James Woods Drops Stunning Photo, Reminder What 70% Tax Looks Like

January 8, 2019 11:12 am  

(TeaParty.org) – Socialist upstart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been attracting quite a bit of criticism for her proposed “Green New Deal” legislation, which would impose up to 70% income tax on certain American citizens.

The girl clearly doesn’t understand how taxation works, basic economics, or even simple math, but she’s calling for higher tax rates like there’s no tomorrow.

All the attention has surely gone to her head.

“What is the problem with trying to push our technological capacities to the furthest extent possible?” Ocasio-Cortez said during an interview on “60 Minutes” which aired Sunday.

“There’s an element where yeah, people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes.”

When host Anderson Cooper suggested this was “radical,” AOC agreed.

“I think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed this country,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Yeah, if that’s what radical means, call me a radical.”

Enter James Woods, who reminded us what “radical” tax hikes really look like:

To be fair, this was in the midst of an oil shock, but it is nonetheless emblematic of the Carter presidency.

For example, Carter’s foreign policy was incredibly weak, which is one of the reasons why the Iranian revolution had such a distinct impact on the American economy. It is also impossible to divorce his presidency from the “misery index,” an economic indicator that was stunningly high during his administration, which was in no small part a direct result of his tax policy.

Oh, and don’t forget “malaise.”

Here’s the thing: “radical” isn’t always a good thing. They didn’t help us when Carter was in office and they certainly won’t help now.

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