Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Live-In Bodyguard Believes ‘Somebody Helped Him’ Kill Himself

(Gateway Pundit) – Jeffrey Epstein’s former live-in bodyguard Igor Zinoviev said in an interview with New York Magazine that he believes Epstein had help killing himself while in custody at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan last Saturday.

Epstein’s death has many inconsistencies. A leak of Epstein’s autopsy claims broken bones in Epstein’s neck consistent–but not conclusive–with homicide by strangulation. Epstein was reportedly found with a bedsheet tied to a bunk bed wrapped around his neck.

Zinoviez, a former UFC fighter, said he lived in Epstein’s Palm Beach house for “five or six years” and worked as his bodyguard, personal trainer and driver.

The interview with M.L. Nestel was contentious at times with Zinoviev disputing quotes from an unpublished interview he had done four years ago with Nestel.


It was four years ago. You may not remember what you told me. I kept very good notes of what you and I said. It must come across as very harsh. But it’s the truth. I’m happy to understand a little better. He’s not alive. You don’t have anything to be afraid of anymore.

I’m not afraid. Beyond that just he is dead. I don’t want anything to be uncorrect. There’s too much shit in here, you know, already. He’s dead and just like, freaking people, just leave him alone.

Hold on. When did you find out he died?

Saturday or Sunday or whenever.

What did you think when you found that out?

What did I think?


Are you sure you want to hear what I am going to think?


Somebody helped him to do that.

You think somebody helped him kill himself?


Okay. Why?

Listen, you know, that’s going a little too deep.

Extract from Zinoviev’s profile from the MMA Hall of Fame entry:

One of the first mixed martial arts competitors from Russia, Igor Zinoviev helped blaze the trail for future Eastern European and Russia fighters. As a former Russian Special Forces Operator and Policeman, Igor was trained in a variety of martial arts, most notably Sambo.

Igor Zinoviev made his MMA debut at Extreme Fighting 1 on November 18, 1995…

…After his career-ending injury, Igor worked as a personal trainer and bodyguard. In 2007, he was the head coach for Chicago Red Bears of the short-lived International Fight League. Zinoviev continues to train fighters to this day.


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