Joe Biden Confuses Sign Language Interpreter As He Speaks Gibberish About “Environmental Justice” During Virtual Event (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – What the hell was Biden trying to say?

Joe Biden held a virtual event Monday evening with Rev. Dr. William Barber and the Poor People’s Campaign.

It was off to an awkward start…


As usual, Biden got tongue tied and spoke gibberish as he babbled about “environmental justice.”

The sign language interpreter was even confused.

“Environmental justice so we can turn the faucet on and drink water, breathe clean air. I’m sor – I’m about to end, but lo, liv – you ‘ow, we have to live so, I mean, we have to just give people a chance,” Biden said.

Got it?



  1. I can help. I speak “Biden.” It’s very simple. Biden said, “The monkey on the dishwasher is purple, but he enjoys drinking moose juice.”

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  6. He’s clearly stuttering on the Ls, a lifelong issue for him, not “gibberish” first part of what he said was clear. This piece is insulting to anyone who has struggled with stuttering. Find something besides stuttering (which he has openly acknowledged) to show signs of mental decline.

    • I understand your concern about his stuttering issue but clearly that is not all that is going on. Asking “is it time now” has nothing to do with stuttering. The final words out of his mouth make no sense and he abruptly ends the talk – that has nothing to do with stuttering. I will not try to diagnosis his mental decline, HOWEVER, I clearly understand his policies and strongly disagree – open borders – no thanks, no fracking – ruin our economy and lose energy independence and rely on middle east countries that want to destroy us for our energy needs. “Reimagine” the police??? No one actually describes what that is but the “reimagining” they have done so far has led to huge riots and destruction and loss of life. Rejoin the Paris peace talks when we have lowered our co2 emission? Support Iran when they chant death to America?? No my cup of tea even if he is coherent in thinking and speaking those policies.

    • Clearly you are not a Doctor because you would have recognized the symptoms of a mental disorder (a deterioration of the brain) such as Alzheimer or Dementia !!! Either you are a veterinarian or you are a Demon rat covering up for Biden’s Brain Problems…stuttering my a$$… He used that as an excuse for his inability to speak or remember where he is !!!! This is a perfect example of his abilities without a teleprompter !!!!

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