Joe Biden Is FURIOUS After Sarah Palin Told Him Three Words: “He’s A…”

( Exclusive) – Former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin dropped some serious truth bombs on puppet president Joe Biden after his historic failures in Afghanistan which ultimately resulted in the death of 13 US service members last Thursday when two suicide bombers attacked areas outside of the Kabul airport.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Watters’ World,” Palin did not mince words. She blasted Biden, calling him a liar, a failure and a “marionette,” and further asserted that he is a career blunderer who is only a “mouthpiece” for the ones who are really in charge of the US right now.

She also took aim at the wildly unpopular vice president Kamala Harris who could actually be the replacement for the incompetent Biden. Palin called her a “giggly, girly lightweight,” though her giggles are more of an evil cackle.

“Watters’ World” host, Jesse Watters, asked Palin, “Did you foresee this coming at all? I mean we know Biden’s track record’s atrocious, but this is in his honeymoon period and we’ve got a border crisis, a hostage crisis, a humiliating defeat on the battlefield, dead marines, it’s barely not even September.”

Palin answered, “Well we should have seen it coming, based on Biden’s track record, nearly fifty years in government, blunder after blunder,” she said, “people in his own party, his quote, unquote, supporters, letting Americans know, letting voters know before the vote was taken against Trump, that he gets everything wrong.”

Referencing the vice presidential debate when she and Biden faced each other in 2008, she continued, “You know Jesse, I looked the other night for the first time ever at debate clips where I was debating Biden back in 08 and I’m sitting there listening to this, going man, the more things change the more they stay the same.”

“He was a liar back then, he is a liar today.” Palin said, “His track record should have allowed all of us to anticipate nothing but negative, nothing but bad, nothing but tragedy would happen under this man’s watch.”

Watters pointed out the extreme bias that has been shown by the corrupt media over the last 5 years and said that the “media wanted him because he wasn’t Trump.” This bias led the media to essentially gaslight millions of Americans into believing Biden was actually fit to run the country despite undeniable evidence that he was not.

He then asked Palin, “How do you see Joe’s presidency going forward? His credibility shot on pretty much everything.”

Palin responded, “Those of us kind of in that arena at least at one time or another, knew that he didn’t have any credibility back then so you can’t just have some kind of credibility transplant overnight,” she said. “He isn’t a credible human being, he lies, he plagiarizes, I mean all the things we already know and you’re right, the media did want him to win and the media clobbered anybody who was challenging him.”

Palin also called out the Republicans in Congress who are calling for Biden’s impeachment, saying that most politicians are “windbags” and talk a big talk but never act on the things they say.

She then went on to point out the biggest issue with Joe Biden and that’s the fact that he is clearly just a puppet for whomever is really in charge.

“I wish that I knew, and I’m sure you say the same thing, I wish that we knew who was really in charge, it’s not the marionette Joe Biden, who is the mouthpiece for whatever the heck is going on down there.”

Watters asked her if she thought a “palace coup” was in the works by Harris to replace Biden and Palin slammed Harris and the fact that she “doesn’t have a whole lot of support, even within her own party” outside of the “inner circle of the real movers and shakers in the Democrat party” who view Harris as a female Obama.

Palin has teased a return to politics with a possible Senate run against anti-Trump RINO Lisa Murkowski. She would certainly have the support of President Trump and the patriots in Alaska should she decide to do it. We hope she does.

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  1. Go to it Sarah! RINO Lisa Murkowski out, one down more to go.
    The ranting against Donald Trump never stops. Here was a man who cared for country and fellow Americans. The opposition’s record is full of twists and turns. Hidden agendas, lies, glory seekers. Think of Cuomo he caused the death of thousands of nursing home residents and gets rewarded with an award and media accolade.
    Biden blunders through his term making one mistake after another.
    There is no one to put an end to it.

  2. Run Sarah run. Hey dumb Doc you “forgot” Trump got us the vaccine in record
    time. Hope you are not really a doc. Someone so dumb could be dangerous as a real Doc.

    • yea well also dont forget who LIED to the public about the virus and masks as well even though in a March phone interview that he knew that it was an airborne disease and much worse than what he said in public. That LIE LED TO OVER 500K DEAD UNDER HIS PRESIDENCY!! BTW Pfizer wasnt part of his operation Warp Speed and came up with the vaccine w/o his help!!!

    • Biden turns his back & ignores questions about the Americans he left #stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. ….. Biden The Great! Hero of the liberal mind! Majestic Idiot of the Progressive!! A sorry sack of sh–t, doc.

  3. Again is is made clear that we are not a republic or a democracy, WE are a :

    -a government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.
    “the danger is that this will reduce us to kakistocracy”
    a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.

    • lol name 1 impeachable offence because there is ZERO!! BTW history lesson back in the 80s Reagan was president when over 200 marines were killed by suicide bombers in Lebanon so he should have resigned as well using your “logic” and also troops were killed under tRUMPS presidency as well so he should have resigned as well!!

    • While Reagan was rebuilding America Low iq doc and his queer blow buddies were coming out of the closet with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Chopperpilot … doc was pooping in his pants during those years. Probably still is. Nothing but mouthfuls of stupid come from this uneducated zero. Much like doc’s heroes …. The chicken sh-t stooges of antifa & blm.

    • I think Doc is a troll, so one might expect such a display of propaganda as I have seen from him. And as far as that impeachable offense goes, if it was ok to impeach President Trump over a phone call to Ukraine that turned out to be nothing, then extorting Ukraine to fire one of it’s government officers in order to get monetary assistance ought to qualify if nothing else. As far as evidence goes, we have then Vice President Biden boasting about it on video tape. As far as his first 6 months in office goes, he has completely abdicated his job as President in favor of this Emperor gig he seems to be on. He has completely failed to protect the southern border as required of a president and his DOJ is persecuting citizens for political gain and planning a takeover of the elections, unconstitutionally from the states. Lot’s more bt he only asked for one.

    • Phyll2 …. Talking common sense and using intelligence to this ‘doc boy’ is a waste of time. He has no ability to comprehend nor understand. As you state, just a petty, little troll with all the credibility of an antifa/blm stooge. If he had a mother, can you imagine the shame he brings on her.?

  4. At some point even the most wretched have some degree of conscience. Subconsciously, Joe kept looking down (at his watch) as each fallen soldier was carried off that plane because of guilt and shame. And deep down he knows he became the President by usurping another who rightfully won (and by big margins, no less). How does one continue to carry on in such a charade knowing the history books will one day write of his illegitimacy and total failure? Same with his handlers/ co-conspirators? The guilt and shame of this utter assault on the American people is becoming too overwhelming that it has resulted in a complete loss of judgement and rational thinking by these in charge- all leading to the numerous debacles and travesties-from Afghanistan, the southern border, surge in crime, a two tiered justice system, to a complete loss of our basic rights under the constitution, etc.. Could this many people be psychopaths? Could this many convince themselves that they are morally good when in fact they are morally depraved? Could this many be part of the biggest scam in history and yet still be able to sleep soundly every night? If so, then these are demons, not humans.

  5. Until now he doesn’t know that he’s the President of US. Poor Taiwan, Biden will just say to US Navy and Air Force Generals. STAND DOWN we can not win against China. I’m Not Kidding!!!

  6. They need to.done broke his lying pens and the sorry mouth of his out of office arrest his ass he has been the reason why innocent people are dying cause of his child molesting creep he is omg its pathetic fire him now

  7. BIDEN is a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR who should be behind BARS in a FEDERAL PRISON . . . PERMANENTLY and ASAP. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  8. People are dyeing under this idiot BIDEN WATCH. He not fit to be president along you HARIS they need to remove all these corrupt clowns along with PELOSI AND SUCK ASS SHUMMER

  9. Sarah Palin is right! Joe Biden is a career failure. The Dems cheated to get him elected and now some are regretting it. Kamala Harris is no better. She seems not to take anything serious and she’s just as incompetent than Biden himself. The Dems hated Trump so much they cheated to elect a bumbling baffoon as the President.

  10. Now he is a murderer of 13 American troops and god only knows how many Afghans!!! And all the dementiacraps that are in bed with him are just as guilty!!!!!!!

    • just a friendly history reminder tRUMP denied covid called it a hoax in public yet in a phone interview he said he knew how bad it was so he LIED to the public which led to more than 500k deaths under his watch!!!

    • doc is nothing more than a child, trying to support the un supportable … the stinking, lying, flunky, disaster called Biden. Doesn’t know any better. Young, and indoctrinated democrat/liberal children more then often, simply mimic the ignorance foisted upon them by their uneducated parents.


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