John Brennan Continues Unhinged Crusade Against Trump Supporters Beg For Acceptance, “Denounce Despot” To “Eradicate Malignancy”

( Exclusive) – That awkward moment when you have spent so much time undermining the national security of the nation you were sworn to protect, you begin to sound like our top global adversaries.

John Brennan has had his head buried in the Deep State too long—he’s starting to turn into Mao.

In a chilling post on Sunday, the former CIA Director and suspected architect of the intelligence community’s role in the Russiagate hoax, John Brennan, declared that Trump supporters need to grovel to be accepted by society once again.

He also, just as psychotically, said that we need to immediately denounce President Trump to enable our nation to “eradicate” the “malignancy” the president represents.

No, no, don’t worry dude, that doesn’t sound drunkenly tyrannical at all, don’t worry.

Americans are totally OK with being spoken to as if they’re living in the Chinese communist Cultural Revolution, that will blow over nicely.

And they blame Trump for inciting violence and hatred?! Unreal!

“Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore & enable his corrupt, dishonest, & divisive agenda. Total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy,” Brennan wrote in a tweet.

This was part of much of the hysterical—and entirely hypocritical—reaction from members of the establishment left to the violence on Capitol Hill Wednesday when pro-Trump protesters (and others) stormed the halls of Congress amid a joint session.

While the events of the past summer have not resulted in any major Democrat being censored, condemned, subject to impeachment, or any other such punishment for praising the movement behind violent riots and mayhem, the left has inextricably linked Trump and all his supporters to those who breached the Capitol Building last week.

“The going thesis among the left is that the riot is an indictment of all Trump supporters and thus of all of their respective beliefs as they pertain to policy and ideology. In other words, the riot is an indictment of conservatism itself,” BizPac Review notes.

The outlet notes that “As a result, Trump supporters and in fact all conservatives must surrender and denounce their beliefs, or else they’ll be forced to pay a price.”

Speaking with “Justice w/Judge Jeanine” on Fox News last week, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch broke down the cognitive dissonance.

“The left has now said if you oppose their policies, that’s the equivalence of violence and you have to be removed. If you raise questions about election integrity, you can’t be on the Internet. If you raise questions about the lockdowns, you can’t be on the Internet,” he explained.

BizPac Review notes that these tactics are nothing new—but they are all the more dangerous for where we have seen them before.

“If this line of thinking sounds eerily familiar to you, it may be because the talk of forcefully converting people to a different ideology and pursuing ‘eradication’ against those who refuse to submit echoes the genocidal rhetoric of dictators ranging from Adolf Hitler to Mao Zedong,” the outlet notes.

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  1. John Brennan needs to shut his fat, lying, commie loving, marxist mouth and go live in communist China where he will be right at home, and will probably even be given the chinese communist party’s highest award, the “Double Cross” which he can wear for all time in infamy for double-crossing the people of the nation where he was born, raised, and nurtured to serve instead the interests of a foreign tyrannical regime.

    Why is he always inserting his snout into American affairs? Doesn’t he have a food processor at home that he can go play in? Dude, go retire in China. Enjoy their gratitude for the ‘bang up’ job you have done for them.

  2. Brennan–such a tolerant broadminded guy. He’ll need to show that side of him, if he has it, when he goes to prison. If he were smart, he’d keep his mouth shut and chat only with his lawyers. Durham report looms.

  3. Anyone who maligns a president, engages in the deception Brennan has. Any person who plays the dangerous national security breaking games Brennan has should be in jail. Out DOJ has had 4 years to charge the criminals and what have they done…NOTHING. The true criminals and all that follow will only be emboldened to do it again and maybe even escalate their criminality.

  4. John Brennen is desperate because we have the goods on him and all in Obama’s administration. Let’s not forget the Iranian born Communist slum lied from Chicago that ran America for eight years unconstitutionally and in accord with our enemies, giving feckless Obama his orders! Now they’re bring them back for the third and final term as they plan to complete the final phase of taking complete control of our children for satanic purposes!

  5. It is of interest that the last person to recognize mental illness is the one who is mentally ill. Brennan, Pelosi and others in this wretched Biden stolen administration think the people who value the freedoms of our Constitution are the ones who are ill. Not the twisted interpretation crafted with scissors to eliminate the portions that obstruct their evil objectives, such as the part where the constitution says the state legislatures are to pass the laws regulating voting procedures. Isn’t it interesting how the democrats have erase that aspect of the Constitution and require us to forget their transgressions?

  6. Pelosi is not the only loony in the corral, and Brennan is another crap hole. Yes the democrats are demented and blinded by their own arrogance along with just plain stupidity. They cannot get any one elected touting their destructive policies, so they steal and rob positions including the presidency in which they put up a mentally declining individual who was incompetent when he had all his faculties. They put up a VP candidate who rises in the democratic rating with services rendered and is not able to receive 1% of the support from her own party during the campaigning. Everyone in the democratic party and some republicans who are worse than fair weather supporters of the people are demented and blinded by their ambition and greed. Pelosi wastes OUR resources attempting to fulfill her unbalanced irrational will for power and defies anyone to cross her personal vendettas blaming everyone else for her failings, as she sinks the country into the ooze of her swamp and to hell to the Constitution and to hell to the American People that she bleeds without a whimper of concern. Now we will have the male version in the Senate.

  7. Hey Brennan – you’re the malignancy. I think the nearest mad house has a padded cell just waiting for you. Along with all the Democrats – well at least in government. Their supporters are just plain ignorant.

    • He’s a member of Obama’s resistance movement…they all need to held accountable for their crimes against the United States of America.


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