It Begins: Trump Admin Cuts 70 Obama-Era Holdovers From NSC – More Cuts Coming This Week

(Gateway Pundit) – The Vindman twins were just the beginning of the NatSec purge.

On Friday President Trump fired the Vindman twins from their National Security Council positions in the Trump White House.

This comes after Alexander Vindman admitted to working behind President Trump’s back in Ukraine.

The Washington Examiner reported Trump cut 70 Obama-era holdovers from the NatSec.

President Trump is making good on his promises to “drain the swamp” and cut Obama-era holdovers from his staffs, especially the critical and recently controversial National Security Council.

Officials confirmed that Trump and national security adviser Robert O’Brien have cut 70 positions inherited from former President Barack Obama, who had fattened the staff to 200.

Many were loaners from other agencies and have been sent back. Others left government work.

But President Trump is not done and neither is National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien.

The National Security Advisor is expected to announce more cuts in the NSC staff this week.

Trump’s goal is to cut the agency in half.

The NatSec became a bloated bureaucracy under Obama and Obama holdovers such as Eric Ciaramella, Alex Vindman and Sean Misko worked together to “take out” Trump.

Rep. Nunes took it a step further and urged President Trump to move the entire NSC apparatus out of the White House and across the Potomac River.


  1. Drain the swamp President Trump. Clintons, Obamas, Bindens, Pelosi, Shiff, Schumer, Nadler, Mueller, they should all be held accountable for what they did to you. AG Barr will do a great job in cleaning up the corruption of the FBI, CIA, Deep State, Obamas underground organization, etc. along with the help of the great Guliani! Your Republican Senators are amazing and standing strong with you against all this Democratic corruption. The Media Mob is so biased so I only listen to Fox News for the truth. I am disgusted by the double standard that goes on in Washington! Your family is amazing and strong! We deplorables are thankful you are in the White house — 4 more years! You have my vote along with all my midwest relatives as well!

  2. I agree Don, I always wondered WHY he or his administration did not start taking Obama’s evil left over out from the very beginning? Obama took out all of Bush’s left overs I met and Ambassador two years ago from a small country one would never think of us having and Ambassador their and Obama fired him with in two weeks of being in office along with many others. Pathetic that would of been among some of the first things I would have on my immediate things to do list. Then I would have a small task force looking for those Rhino’s who would or could cause me a problem(s). President Trump is a smart man and unorthodox in many a ways and would not of put it pass him that all this was a plan to bring out the deep state and expose their evils and to rid us of our evil deep state person’s or organizations. President Trump is a very interesting man and strong, bold, passionate loving American who wants all succeed to their best levels. I figure ther is only one way this man survived what he has been out through and that is by Almighty God who gave him the knowledge and wisdom to accomplish what he has done thus far as President.. I only hope that the American Citizens will go to the voting booths in November and vote all the democrats out of office in the House and Senate for just one time to really turn our country around,,, Then install TERM LIMITS so that we never have persons in office for a life time.

  3. Get all of them out. They are not helping our President. He, his family, and our nation have gone through a tremendous ordeal caused by these Obama holdovers.

  4. The deep state is real and until we oust all of the Obama plants we will have backstabbing anti-Americans still messing with our president. Time to clean house. Make sure all security clearances are removed if any individual let go has one.

  5. The President is off to an excellent start by making the cuts in the staff at the NSC. Rep Devin Nunes’ recommendation to move the NSC out of DC and across the Potomac River should also be favorably considered and acted upon by the President! The DOJ should be next to feel the axe! Don’t worry, intelligence agencies, you haven’t been forgotten, either! Your day of reckoning is coming soon as well! #DRAIN THE SWAMP #TRUMP 2020

  6. There is a lot of snakes in the administration. Takes time to find and get rid of them. He’s doing a great job while the demorats oppose him at every corner

  7. The back stabbing will only get worse. Taking a dem liberals power away only infuriates them more, after all who KNOWS BETTER than a brain washed dem liberal WHAT WE NEED. Our government is such a joke. President Trump is trying to right our failing ship, but the entrenched dumbocrats and the mindless minions will not go quietly. The pressure they can apply behind the scenes is unbelievable. With MSM covering for them it will be hard to get our government back. Confidence is the biggest down fall of the righteous, the election is still always off and Trump supporters can not slack off and assume he will be reelected. Relentless ground work will be required to ensure his reelection.

    • It actually can work to one’s advantage if you leave some of them in. Feed them false info and when it surfaces outside where it is supposed to be, you catch more than one conspirator. And the NSC really did suffer from bloat. From 100 members under G.W. Bush to over 200 under Obama is just plain ridiculous.

  8. One of President Trump’s only mistakes: not firing every Obama holdover the minute he took office. They’ve all been a bunch of snakes. Better late than never.

  9. I like Devin Nunes idea. Move them ALL out, either by detail cancellation, lateral move or attrition. Any way, just get rid of all of the B.Hussein Obama holdovers; they cannot be trusted under any and all circumstances!

  10. Well Done…Mr. President……BUT, what the heck, were you doing these last 3 1/2 years? Why was this not done on DAY 1….. We knew, that Oh-bama, was a devil & a snake!

  11. The Obama administration was like a disease on America. It’s tentacles remain in Trump’s administration and Obama holdovers should be removed.

    • Absolutely — Along with all the other holdovers and political appointees in the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, State, Commerce, etc. Heck — Obama fired all the ambassadors and gave them very short notice when they had to vacate their offices. Trump should have too — just think Ukraine and EU. Comey should have been gone day one. Dems still hated Comey at that time because of late announcement of finding more of Hillary’s emails.


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