Islamist Somali War Criminal Into US After Marrying Somali Woman Guilty Of Naturalization Fraud

(Gateway Pundit) – Coming up on the two year anniversary of Laura Loomer being banned from Uber and Lyft for calling out their habit of employing dangerous Islamists, a CNN report confirms that a brutal Somali-Muslim war criminal has been outed as a “Uber Pro-Diamond” driver.

Loomer was called a bigot and racist relentlessly by the mainstream media and alt-left activists, who said she was unfairly targeting Muslims.

Turns out that Loomer was yet again on the forefront, accurately chastising Uber and Lyft for their hiring of dangerous Islamists.

In 2016, WND reported how Yusuf Abdi Ali was even deported by Canada and had been living a “posh” lifestyle in Alexandria, VA suburbs for nearly 20 years. Even more concerning, the war criminal who committed atrocities during Somalia’s civil war, was discovered to have been working at Dulles International Airport. Yes, a Somali-Muslim war criminal with Islamist ties was allowed to openly operate in one of the airports located in our nation’s capitol.

Pamela Geller examined some of Ali’s more brutal acts in a post published yesterday about the Islamists shocking past.

His past was detailed in a documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that featured eyewitnesses in northern Somalia who described killings allegedly committed under the direction of Ali, also known as “Colonel Tukeh.”

One witness in that documentary said, “Two men were caught, tied to a tree. Oil was poured on them and they were burnt alive. I saw it with my own eyes. I cut away their remains.”

Another witness in the same village said, “He caught my brother. He tied him to a military vehicle and dragged him behind. … He shredded him into pieces. That’s how he died.”When asked, “Did you see Tukeh do that with your own eyes?” the villager replied, “Yes, and there are many people around who saw it.”

Ali bragged to the media about how easy it was for him to get approved to work for both Uber and Lyft, despite simple google searches revealing his role as a brutal military leader spanning several decades during a time of civil war and deep divides in Somalia.

Not surprisingly, he was granted entry into the US through his marriage to a Somali-American women who claimed to be a refugee fleeing war in Somalia, though that claim proved to be bogus.

This is another stunning failure by the US immigration system.


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