It Was All A Set-Up! Pelosi Accuses President Trump Of “Interfering” And “Abuse Of Power” In Roger Stone Case By Saying Prison For 7-9 Yrs. Was Excessive

(Gateway Pundit) – This was all a set-up.

Roger Stone’s deep state prosecutors this week stunned the Attorney General’s office by pushing for a sentence of 7-9 years for Roger Stone in a process crime in the Trump-collusion hoax investigation.

The DOJ disagreed with the recommendations saying it was a “excessive and grossly disproportionate” for the 67-year-old Stone.

The Department of Justice also said it was “shocked” at the excessive prison term being sought by Mueller’s prosecutors because it wasn’t what the DOJ was initially briefed on.

The deep state prosecutors going after Roger Stone set up Attorney General Bill Barr.

Attorney General Bill Barr was also reportedly stunned and angry when the DOJ Mueller prosecutors asked the judge last month to consider prison time for General Flynn.

This was all a set-up to get reaction from Attorney General Bill Barr and President Trump in order to start up a new smear campaign against Trump and his trusted Attorney General.

Democrats and Deep State Democrats know the ongoing Durham will expose them criminal actors who lied and deceived the American public and Congress in order to remove President Trump from office.

So they planned this latest attack to sully Bill Barr’s name before John Durham releases his report.

On Thursday Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of “interfering with the Roger Stone case” by voicing his opinion that 7-9 years for a process crime was outrageous. Pelosi called this an abuse of power and flagrant violation of the rule of law.

This was all planned out.


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  2. I’m afraid to leave a reply because I might be accused of committing a crime for stating an opinion that someone doesn’t agree with. How sad that freedom of speech is almost dead in the U.S.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, Gary but I do understand your reasoning. When a debate is face to face, people usually remember their manners. For those hiding behind an anonymous computer screen…well, we’ve all seen what can happen. I don’t think freedom of speech is dead, what’s ‘dead’ is real tolerance and disagreeing without becoming disagreeable. Take care.

  3. Republicans and conservatives must be dumber than dirt I have been saying all along not one Democrat will be charged. GO Trump MAGA.

  4. “Pelosi called this an abuse of power and flagrant violation of the rule of law.”

    So when will Gran-Nan start the impeachment process? And if President Trump objects or mocks the Speaker, an additional mpeachment article will again be added to the article on abuse of power for obstruction of Congress. LOL!.

  5. So PEE-LOUSY “thinks” President Trump has given up his 1st Amendment Protections, Rights, Liberties?!?!


    PEE-LOUSY continuously opens its pie hole and spews lie after lie after LIE!!!!

  6. Well that is a massive sentence for Rodger Stone considering all the crimes and corruption and treason that the Democrats have committed and still walk free I hope our government and Senate grows some balls soon and starts locking up the corrupt criminal Democrats


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