John Huber’s Hillary Clinton-Related Investigation Ends With No Criminal Charges And No Interviews!

(Gateway Pundit) – An investigation launched into Hillary Clinton in November of 2017 by John Huber, the US Attorney tapped by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ended without criminal charges.

Keep in mind, Huber had the authority to impanel a grand jury, however he did nothing since the day Jeff Sessions appointed him in the Fall of 2017 to ‘review’ Clinton-related matters.

Instead of appointing a special counsel, Jeff Sessions tapped Huber to “review” the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One scandal and the FBI’s (mis)handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server.

“Your recommendations should include whether any matters not currently under investigation warrants the opening of an investigation, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources or further investigation, and whether any matters would merit the appointment of a Special Counsel,” Sessions wrote.

In other words, Huber was hired to investigate if there should be investigations — essentially a non-investigation (head fake).

Washington Post reported:

John Huber, the U.S. attorney in Utah, was tapped in November 2017 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into concerns raised by President Trump and his allies in Congress that the FBI had not fully pursued cases of possible corruption at the Clinton Foundation and during Clinton’s time as secretary of state, when the U.S. government decided not to block the sale of a company called Uranium One.

As a part of his review, Huber examined documents and conferred with federal law enforcement officials in Little Rock who were handling a meandering probe into the Clinton Foundation, people familiar with the matter said. Current and former officials said that Huber has largely finished and found nothing worth pursuing — though the assignment has not formally ended and no official notice has been sent to the Justice Department or to lawmakers, these people said.

The Gateway Pundit reported many times that Sessions’ appointment of Huber was just a head fake.

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova said several months ago that the Huber investigation into the Clinton Foundation is a farce.

Huber never even interviewed the top witness in the case who diGenova represented!

Last year we reported that nothing was getting done. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee said John Huber still has not interviewed key witnesses and they want answers.

Mark Meadows (R-NC), Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Doug Collins (R-GA) sent a letter to John Huber on January 8th 2019 demanding answers, but they never received a response.

“Your investigation has been ongoing for over nine months. During the course of our extensive investigation we have interviewed more than a dozen current and former DOJ and FBI personnel, and were surprised to hear none of these potentially informative witnesses testified to speaking with you,” the GOP lawmakers wrote.

The Deep State is not out of the woods yet because Attorney General Bill Barr appointed US Attorney from Connecticut John Durham to investigate the origins of Spygate.

Tom Fitton blasted the “DOJ non investigation” conducted by Huber.


    • That would be the ‘Bob’ a few posts below … such trash-mouth fools like him show the failure of our education system on half the entire population … but mostly dumborats.

  1. ClinArkOmacide…. just about the only way these demo’s can cover some of their nasty evil crimes they have committed. I still say all Secret Service body guard and catering service should be dropped after out of office 4 years and ALL security clearances removed from All past officials whether WH or Congress no one in previous administrations should have security clearances of any kind. Also we need term limits.

  2. The time will come when the Clintons and the Obamas will have their day in court, be convicted, and then consigned to GITMO to serve their sentences alongside all their Deep State and raghead friends and minions!

  3. You’ve done all the fund raising you’re gonna on Hilary Clinton. All of your BS has
    finally come to an end. NO LAWS BROKEN! NOTHING BUT BS FROM START to
    FINISH! NO Uranium one scandal, no email scandal, no Benghazi scandal. What
    are you gonna do now? All that you’ve lived for has come to NOTHING! Do you
    feel STUPID, USED , BAMBOOZLED? you should ,SUCKERS!

  4. Huber must have gotten the “call” from the Clinton team offering assisted suicide if the investigation went any further!

  5. They said the New York Times had this on the very front page. But what they left out were the FACTS of the case. It is “FAR FROM CLOSED”. Hillary Clinton & her Foundation are NOT out of the woods by a long shot. Mr. Durham also known as “BULLDOG” is definitely NOT finished with his investigation. Barr is the one that hired him..

  6. I suspect the man wanted to stay alive as most individuals who actively investigate the Clinton’s wrongdoing end up dead usually by “suicide.” Jeffrey Eppstein did NOT commit suicide!


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