Joe Biden, Determined To Cause Even More Division, Says Police Let Trump ‘Mob’ Off Easy — So Much For Unity And Healing!

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden, who earlier this week was certified as the president-elect, stated on Thursday that he thinks Capitol police officers took it easy on the group of protesters responsible for the Capitol riot because they were in support of the president and not members of Black Lives Matter.

I guess Biden wasn’t made aware of the fact that Ashli Babbit, a Trump supporter, was fatally shot in the neck during the mayhem inside the building. She doesn’t count because of the color of her skin apparently.

On the flip side, it seems that Biden isn’t really thinking about the fact that maybe, just maybe, the reason police “took it easy” was because they weren’t prepared for any violence. Trump rallies have a reputation for being peaceful events. They have been for the last four years. This was the first time things ever got out of control.

BLM riots on the other hand have become standard fare. When you hear BLM is coming to town, you board up your business and arm yourself. That’s been the pattern for at least a year. So there is a well established pattern that may have played a part in police responses to these events.

WND published a report saying there were 68 arrests made during the chaos.

“No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, there wouldn’t — they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol,” Biden stated during a press conference.

Well, yes, of course things would’ve been different. For starters, BLM activists would’ve been burning the place down and stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down. That may not be a popular thing to say, but again, that’s the established pattern up to this point.

“We all know that’s true, and it is unacceptable,” he said.

“They weren’t protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists,” said the former vice president.

One thing that no one really seems to be talking about is the fact that a former FBI agent who was on the ground during the assault on the Capitol stated he witnessed a bus load of Antifa members infiltrate the gathering. Of course, there were Trump folk who were likely involved in the mayhem, but could they have been spurred on by Antifa looking to cause trouble?

They’ve certainly tried this same thing in the past. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them try it here. Especially since the left wants to draw attention away from the debate that was supposed to happen in Congress over the Electoral College results.

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  1. There were 74 million people in this country that voted for President Trump i have to wonder if CREEPY JOE also considers all of us to be the TRUMP MOB? IT seems ironic that through out the summer when BLM and ANTIFA were burning buildings and taking over cites(ALL LIBERAL) THAT CREPPY JOE and PANTS SUIT HARRIS kept quiet they said nothing about those mobs in fact Harris and her campaign were Bailing them out of jail. Wonder who posted the Bail money? Was it campaign funds? or taxpayer dollars? Both would be considered illegal.

  2. Just signed up with Parler last night. Never was a Twitter or FB user. A little confusing for a non tech person, but I can learn. I grocery shop 99% of the time at local grocery stores. Very rarely shop online. Do have a local hardware. Will have to check out a local pharmacy now.
    Buy Local, Eat Local. That’s a start to the corporate world.

  3. I spent 30 years in the Navy and I feel sad for this country as the Democrats lead it down the path to Socialism. The freedoms our forefathers gave us are being eroded ( freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion as well as destruction of the 2nd amendment). It’s sooooo sad.

  4. There are tons of evidences,tens of deponents,and there are even credible entities making forensic analysis of the widely used voting machines indicating 68% or so error rates.Even if these facts can’t overturn the election results,they are by any standards more than enough to raise the question about the integrity of the election process,to the extent that credible ballot verifications should be done to at least appease the people’s suspicions.But the allegedly “law abiding” party that asserts “there is nothing wrong with the election” refuses to do so to prove their “innocence”.Nobody gives a shit and no court or officials are willing to listen to and look at these facts.

    So there can be three conclusions:
    1.This system is proven to be hackable.
    2.This system can’t prevent to be hacked.
    3.This system can’t do anything to reverse the hack after it’s hacked.

    • Evidence is for the responsible people, liberal trash don’t want any evidence, they want their hero Obama.

  5. Give it up. Trump has already conceded. Conservatism has been conquered by the sea of liberty, and Biden will be our new president.

    • Too bad you cannot think for yourself, nor can you see, because you are obviously blind as well as dumb. This election was pure fraud paraded around as free, fair, and open elections. When in fact, they were rigged from the beginning. Since your hero Obama – Obiden, is so mentally incompetent he won’t be allowed to remain in office long. Your own communist party will have him removed, one way or another, and install the next illegitimate person to be president, that of the communist traitor and terrorist, Harris.
      Why don’t you and your communist loving friends go back to China or Venezuela or maybe even Cuba where you came from. You are obviously NOT a US citizen.


  6. Brain Dead Biden the commie and his porno, druggy son will get a wake up call soon,if what I am hearing is true. Couldn’t happen to a better crime family … except maybe for the Clintons.!

  7. He’s a puppet – he was never intelligence. He also never had nay morality, ethics, integrity or honesty. And of course he passed all the negative traits on to his family. Everyone who voted for Biden should be ashamed of themselves. Hang on to your hats, people things are only going to get worse.

    • The web site is no longer up the vultures say it violates their standards. The former HUD assist. secretary tells the truth about the BLM,antifa riots, the vultures hidden activities etc. I did not think they would allow it to be up long. They could not allow President TRump to continue to reveal their agenda Thus they revealed themselves for what they are thieves that are so braen to openly steal our last freedom, the vote.

    • The best strategy against the vultures is to withdraw from all of their Youtube, facebook amazon tweet accounts etc. Take their business away and they will disolve.

  8. POS: why did you not say this about the 10 billion dollars of damage and the killings of other citizens by antifablm why not you septic tank sludge coward


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