Jim Gilchrist: Illegal Alien Children Being Used As Political Human Shields

July 7, 2014 9:32 pm  

(Jim Gilchrist) – In what has been an on-going investigation, the Tea Party research team is looking into what appears to be a 2014 offensive whereby the southern borders of America are being swarmed. This offensive is an invasion, not led by troops, but by divisions of mothers, children and young adults marching north from Central America and Mexico. It is an offensive that shows no signs of slowing down but instead is spreading to other nations, putting America in even greater peril.

Patriots around our nation are sounding the alarm as the Middle East and parts of Africa also pour their legions into Mexico that so they, too, can march north into the United States.

If this human invasion has indeed been planned by both domestic and foreign powers, then it is of a dark and sinister nature.


Consider that one of the harsh realities of war is that civilians are killed and they suffer, marked as casualties of war, while combatants often protect innocent civilians. With this in mind, civilian women and children are directly marched into the target nation so that permanent settlement locations may be secured for more advancing insurgents. In effect, the civilians become political human shields for the insurgents coming in behind them, which are part of a much larger (and more dangerous) offensive.

As it stands now, it appears that the illegal alien children entering the U.S. are being used as scouts and anchors to secure geographic localities. Once secured, additional clusters can enter into the United States and be dispersed to these secured locations. The children are being turned into a political human shield for the purpose of concealing the true agenda of the offensive. By the time anyone in Washington realizes what’s taking place (or is caught red-handed feeding the movement,) it’s too late.

A child is a human shield that no one wants to injure. As a matter of fact, the prevailing thought is try to accommodate these children. However, as the focus is placed on securing a place for the children, in the background the thread of invasion and the initiative to secure localities for settlement is in full play.

But are these children truly a type of political human shield? No one who knows better about border issues and the illegal alien invasion than Jim Gilchrist, President and Founder of the Minuteman Project. Gilchrist firmly believes this is exactly what is taking place.

In an interview last week with America One news network, Gilchrist claimed that child refugees at the Mexican-U.S. border are being used as “human shields” in a concerted effort to evade and manipulate U.S. immigration enforcement.

Gilchrist warned that the United States is rapidly becoming a Latin American nation as Mexico and Central America literally transfer their populations into the United States, without any conference with the electorate by the nation’s political governors.

“It is very clever of the pro-illegal alien, anti-rule of law criminal elements in Mexico and the United States to use unwitting children as weapons in their assault upon the sovereignty of the United States,” Gilchrist said. “These criminals know very well that the U. S. Border Patrol will warmly welcome these children and essentially provide protective and privileged custody for them…indefinitely…until they are in the custody of someone, some organization, or some family in the United States. Once established in a household or an orphanage, each of the children will be followed by several dozen relatives and friends also from south of the border.

For almost four decades these countries have encouraged tens of millions of their countrymen and women to illegally migrate to the United States to plunder what they perceive is a bottomless cornucopia of welfare benefit programs just waiting for them.

In most cases, that perception is true and it has produced tremendous fallout.

Many American citizens, including veterans who have fought wars for the United States, have joined the ranks of our nation’s disabled elderly in being neglected and deprived of health and welfare benefit programs originally earmarked for them. Instead, hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for those programs have been used by the U.S. government in recent decades to provide housing, medical services, food stamps, child welfare and many other family assistance payments to the approximately 30 million illegal aliens currently in the U. S.

But Latin Americans and Mexicans are not the only populations being routinely transferred into the United States by criminals engaged in the illegal immigration business. Perhaps as many as two million Chinese, Russian, European, South American, Mid-Eastern and African people have also covertly found their way here.

These illegal border children are just a precursor to a much larger and far more vast invasion to follow by adult relatives and friends of the children after they are conveniently provided homesteading status.

jim Gilchrist

Jim Gilchrist

Jim Gilchrist is the Founder and President of the Minuteman Project, an activist group whose aim is to prevent illegal immigration across the southern border of the United States. Gilchrist is a decorated Marine who fought in over 100 battles and was awarded a Purple Heart. Gilchrist staged a month long border watch project in April 2005—an event that catapulted the Minuteman movement into the national spotlight. Gilchrist and Jerome R. Corsi authored the book: “Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Borders.” MinutemanProject.com

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