John Kerry Lashes Out At Trump, Gets Testy With CBS’s Margaret Brennan For Pointing Out Iran Nuke Deal Funded Terrorism (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Former Secretary of State John Kerry got very testy with CBS’s Margaret Brennan during a Sunday interview on “Face the Nation” after Brennan pointed out that the Iran nuke deal funded terrorism.

Kerry, who was the architect of the Iran nuke deal and happily gave Iran billions of dollars, lashed out at President Trump for exposing the deal to be a dangerous dance with the devil that resulted in the US funding terrorism.

Margaret Brennan played a clip from 2016 of John Kerry admitting that some of the money given to Iran will “at some point” fund the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps).

“I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists…I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that could be prevented,” Kerry said in a January 2016 interview.

Margaret Brennan then asked Kerry, “Why would you think that this was a risk worth taking if you knew the possibility of what would happen with that money?”

John Kerry became visibly annoyed with Margaret Brennan and lashed out at President Trump.

“You know that President Trump’s tweet is a lie.” Kerry said, referring to Trump’s Sunday morning tweet where he blasted the former Secretary of State.

“John Kerry got caught essentially admitting that funds given ridiculously to Iran were used to fund attacks on the USA. Only a complete fool would have given that 150 Billion Dollars Plus to Iran. They then went on a Middle East Rampage!” Trump tweeted Sunday morning.

John Kerry demanded that the media call President Trump a liar for speaking the truth about the Iran nuke deal.

“You and the media I think need to call a lie a lie–” Kerry said as Margaret Brennan interrupted him.

Kerry pushed back on Brennan and continued to spin, spin, spin and push his talking points (lies) that the money given to Iran was used to fund the Iranian economy, not terrorism.


John Kerry also responded to President Trump on Twitter.


  1. Stupid Democrats are still ignoring the fact that the Democrat government-in-exile is still doing everything they can to convince the rest of the world that Trump will not last through the election. I’m predicting a Logan act Renaissance.

  2. Kerry needs to be arrested for interfering in national affairs. He is not authorized to speak to Iran make them promises. He holds no office and has not been appointed to official position to be allowed represent the USA in talks with any other countries. He is a TRAITOR and needs to be tried as such.

  3. Hey LURCH, don’t be LATE for your orange jumpsuit fitting, you WILL be needing one when all of your bullshite is EXPOSED to the World, Can you say “LOGAN ACT”???

  4. Idiotic Kerry uses American money to fund terrorism and then blatantly lies about it using discredited articles from the fake news media!

  5. John Kerry is a crazy Millionaire. He makes money by convincing people we have problems that aren’t true. Why would anyone listen to this idiot?

  6. Kerry is a traitor to the US. Should be thrown in prison. Same as obumer. How do these pieces of shit get away with this?

  7. Kerry freely admitted that HE COULD NOT SAY MONEY GOING TO IRAN WOULDN’T BE USED TO FUND TERRORISM…..those were his words….that IS WHAT HE SAID…and then the jackwad says it’s Trump’s fault .

    John Kerry has always been and always will be a do nothing LIAR and he was a disgrace as Sec of State. He let the Iranian “negotiators” scream at him and bully him, and he showed himself to be a coward. The IRAN deal was the worst deal EVER and Kerry and Obama sold out the USA and our ONLY true friend in the Middle east; Israel.

  8. Kerry is nothing but a foreign agent for IRAN and has been for as long as I can remember. He does not deserve any attention at all as he has worked against us for many years.

  9. Kerry lied about his fellow sailors, chased a teenage Vietnam kid through the jungle and shot him in the back, shot himself in the foot in an attempt to get a Purple Heart…He’s a low-life.

  10. Of all the nerve, John Kerry calling PRESIDENT TRUMP or anybody for that matter. He even defrauded the state that he represented, Massachusetts, when he bought a million dollar boat and then lied about where it was moored so he didn’t have to pay the sales tax. His stepson is also involved with Hunter Biden at BURISMA as he is a partner in ROSEMONT SENECA, Hunter Biden’s financial business. This anus cannot be honest with anyone.

  11. John Kerry is worthless idiot. He should of been hung along side Hanoi Jane these two were pathetic traitors and to allow this man to say anything is a disgrace to our USA same goes for that piece of work Hanoi Jane Fonda a sick pathetic old hag now but should of been put to sleep back in the day with John Kerry. I don’t forget those days of those two going around the country putting our US soldiers down and badmouthing our VETS. I was at one of those pathetic anti war events and was spit on from the stage by these pathetic people. John Kerry sold the US down the river years ago and to have suck a person in our Congress then secretary of State is sickening and pathetic. You can bet John Kerry along with Islamic lover Obama gave 1.5 BILLION in cash unmarked bills so that IRAN terrorist could spend as wish to murder their own and our American soldiers.. Kerry is a liar and a traitor and should not even be allowed in our USA. Had my way he would be hung or put before a firing squad.. The man John Kerry is a worthless piece of work and since he married a Hunt I would never ever again buy any Hunts product been Hunts free since the 70’s. She was a fool for marring a Traitor,

    • Stop punishing the great company Hunt for the actions of that…. Butthole! He married Theresa Heinz!!! There the sauce to avoid!!! Heinz-Kerry 57 flavors my ass, he just liked the way the number looks. The first of many liars! Lololol!

  12. Stop giving Kerry a forum. His credibility has tanked long ago and no matter how much he drones and acts won’t change that. His voice is sickening and what he says is even worse.

  13. Say Mr. Kerry, your political side of the aisle have been caught LIEING and have been MENTALY SHREDDING/IGNORING The US Constitution for a very long time, most likely before #35’s Assassination was even planned, by LBJ and J Edgar Hoover of The FBI!!

  14. john kerry calling the president a liar, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Why would you give the terrorist any money, you D**K.


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