Italy Finally Turns The Corner — Coronavirus Confirmed Cases And Number Of Deaths Begin Trending Down

(Gateway Pundit) – Italy was hit hard with the coronavirus.

Over the past 30 days the country has seen 6,820 deaths in its elderly and afflicted population.

The first deaths were reported back on February 24th — one month ago.

Since then there has been a wave of deaths.

Over 69,000 Italians tested positive for the coronavirus.

But the trend is starting to turn in Italy’s favor.

The past three days have seen a gradual decrease in cases reported.

The confirmed cases peaked on Saturday and since then have been trending downward.

The number of deaths is also on the decline.

On Saturday there were 793 deaths in Italy. Since then, thankfully, the numbers have trended down.

This is good news for Italy if this continues.

Prayers for Italy.


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