James Woods Drops Harsh Truth Bomb About Obama’s Legacy Following Texas Obamacare Ruling

(TeaParty.org) – Actor James Woods can always be relied upon to trigger some serious leftist tears on his personal Twitter account.

Whether he’s brutally mocking leftist spaz Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or calling out Antifa violence, Woods never holds back from maintaining his well-earned reputation as the boldest conservative in Hollywood.

When a court in Texas ruled that Obamacare was unconstitutional, Woods took the opportunity to remind leftists just how little their precious POTUS 44 will have managed to acheive if the case goes to a higher court.

“If indeed ObamaCare were to be ruled unconstitutional by the appellate courts and, finally, the Supreme Court, Obama’s legacy would at last be wiped clean,” Woods wrote on Twitter.

“It would be as if he never existed,” he added.

Wow…a patriot can dream right?

This ruling, of course, has been a long-time coming and is quite vindicating for those who have been sounding the alarm about the unconstitutionality of Obama’s “healthcare for all” plan for years now.

In many ways, it seems that Obama nearly brought our nation to the point of no return, but it hasn’t taken long to reverse much of the damage that’s been done.

If we can finally kiss Obamacare goodbye, it will be a great day indeed for our nation.