Joe Biden: Mitch McConnell, Republicans Must ‘Stand Up To The NRA’

(Breitbart) – Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden used a Monday night tweet to tell Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his Republican colleagues to “stand up to the NRA.”

Biden claimed there is a “gun violence epidemic” which McConnell and the GOP can “take concrete action to end.”

On September 9, 2019, Breitbart News reported Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asking Trump to provide “political cover” for Republicans, thereby allowing them to support gun control and remain politically viable.

Schumer said, “[President Trump] can lead his party to support something that the NRA has prevented Republicans from supporting for years. That is why Speaker Pelosi and I sent the letter to him today, urging him to give his party political cover to pass…background check legislation.”

Flashback: Joe Biden Starts Week Pushing ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden renewed his push for an “assault weapons” ban via a Sunday night tweet.

Biden wrote: “The deadliest mass shootings all have one thing in common: assault weapons. It’s past time we get these weapons of war off our streets. I’ve banned them before, and I’ll ban them again in the White House.”

Although Biden equates commonly owned semiautomatic rifles with “weapons of war,” there really is no comparison between the two.

For one, the semiautomatic rifles owned–and loved–by Americans shoot only one round with each pull of the trigger. On the other hand, M4s, which are military rifles, have a select-fire switch which allow the rifles to be changed from semiautomatic to fully automatic three-round bursts.

Again, the civilian rifle is semiautomatic while the military rifle has full-auto capabilities, but they are two different rifles.

Moreover, the rifles used in some of our nation’s firearm-based mass public attacks were civilian rifles, not military ones. Also, some of the most heinous attacks in our nation’s history did not even involve rifles. Rather, handguns were used.

For example, the May 31, 2019, Virginia Beach attacker killed 12 innocents with .45 caliber handguns, the November 5, 2009, Fort Hood attacker killed 13 with a handgun, and the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech attacker killed 32 people using two handguns.

On September 6, 2019, Breitbart News reported that riding a bicycle and crossing the street each result in more daily deaths than do rifles of any kind.


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