John Bolton – ISIS Beheadings Intended To Intimidate Weak People, Whether In The Middle East Or Washington

November 17, 2014 7:08 am  

(gopthedailydose) – Ambassador John Bolton says that with the latest beheading of American Peter Kassig as well as seventeen Syrians, ISIS has demonstrated yet again what they are really made off.

He says, “When you add together killing of an aid worker, for goodness sakes, and the beheading of seventeen Syrian soldiers, clearly this is intended as a message for those in the Arab world who would oppose ISIS and also for the United States. And basically it’s a message of intimidation. It’s worked so far. It’s one reason the Iraqi army collapsed before Mosul this past summer and I think it’s one reason why the Obama administration is reluctant to do what may be necessary, what is necessary to do to prevent ISIS from consolidating itself as a new country in the region.”

The threat to Americans at home is real in Bolton’s opinion, with the number of Americans and Europeans who can freely travel on their own legitimate passports, but he says the threat over the long-term is even greater. He notes that while their new currency proclamation may be laughable, it shows their own belief in their staying power.


Bolton says, “While I think they are [defeatable], and while I think that should be our objective, as even the ‘president’ says it should be, when they conduct these beheadings they do it because they think it advances their cause.” We may think it’s barbaric but it’s intended to intimidate weak people, whether they’re in the Middle East or in Washington.”

He’s asked what do we do, Joint Chiefs chairman Martin Dempsey is in Iraq now and he just stated that the tide is turning and does he agree that that is the case.

Ambassador Bolton says that he doesn’t know what General Dempsey is basing that assessment on. He says, “ISIS reached extraordinary lengths with the collapse of the Iraqi army this past summer. I think now they’re probably at about the outer limit of capabilities, not because of anything we or others have done but just because they’ve reached their point of maximum expansion.”

He adds, “But I don’t believe that anybody, particularly in the Pentagon, thinks that what we are doing now, airstrikes against ISIS will be enough to destroy them. It may contain them but it will not destroy them. And as long as they continue to exist to provide a safe haven, even a magnet for other radicals and terrorists, we’re going to be threatened.”

He closes saying, “So I think the real question is are we committed to do what the ‘president’ wants which is to destroy them, that’s what he says he wants, or are we just going to engage in rhetoric, which I think is what the administration is doing.”

Bolton makes the case once again that with the Obama regime, their words mean nothing. Their actions say it all and we are not acting in a manner consistent with a nation at war or a nation that has a commitment to defeating a vicious enemy. That must change.

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