John Kerry Sides With Iran Over Trump – Praises Regime For Being Restrained And Reserved After Attacks On US Embassy And Rocket Attacks On US Bases (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – So far this year the Iranian regime attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad and then fired over a dozen missiles at two US bases in Iraq from Iran.

Then they blew up an Ukrainian jetliner.

Rather than escalating the US military attacks on the rogue regime President Trump announced new sanctions and a warning to the Iranian mullahs.

But Democrats no longer make decisions or view events based on reality.

On Monday former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry praised the disciplined and restrained Iranian regime for their actions this month.


John Kerry told Chris Matthews.

John Kerry: It’s a sad day when the United States of a America has to rely on the decision of a regime that we neither like nor trust to have them be the ones who behave, somehow, in a way that somehow saves Donald Trump from his own decision.

Laura Ingraham went off on Kerry later tonight on her show.

Laura Ingraham: Just so everyone understands what he just said, John Kerry, former Secretary of State just said that Iran deserves credit for being restrained and reserved after that attempted attack on our embassy, after everything they’ve done to kill American soldiers with IEDs, the terrorism throughout the Gulf region, our former Secretary of State just siding with Iran!

And what happened to his face?


  1. Yeah so, we should not be surprised!
    This guy was, is and always been a clown who hates America!
    He’s a legend in his own mind, just like that Devil Obama! They mean nothing.

  2. Doesn’t anyone in Washington in the Trump Administration , or the Justice Department able to indict John Kerry for breaking the Logan Act. We should pull his passport , take the evidence to the Grand Jury of all his treason activities with our Enemy Iran , then we should also pull his daughters passport and her Iranian Prince Husband never allow their ass back into this country. He has been caught on video talking to the press about the money we gave to Iran in the Deal he and Corrupt Obama made . He said some of that money would be going to Terrorist ,Hamas on video when confronted on Meet the Press when they showed him what he said to the reporter , he was caught and said well I meant not all that money went to terrorist, it you did say that on video . Guys is a hypocrite and has been lying since he called us Marines Baby Killers and woman Killers in Vietnam , he made that at Congressional Hearings in DC , had all these medals he said he got in Vietnam , when he ran for President they turned out to be lies .

  3. What in HELL is wrong with Democrats anymore???

    And HOW in HELL are we going to return to bipartisanship when there is such an incredible chasm between us, short of Rev or CW?

    In my book, it’s PAST time to Water the Tree of Liberty.

  4. This is a treasonous,,,backstabbing, …hated,,,,irresponsible piece of shit,,,he goes uninvited and certainly not sent,,,,to the Middle East to participate in late night clandestine meetings with Iran rulers behind the back of our government to advise our enemy’s in the ways to handle our president and our government,,,,He should be tried for treason,,,,convicted,,,,,and spend the rest of his sorry assed life in GITMO,,,,,,he and his good buddy,,,the Muslim Obummer,,,got extremely rich off of the Nuclear deal they handed to Iran,,,,while the rest of the world was put in terror because of allowing Iran to continue building their nuclear arsenal,,,,He lied about his service in Vietnam,,,,he is a congenital liar,,,coward,,,traitor,,,and it is time that his time is over!!!!!!!!

  5. Why isn’t this TREASONISTIC TRAITOR in FEDERAL prison yet? It’s about time these traitors spend time in prison and NEVER allowed back in ANY office again. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. This guy makes Benedict Arnold look good. He will likely never run for office again so why would he comment at all? Stand up to the leftists and vote Republican.

    • No surprise there. The Iranians own Kerry. If he says anything negative about them, they’ll reveal the truth behind that corrupt deal that he and Obama did to allow them access for funds for terrorism, and a path to nuclear weapons. $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  7. John Kerry is a Traitor and has committed Treason many time. He needs to be arrested, charged and convicted. Then shot by Firing Squad

  8. Of course he does.his daughter is married to a top Iranian government official. He was Obama’s lackey. He and the democrats who agree that this terrorist was more important than the American lives sacrificed for our freedom are traitors. Read the definition in the amendment and they all fit the definition of a traitor. This is part of the constitution that Nancy seems to like to repeat constantly, like we’re morons and will believe her because she uses the word constitution. To take the side of the enemy and terrorist is the ultimate, despicable traitorous act to the American people and constitution. He needs to go live in Iran with his daughter. Any man who would have his daughter suppressed for being a woman is no an at all.

  9. I don’t understand why this traitor is allowed to break our laws and remain free to keep breaking them. Arrest this punk and throw away the key, no matter how much money he has. Speaking of money, make him surrender his estate to pay the families of our dead and maimed warfighters caused by his disloyalty to the United States.

  10. John Kerry is an absolute embarrassment to all Veterans who ever fought and shed blood for OUR United States of AMERICA … PERIOD~

  11. Kerry is a Communist A**hole and a son-of-a-b***h! And those are just his good qualities! If he loves Iran and the Murdering Muslims so much he needs to move there! Feel free to leave, you Bast**d! NO ONE WILL MISS YOU!

  12. Boltneck is a traitor.
    He would sell out his mother for a bottle of Ketchup.
    No one cares about this clod.

    He is going to play Herman Munster as he is an exact lookalike.

    What a degenerate.

  13. This man is a traitor to our country and all of its citizens. He is so far beyond greedy and corrupt he has proven over and over again that he is too stupid to find a path to power. Instead of a clever mind he has been saddled with a long face and chin all the better to stick up the rear ends of terrorists who delight in torturing and killing Americans. For that matter, they enjoy destroying anyone at all and John Kerry is right up front with them. Oh John, I challenge you to find anyone with an IQ of 101 or more to keep from wretching when they see that puss of yours. Just go away.

  14. Obviously he is being paid and tied to Iran. I can see no other reason for his treasonous
    behavior. He is undeserving of being a citizen of America.

  15. Push Iran harder and harder. Eventually they will expose the monetary deal with Kerry and Obama during the $$$ Exchange. They have already threatened Kerry with this blackmail. Kerry needs to be exposed.

  16. What a idiot..really siding with the enemy just because you are a Trump hater…You are not a American…Real Americans stand by their country and sorry to say President Trump did the correct thing by getting rid of that horrible evil crazy arrogant killer!!!

  17. It takes great audacity, stupidity, or some kind of secret knowledge that your actions are untouchable to do the things Kerry and Obama have done on a world stage since leaving office. Time to cease and desist.

  18. How can we find out who has bank accounts in Iran? I wonder where Biden learned how to do a money switcherroo! What kind of parent doesn’t know what his son is up to?

  19. Kerry is a traitor undermining our President. Arrest him for his treasonous acts against the our country and President Trump.

  20. Kerry again proves he’s one of the most unpatriotic, vile, obnoxious, arrogant, pompous, despicable, deplorable, disgusting, destructive, repulsive, revolting, nauseating, pathetic and DANGEROUS lying lowlife scumbag in the history of mankind.

  21. John Kerry is digging himself a hole that I hope he falls into. I find his comments despicable and his behavior traitorous. He’s also been implicated, along with the Bidens, in Burisma and even in China. I can only hope that he is exposed, along with the Bidens, when AG Barr releases his report.

    • If he and all the others that side with Iran should give up their citizenship and money and move to Iran if they don’t like what this country is doing to protect itself from these traitors. Hopefully he will be exposed with the Barr release that is coming out and then charged with treason and also for shooting himself in the foot for a purple heart.

  22. Looks like the Crimson Chin is and has been an ally of Iran all along! He ought to be strung up along with old Spinach Chin, the Ayatoldya!

  23. Kerry has made it known that he will oppose all that President Trump is trying to accomplish. I believe that is because at some point he will be found out as having cheated and conspired against the Citizens of the USA !!!!!

  24. John Kerry, based on reports of his military record, IS A COWARD and based on his performance as SoS IS A TRAITOR. He should be in prison!


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