Jeff Sessions: I Will Recuse Myself From Future Hillary Clinton Investigations

January 10, 2017 2:52 pm  

(Breitbart) – Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions stated Tuesday he will recuse himself from investigations concerning failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton if confirmed as Attorney General.

Asked by Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley how he planned to address concerns about his possible handling of an investigation involving Clinton, Sessions said: “Mr. Chairman, it was a highly contentious campaign. I, like a lot of people, made comments about the issues in that campaign with regard to Secretary Clinton. And some of the comments I made, I do believe that could place my objectivity in question.”

“I’ve given that thought. I believe the proper thing to do would be to recuse myself from any questions involving those kind of investigations that involved Secretary Clinton and that were raised during the campaign, or could be otherwise connected to it,” he said.

“To be very clear, you intend to recuse yourself from both the Clinton email investigation and any matters involving the Clinton Foundation if there are any?” Grassley asked.

“Yes,” Sessions said firmly.

“Let me follow up again, because it’s important. When you say you’ll recuse, you mean you’ll actually recuse, and the decision will therefore fall to I assume a deputy attorney general?” Grassley asked. “I ask because after Attorney General Lynch met with President Clinton in Phoenix, she said she would ‘defer’ to the FBI, but she never officially recused.”

“No, she did not officially recuse and there’s a procedure for that I would follow. And I believe that would be the best approach for the country, because we can never have a political dispute turn into a criminal dispute, in any way that would suggest anything other than absolute objectivity,” Sessions said. “This country does not punish its political enemies, but this country ensures no one is above the law.”

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