Joe Biden Pulls A Hillary And Warns Coal Miners He’s Coming After Their Jobs, Tells Miners “Learn How To Program” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – In March 2016 Hillary Clinton bragged during her CNN town hall in Ohio that she was going to put a lot of coal miners out of work.

Hillary Clinton ran on the promise to kill jobs.

Democrats later told miners to “learn how to code.”

On Sunday during his small rally in New Hampshire Joe Biden again warned coal miners he was coming after their jobs.

Joe Biden told the miners, “Learn how to program.”

Like Hillary Clinton former vice president Joe Biden is running on the promise to kill jobs.

Earlier in the month, Joe Biden said he’d risk displacing hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in order to combat climate change.

Now he’s telling miners to, “Learn how to program.”

Charles Payne’s comments in the video are outstanding!


  1. Gingrich had a similar wacko notion. Even if you teach a man who has worked in the mines for a lifetime to program who is going to hire him? Age discrimination is rampant and once you hit 40 your opportunities shrink. As most miners are white the will also be discriminated against by affirmative action which dictates that white men must not be hired, or even fired, if there are “minority” candidates.

  2. Global warming is a myth resurrected periodically by the Dems as a way to separate you from your money. It’s been around a hundred years. In recent years global warming has been debunked, so it’s now termed as climate change. Obama entered into an agreement with the United Nations to pay millions as America’s fine for its part in global warming. Thankfully President Trump ousted us from that agreement. Google global warming from the 1920’s and you’ll find an article with all the catch words and phrases spouted by democrats and misinformed environmentalists. As far as Uncle sit-on-my-lap-and-rub-my-hairy-leg Biden’s hue and cry to do away with the coal industry that echoes Obama and the left’s agenda, any prudent thinking person knows supply and demand will dictate the longevity of the coal industry. In the meantime, don’t do away with people’s livelihood and people’s source of fuel until you have a viable replacement. But then again democrats aren’t interested in working Americans. They want as many people reliant on government for their support for an obedient passive population!

  3. Shoveling coal into a fire? Is that he thinks coal-mining is? I’m sure he’s an expert on “programming”, too. He’s the ultimate example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where a person’s confidence in how much they know in a particular subject is higher the more ignorant they are. Joe knows next to nothing about everything, so he constantly assures us that he is an expert on everything. Remember his advice to “buy a shotgun” and “two blasts in the air”? He orders his staff to not bring up unpleasant topics (like bad polling data), then he says that nobody told him that his son Hunter’s job with a Ukrainian energy company looked suspicious. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  4. Coal is being crushed down to a fine powder that can be blown into the Electric plants production of Electricity without creating pollution.

  5. Now when everyone was pushing computer jobs, I suppose the same people were telling the Typewriter persons that they are coming for your jobs, now when the fact is less than 30,000 person in the industry, because most mines are open pit and large equipment does the actusl work. It does seem like everyone wants something cheaper when the have to pay for it, and solar and Natural gas is the ones, not coal in any manner.
    I do remember Trump promising to reopen the coal industry but that never happened and never will, it is the nation in progress or in other words evolution.
    Now how about the steel workers, not just the foundry workers but all of thenm that Trump was gioing to put them all back to work, when the fact is there are fewer steel and irn workers working now because of Trump’s tariffs.
    People should stop the BS and deqal with the facts.

  6. Joe Biden or anyone else in Washington are not man enough to work in a coal mine don’t say I’m not I worked 42yrs in one and supplied a good living for my family now I have black lung but I new what could happen when I went in the mines but people like him have no idea what a man or a women go through working underground.

    • I can only imagine how infuriating Joe’s stupid and smug speech must be to you and other coal miners. As a high-school teacher I had back in West Texas used to say, “That really gripes my rear end”.

  7. Hey folks, where goes coal, there goes steel production. If Joe & the other libs have their way we will all sooner or later be begging federal govt. for money to live. There will not be enough entry level jobs for everyone available to fill them, and there will be people who still want to work (believe it or not).

  8. I’ve got an idea Quid Pro Joe, why don’t you learn to program, because you suck at being a politician. We as a country would be better off if we did away with ALL POLITICIANS, think how much greener we would be. Think of the savings? If we put every cent spent on campaigning in this country towards infrastructure, we would never be looking for good paying jobs again.

  9. Here’s an idea! Since old Quid Pro Quo Joe is once again showing his universal ignorance, wouldn’t it be grand to show some concern for the environment and replace all the coal mine canaries with Democrats! This will serve a dual purpose: it will vividly illustrate compassion for the canaries while simultaneously, albeit slowly, ridding the country of the Democrats!

  10. Folks don’t you enjoy the times we are in, Politicians telling folks what they will give and then what they will take way. These people need to earn a honest liveing, like the rest of us.There is nothing that the Democrats are yelping about that has any sence. LOL


  12. The Government want total control of the Coal.. Not meant for USA citizens to have a job or see profit for the people.. They want to line their own pockets .. Foreign Countries also want to rob USA resources

  13. The Good Lord is in charge of the climate. It shows all of us DEPLORABLE ONES how out of touch these creatures are.
    They should be concentrating on the devastating PLASTIC ISSUE.

  14. Why do you even cover stories like this? Unless you are a total moron, you gotta
    know the coal industry is DEAD. There is NO future for aspiring coal miners.
    The industry has been automated and the demand for coal is down because
    natural gas is far cheaper.But you teaparty morons will find a way to demonize
    someone for telling the truth. You can’t bring back the T model Ford. And you
    can’t bring back coal. The insanity has to stop!

    • So, If it’s dead, why do Hillary and Joe keep beating on it? I can’t remember if Woodrow Wilson campaigned on eliminating “buggy-whip making” jobs, or Truman vowing to eliminate elevator and telephone operator jobs. It’s just a matter of time, but programming jobs will disappear one day, too.

  15. The truth is, is that there is no climate problem. History and science has proven that over many decades, this earth has gone through periods of extreme heat and extreme cold. All due to the sun.
    The truth is, is that they want millions of people without ways to provide for themselves and/or family. They want YOU to depend upon THEM to provide for you, IF they deem you “Special” enough to receive their handouts. See, you are not important. Earth is more important than humans.
    They speak out against Trump on the border situation concerning illegal children and yet have no qualms about letting your children starve to death or take your child because you can’t provide for it, due to them taking away your job. Or because you don’t agree with their policies. Or because you stand upon your Constitutional rights. Or whatever excuse they deem worthy to use.
    This would be a no win-win for American citizens. If you vote for their party, be prepared to watch this country, spiral downward, out of control.

  16. Many cities and towns in the Northeast get about 75 percent of their energy especially heat in the winter from coal..currently if you take the coal away there is nothing established to replace that…wind and solar are not cabable of producing that energy…also crazy Joe wants coal miners to be retrained in computer jobs….ask any coal miner if they want to spend the rest of their life sitting in front of a stupid computer screen all day….it’s all smoke and mirrors that the left spews out with rediculous ideas false promises and lies on a uninformed public…

  17. I think we should invite hillary,bill,joe and the rest of the communist democraps down to the mine and show them what those workers do down there.They do an honest days work unlike the lying,thieving politicians in government.

  18. The miners know what Hillary did and remember what Bill said,” they blame us when the sun doesn’t shine”! The 798 guys know what liars Obama and Kerry are, remember Thai little section of pipeline they gave them before the election. Hey, UA, Ironworkers, Boilermakers, Steelworkers, work better now? Even Trumpka knows the truth but won’t pubically admit it. Want more illegals taking your jobs? Wise up guys, it’s time.


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