Owned: Joe Biden Wasn’t Ready For The Question This Black Voter Asked Him Point-Blank

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – If you are one of the few people still around in this country that doesn’t think Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a few screws loose at best, or is just plain out right racist at worst, are you even paying attention to the strange and offensive things he’s saying?

Biden has been a constant gaffe machine ever since he announced he was going to run for president, providing nearly endless amounts of material for the Trump campaign to lampoon him with. It’s extremely embarrassing to watch this guy speak in public.

However, the one moment that definitely tops the charts of his greatest hits of horrible things he’s said is the whole, “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” debacle. That, of course is slightly paraphrased, though the “you ain’t black” portion are his actual words.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that a young black voter really delivered a zinger and a half to the former vice president during his town hall event held on Thursday night, asking him what he has to offer young black voters other than “you ain’t black.”

Biden stumbled all through his answer. It’s pretty funny.

“Many people believe that the true swing demographic in this election will be black voters under the age of 30 — not because they will be voting for Trump but because they won’t vote at all,” a young black Democrat told the former vice president.

“So my question for you then is, besides ‘you ain’t black,’ what do you have to say to young black voters who see voting for you as further participation in a system that fails to protect them?” he asked pointedly.

Back in May of this year, Biden spoke with black radio personality Charlemagne Tha God and said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t Black.”

I mean, how does he get away with saying something like that and not be considered a flaming racist? You know if Trump said that phrase he would be dragged over the coals for it, and rightfully so. So why don’t Democrats apply their standards consistently? It’s a question they have not answered.

Biden’s response to the question was to slur and stumble through it and ultimately, not make a lick of sense. Also keep in mind that Biden was a big fan of segregation and helped to sponsor legislation back in 1994 that incarcerated millions of folks from the black community.

Again, what’s up with the left not holding Joe Biden accountable for the things he’s said and the actions he’s done in the past that clearly falls into the category of racism? If these individuals want us all to take their claims of racism seriously, they need to start consistently applying the standards they hold conservatives to against their own people. Anything less than that is hypocrisy of the highest order.

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  1. Well kid, that’s an interesting question you asked of ole Joe. However, the answer is irrelevant because he won’t become the next president and can’t offer you any solutions. Vote Red and save yourself, your community and our country!

    TRUMP 2020.

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  8. Today Biden is having an event in North Carolina, I belive but the elements in his audience are a half dozen cars parked close together in a disjointed pattern. Few actual people, maybe a dozen or so who honk the car horns. The sound and the slender volume of clapping is an embarrassment compared to President Trump’s massive enthusiastic audience that has seen the value of the President’s selfless efforts to return our country to the solid foundation of the intent of the Constitution, along with his service to the country. He does not use the Constitution as decoration to cover the filth as the democrats do.

    BUT it is not the people’s support for Biden that will enable him to steal the country and then hand it over to the Harris fraud, it is the massive voter fraud that the democrats craft without shame that is being seen and reported that will put him in office. He will continue the scams and Harris will continue the lies the people with sandy foundation will accept, and we will loose what was once a awesome country filled with awesome people. Now we have people who have sand for their mental foundation.

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  10. I don’t follow this feed, so I don’t know who “Bob” is. But I have read a few of his threads here and I think I’ve determined that he is simply a confused, brain-washed twenty-something who still lives in mommy’s basement. He’s never had a job and he certainly has never served in the US military. He is though, my American federal law, allowed his own opinion. Nowdays, opinions are widely used as facts- which is always wrong. An opinion is expressed on the editorial page and that page never presents facts as a basis for the writing. For the rest of us, let “Bob” think and say what he wants- we know he is wrong and will never win- either in the election or even a simple debate. That’s it, that’s all

    • Bob is today’s progressive liberal trash representative . Welfare and food stamps and a huge Ohomo admirer.. he’s sick alright ..

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    • Truly amazing having a 47 year career criminal campaigning for the president of the United States isn’t it ?

  14. @Bob,
    How do you explain Biden sealing at a KKK cyclops funeral and Obama being there as well? Senator Byrd was deep KKK. How do you explain the strong arming of the black leaders and the payoffs to them for the 1994 crime bill act that destroyed black families by incarceration of the black men by none other than Biden?
    How do you explain and the black slurs from Biden without looking in the mirror and feeling like a colossal imbecile? How do you explain Bill Clinton signing Robert E. Lee day into law the same day MLK day was signed into law without realizing your aligned with the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, plessey Versus furgeson? If you aren’t going to read we’re not going to listen to you. Of course Bill Gates dropped out of college and now wants to be the king of population control and mass murder but I’m sure you support him as well. Ok debate you any day but your not allowed to call me racist or fascist as I destroy your arguments. We will stipulate that the second you use name calling, you lose, I win, and you are the proven racist.

    • Bob’s more interested in protecting his fellow thugs from the police . What’s that say about today’s progressive liberal trash like Bob ?

  15. Whaaaaat? How can any honest American (who loves this country) believe Joe Biden in anything he says. If you can’t vote for Trump, then don’t vote. A true democrat is NOT running for president this year. If you blindly follow a political party regardless who is nominated for that party’s candidate, you are not voting as an American who thinks for him/herself. You are voting like a robot set on automatic to vote for that party. Joe Biden has been a democrat, but not this year. I have voted democrat before, but when they changed their platform to liberal, I started voting Republican. Now the democrat platform looks like something Fidel Castro would run on.

  16. BOB, Do yourself a giant favor and take a look around the country and take a look at the proposed policies of the extreme far left and try to be fair in your judgment
    Do you really believe the proposed policies of the extreme far left is going to improve America or the American people? I hope you can come to the conclusion that the BERNIE SANDERS and OCASIO CORTEZ approach to a free and prosperous society will never work SOCIALISM has failed in every country around the world, Ask yourself this question If Socialism is so wonderful Why are our borders being overran by those wanting to come to America to escape the living conditions of a Socialist country? The bill of goods you are being sold by the far left is a lie, And the complete truth is that JOE BIDEN has bought into the lie and if he wins America will lose and our future is in danger
    Bob you really should get out of the group think mentality of the left and take a look for yourself, The left in this country loves those like yourself why? Because they know you have bought into their lie and they dont need to convince you, Its the rest of us they have to try and convince and the bad news for them they will never be successful, As a former military man I have been to many countries around the world I have seen first hand the living conditions they live in and trust me Bob America has been truly blessed and we had better wake up and start defending our country from those that want to tear it down and rebuild it into something we wont even recognize. Your candidate may win I dont think so I believe there are still many in this country that still believes in America and wants the best for its citizens no matter the color of their skin or nationality
    Bob try thinking for yourself you will find by doing so that you will be better for it.

  17. It is more than interesting what the cover organization for the communist party are promoting, the democrats, and are continuing to do and no one seems to think it is important, or do they, since the social media or propaganda arm of the democratic party are attempting to keep America in the dark.
    First there is the hard drive with slime seeping out about Hunter Biden’s lack of morality. Then the dems sick there propaganda machine slime on the revelation saying that it is a fraudulent story. Next the Biden’s attorney calls the computer shop and requests or demands Hunter’s hard drive back, and last, two of Hunters partners in the pay to play scheme who have already been convicted and are in prison verify the truthfulness of the information on the hard drive.

    Now first the dems give America a con for 8 years as he dismantles the country. Now they give us another Hillary Clinton like crime gang who is apparently loosing his mental capacity in an ever execrating rate destined to leave the country in the hands of the lowest on the campaign desirability poll. Harris.

    We are the biggest fools to accept this sewer producing scam.

  18. Blacks are leaving Ohomo’s plantation in droves folks . They’ve learned today’s progressive liberal trash are not true leaders . But , we still have the ignorant Dopey bobs , which obviously will never leave the plantation Ohomo built .
    Is that a fair statement Dopey bob ?

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    • Reagan knew losers like Dopey bob from his days as governor of Commiefornia. We call them progressive liberal trash here in Virginia.

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  22. Not a very tough question, but apparently enough to rattle Biden. Of course, that is not saying much. Can you spell P H O N E Y?

    • Obviously you can’t spell phony. And I can answer the question for him. Biden will offer black Americans under the age of 30 protection from police and Fuhrer Drumpf’s gestapo feds and Biden will END systemic racism! Drumpf supports white supremacy, Biden will stand up for all victims of racial oppression! BIDEN-HARRIS 2020!!!

    • Corrupt Joe Biden was corrupt Hussein Ohomo’s VP and today’s progressive liberal trash still cannot see the corruption.. see Dopey Bob’s stupid misspelled comments.. perfect example of today’s progressive liberal trash.

    • Despite misspelling phony. Jim Crowe Joe and his Confederate Democrat are the Nazi’s burning down their own communities and people of color.
      Jim Crow Joe has a huge history of voting against black and minority. They control the black vote by giving them promises with no delivery. The president who signed the 64 civil rights act said it would keep them voting Democrat for 200 years.
      Jim Crowe Joe wrote the 1994 Crime Bill which caused the incarnation of miĺions of blacks over the years. Of course Bobby Rush and the black caucus voted for it also marching in step with segregationist democrats.
      Jim Crowe Joe also voted for many segregationist bills in his time he was against busing. He often voted with Confederate segregationists such as Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd. Thats why he expects blacks to vote for him and follow like good foolish democrats.
      Jim Crowe Joe and his fellow segregationists and their predecessors also hold slave reparations. Lincoln and general Sherman, Republicans, towards the end of the war gave reparations in
      SPECIAL FIELD ORDER NO 15. Huge chunks of Georgia Florida and South Carolina were partitioned in lots of UPTo 40 acres to be given only to the freed slaves. Lincoln and his administration were to be assassinated at Ford theatre. Only Lincoln showed up. Unfortunate for the freed slaves Lincoln’s VP was a Confederate Democrat not Republican. Andrew Johnson reversed everything. He gave amnesty to the Confederates and Confederate states. He allowed them to rebuild their Confederate governments, giving them permission to institute segregation since slavery was outlawed.
      He also rescinded SPECIAL ORDER NO 15. Johnson returned the reparations to the Confederate plantation. If blacks want there reparations ask why Biden and obama didn’t fix it since it was there party that stole it.
      Biden is being driven by Nazi’s using nazi tactics
      TRUMP has don more for blacks than any president since Lincoln. Black unemployment is at a record low much lower than Obama/Biden. He released thousands of blacks incarcerated by the 1994 Biden crime bill.
      He constantly disavowed white supremacy like KKK. Democrats want the Proud Boys To be disavowed but they’re not racist or white supremacy group. They have many blacks who found the truth.

    • The only thing Ohomo and Biden fixed were their own personal bank accounts ..

      They’re today’s progressive liberal trash democrats you know ?

    • Hay BOB ….from dictionary..
      phony or pho·ney
      [ foh-nee ]
      adjective, pho·ni·er, pho·ni·est.
      not real or genuine; fake; counterfeit: a phony diamond.
      false or deceiving; not truthful; concocted: a phony explanation.
      insincere or deceitful; affected or pretentious: a phony sales representative.
      noun, plural pho·nies.
      something that is phony; a counterfeit or fake.
      an insincere, pretentious, or deceitful person: He thought my friends were a bunch of phonies.
      verb (used with object), pho·nied, pho·ny·ing.
      to falsify; counterfeit; fabricate (often followed by up): to phony up a document.

  23. My question for the democrats is what percentage of the dead will be voting for Joe after November 3rd to increase his numbers?

    • 0%. Biden doesn’t need to inflate his numbers after all the death and destruction Traitor Trump has brought to our country the past year alone.

    • Well we’ll have the brain dead progressive liberal trash such as Dopey bob voting from the local jail ,that’ll give ya a clue what kind of filth votes for Ohomo’s right hand criminal Joe Biden .


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