James Carville: Trump Is Going To Get His ‘Fat A** Beat’

(Breitbart) – Appearing Thursday on The Stuttering John Podcast, former lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, James Carville, predicted in a wild rant that President Donald Trump will get his “fat ass beat” by former Vice President Joe Biden in the November election and claimed Republicans will even attempt to rig the match-up.

A partial transcript is as follows:

JOHN MELENDEZ: Trump is essentially — the whole administration is a snake oil salesman, correct? What’s going on here? Tell me.

JAMES CARVILLE: What’s going on is [Trump] is going to get his ass beat. He’s going to get his fat ass beat. Now, the question is by how much. If we want to go through this lethargic kind of stuff and blah, blah, blah, and worry about this, we can get 290, 295 electoral votes and will change nothing. If we go and take it to him and talk about what a massive, fat failure he his, then we can run away with this thing. The idea is not just to defeat Trump, you have to defeat Trumpism. You have to defeat the idea that the United States of America is a place and not an idea. And this idea that it’s all white people fighting against non-white people, men fighting against women, I don’t know, gay people fighting against non-gay people, it’s all bullshit, and call him on it. The country does not want him back. We’ve got to beat him bad.

MELENDEZ: He’s managed to discredit the media, which you know that’s what Hitler did, that’s what Putin does, just discredit the media, so that anyone who reports badly on him, he’s going to say it’s fake news, right?

CARVILLE: So he’s got 41 percent of the country? The hell with it, that’s a losing number. Take your 41 and go home.

MELENDEZ: But now what do you think that people are tyring to say Biden has dementia.

CARVILLE: They said Hillary was running a child pedophile ring in the basement of a pizza parler in northwest Washington. They are going to say anything. Just move on, leave him alone.

MELENDEZ: I know that you were Bill Clinton’s strategist, what advice would you give Joe Biden to winning this election?

CARVILLE: What I’d do is just be Joe Biden, and just give people a sense of change. The best word in the political language is change. It can mean anything you want it to mean. He is going to win. He needs to keep the party unified, he needs to open his campaign to people who can come aboard, some of these weak Republicans and independents, he needs to lock down the Bernie people. He’s got to do some political stuff, which he’s totally capable of doing. He doesn’t need to go overboard. He’s just got to execute. And he’s going to win. People don’t want this guy back. We’ve got to get over this mentality of 2016 like, “Oh god” it’s going to happen. No, we’re going to win. We’ve got to win by a lot. These left-wingers will say he hasn’t moved far enough on this. He’s got one job: win the election, then move where ever you want to.

MELENDEZ: Should we worry about them trying to rig the election?

CARVILLE: Oh, yes. That’s a real worry. You don’t have to worry about them winning the election, you have to worry about them rigging it, becausing rigging it is the only way they can win.



  1. I don’t know what James Carville is smoking or snorting, but it is something to avoid at all costs.
    Democrats have nothing to offer the American people except warmed over Obama policies that do nothing positive for the country, socialistic ideas that have failed time and time again because they are logically impossible, lots of fancy rhetoric, but NOTHING positive and constructive that will improve on Trump’s performance. Democrats have instead spent the last 3+years doing nothing but trying to remove Trump from office for no good reason other than that they hate him. They have also had few, if any, scruples as to how they do it: They have lied, cheated, refused him due process, etc. I have no idea how much of Americans’ time and treasure they have wasted in vain attempts to prove the unprovable.

    How can a self-respecting Democrat expect to get any votes other than the hardcore members who would vote for whomever the party nominated? They have nothing to offer the American people.


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