Isn’t This Extortion? Governor Gavin Newsom Promises “First Responders Are The First Ones To Be Laid Off” Unless California Gets More Govt. Cash

(Gateway Pundit) – California Governor Gavin Newsom promised to lay off first responders first unless the state gets more government cash.

The Golden State is still in lockdown under Newsom’s iron fist despite the low number of coronavirus deaths in the state.

But Newsom wants his fellow Americans to fork over the cash or he’ll start laying off police, firefighters and other first responders.

The Washington Times reported:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says first responders will be the “first ones laid” off unless federal bucks arrive in the Golden State in the near future.

The Democrat appeared to be playing a political game of chicken with Republicans in Congress over the weekend during a discussion about the coronavirus pandemic with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Mr. Newsom specifically had a message for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans when asked about a $3 trillion relief bill being “dead on arrival.

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  1. NO FEDERAL BAIL OUT MONEY. You wasted your own tax money – gave it to illegals over citizens and now beg you DC agents to save your asses.

  2. “fundamental job of gov is to protect the safety of its people???” Exactly how is it protecting the people to give tax dollars to illegals, to promote people living on the street, to “lay off first responders” instead of stopping waste like train to nowhere or “climate change initiatives”, etc. DO NOT GIVE MONEY. It is our money and WE do not care what Ca decides to do with THEIR money. Let the state fall into ruin with no police, fire, teachers, etc. The illegals can take all those jobs and do them for free.

  3. This is the perfect time to tell this stupid jerk to f###-off, as well as his Aunt Nancy. I just can’t believe where this guy gets these ideas (Aunt Nancy?). If he wants to lay off cops, fire fighters, EMT’s, etc. then let him go ahead and do it. Call his bluff. Lets see how that works out for him and his fellow democraps. I wouldn’t want to be him when some criminal(s) take advantage of this new policy and someone gets assaulted, murdered or raped. Just hope it happens in Hollywood or another looney left wacko burg, and to a well known movie star or other celebrity. What a f###ing loon!

  4. Wise up Citizens and vote these Progressive Subversive Left Governors & Mayors out of office. If we don’t the Tyranny will only get worse. Recall these Self-serving Unconstitutional Tyrants for treason and destroying our Constitutional Rights. If you find the restrictions prompted by the Covid-19 Scam inconvenient just think how worse it will be if the Progressives take over.

  5. Newsome said sorry first responders that you can’t feed your families but the illegals took al the money I gave them instead of you and left for Mexico to go spend it so I can’t give it to you. Imagine if Nancy’s house burnt down because no one could respond and she lost all that ice cream!

  6. Newsome asked for the money back from the illegals, they told him they already sent the money to Mexico. He said that money was to spend in the CA. The response was I’m leaving for Mexico to spend my money but I’ll be back if you give more out SUCKER !

  7. Newsome asked if he could get the money back from the illegals. They said no senor we have already sent the money to Mexico. Newsome said that money was for spending in the US. Response was sorry senor but I’m leaving for Mexico to spend that money but I’ll be back for more if you want to hand more out SUCKER!

  8. Yes , don’t give California any more money, give those SOB out there just what they deserve, They are biggest bunch of nut cases in usa.

  9. Well now, I support the calling the bluff. Although I come from a family of policemen/women, fire dept men, and teachers-all ages. N.Pelosi’s nephew, Newsome, will probably have crime gone wild.
    But the point of the matter is that the rule of law doesn’t exist here anyway for the AMERICAN CITIZENS now. Illegal aliens rule here.
    Let the Mega-millionaires in their walled compounds defend the hopeful overthrow of this absolute dictatorial CA government.
    Let us not forget, you get what you elect in!

  10. My buddy’s step-aunt makes $82/hr on the internet. She has been laid off for six months but last month her income was $12532 just working on the internet for a few hours….


  11. Money for Mexican invaders and laying off heroes , only in Commiefornia folks where the progressive liberal trash thrive and survive off “ other people’s money “ .

    • Lay them off and let anarchy finally bring down the cancer that is california. this asshat is one of many way overdue for a public hanging

  12. Congress should call his bluff, The rest of the country has NO RESPONSIBBILITY
    TO BAIL OUT CALIFORNIA, Liberal policies and incompetent leaders including this Governor got them in this mess, LET THE HOLLYWOOD LOONS BAIL OUT CALIFORNIA.


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