath,” the junior neocon snapped. “It’s your funeral that I will not be a part of.”

Joy Behar noted that Biden hasn’t been talking about issues that appeal to young voters, like climate change.

“If they want to get the young vote they have to start talking about climate change,” Behar said. “Donald Trump does nothing for climate change. In fact, he’s retrograde, whatever the word is, regressive on the subject. They need to talk to young people because it’s your future out there. It’s your future. We’ll be dead. I will be. And she’s not coming to my funeral, she just said.”

The comment prompted a response from McCain that, “I’m not coming to that funeral because you won’t give me any lasagna unless I give you my guns. No funerals for you.”


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