James Woods Tells Obama Lacky: Your Old Boss Would Bow To A Fire Hydrant

June 13, 2018 6:30 pm  

(Conservative Tribune) – James Woods was steamed, and it showed.

The conservative actor, who represents one of the few truly sane voices among Hollywood celebrities, has long been known for delivering Twitter burns to pontificating liberals.

But the Twitter strike he delivered to Obama sycophant/White House memoirist Ben Rhodes was a scorcher that should be leaving cyber-scars.

Woods was responding to a Rhodes tweet published last week on the eve of President Donald Trump’s participation in the G-7 summit meeting of the world’s most economically advanced countries in Quebec, Canada.

“The pathetic and embarrassing thing is that Trump’s approach will end up hurting our farmers, workers & companies while also surrendering our global leadership,” Rhodes wrote, declaring Trump’s trip a failure before it even began.

Failure is in the eye of the beholder, of course. And for many millions of Americans, Trump’s decision over the weekend to make a public statement about putting America’s interests first – even at the price of discomfiting longtime allies — showed he’s serious about carrying out the platform that won him the presidency.

More to the point, that summit was a run-up to a far more epochal event – Trump’s summit meeting in Singapore with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, a meeting that highlighted just how much Trump is pushing the kind of American “global leadership” that really matters.

Rhodes’ boss during his White House days, then-President Barack Obama, excelled at social chitchat with American allies, of course. But when it comes to projecting American power and protecting American interests the way Trump has, from the Middle East to Afghanistan to the Korean Peninsula, Obama isn’t even in the running.

And Woods’ tweet made that viciously clear.

“Your old boss would bow to a fire hydrant,” he wrote. “Don’t talk about surrendering global leadership. In fact don’t talk at all.”

The fire hydrant part might have been a little exaggerated, but Rhodes and other Obama bootlickers have trouble denying that Obama had bowed to foreign royalty – to the emperor of Japan in 2009, as even ABC admits, and to then-King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in 2012. (In the Saudi case, the Obama-ites claimed the president was just bending over to greet a shorter man.)

The image of an American president bowing to the kind of royal figure the Revolution was fought to free the rebellious American colonists from outraged conservatives. That might be why Woods’ tweet struck such a nerve.

Check out some of the responses:

And that last one sums it up.

Rhodes and his memoir “The World as It Is” will never admit it (National Review has a great takedown here), but the Obama administration spent eight years apologizing for the United States’ history, and bowing and scraping – whether literally or figuratively – to tinpot dictators like the murderous mullahs in Tehran or wannabe dictators like the Islamic State group terrorists.

Trump is a different breed of president, and every step he takes to re-establish the “global leadership” that was frittered away in Obama’s eight feckless years in power just embarrasses Obama’s followers even more.

Woods’ tweet pointed that out — with an intensity that should burn.


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