John Kasich Goes On Nasty Tirade, Insults Every Trump Voter – What’s Your Response?

May 1, 2017 11:10 am  

(Angry Patriot) – Donald Trump is constantly being attacked. It is unfortunate, to say the least. We need to unite and show our support for the president.

The bloated RINOs are starting to show their fragile horns. John Kasich, Trump’s rival, claimed that Trump won because we are in a “moral and spiritual decline.” Are you kidding? (via Breitbart)

Dear John Kasich, please never speak in public again. We did not vote for you. Hardly anyone voted for Kasich. We all knew that he was going to fail, and that’s why we rallied behind Donald Trump.

These RINOs need to leave the swamp. They don’t belong in our great capitol. They have consistently lobbed attacks at our president. They have tried to derail our president’s policies, and then they run to the mainstream media with their tails in between their legs.

We cannot allow these RINOs to pick up more seats. They are just as bad as liberals. How do you spot a RINO? It can be tricky, because they some times appear to be conservative, but they are really just liberals. I will teach you how to spot a RINO.

Take for example, the curious case of Susan Collins (R-ME). She has consistently attacked the Trump administration by challenging his confirmations, and she has constantly spat in the face of conservative values. Additionally, she only really cares about her image in the mainstream media, which is another sign that we are dealing with a RINO. (via FiveThirtyEight).

However, the telltale sign of a RINO is whether they are a globalist or not. Remember, patriots, “bipartisan” is a code word for “globalist.” Susan Collins has been ranked “the most bipartisan politician.” Therefore, Susan Collins is the queen of the RINOs. (via Portland Press Herald).

John Kasich comes from the same species of RINO as Susan Collins. They can be found frolicking in the swamp with the other unspeakable creatures that reside within. They only leave the swamp to feed on votes and bully conservatives.

Indeed, the RINOs are certainly a dangerous swamp animal. However, there was once another other terrifying creature wandering the swamp, the DINO. Luckily, the DINOs are extinct now. Unfortunately, they were replaced by two of the most horrific and repulsive swamp-dwelling monsters: the liberal and the socialist.

The liberal and the socialist are easy to spot. For example, Elizabeth Warren is a liberal, while Bernie Sanders is a socialist. These swamp-dwellers are hypocritical by nature, and thankfully, they really don’t have any voting power. We should be thankful for that, patriots.

We should also be thankful that we have Donald Trump to drain the swamp. Trump will drain the swamp and build a monument to American exceptionalism on top of it. We will drive these unspeakable horrors from our capitol and make our country great again.

We need to be careful, patriots. These RINOs, liberals, and socialists will not stop until their swamp is safe. The mainstream media will rush to their defense. We cannot allow the mainstream media to silence our voice. We need to support President Trump and reject the swamp!

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