ISIS Propaganda Video Calls For Attacks On World Cup Stadiums In Russia

June 14, 2018 10:18 am  

( – This is just a friendly reminder that people on the left who deny that there is an exerted effort on the part of Islamists to destroy the West and take it over in the name of Islam are absolute idiots.

Liberals claim, again and again, that those on the right who are concerned about civilization jihad are just racist, while the propaganda put out by every kind of Islamic group from ISIS to Hamas to the Muslim Brotherhood clearly state their goal: to take over the West in the name of Islam.


This is the stated goal of much of Islamic literature, which the vast majority of the world’s Muslims follow. Sure, there are moderate, Westernized Muslims and even entire sects who are pacifists, call for reform within Islam, and vocally denounce the violence and destruction caused by jihadists.

But when Islam has a very convenient little tennent called “taquia” which allows a Muslim to lie if it helps spread Islam, who can we even trust?

Well, it’s definitely worthwhile to trust the word of the ones who regularly put out propaganda calling for jihadi attacks that they’re definitely trying to kill people, so it would certainly be prudent to start there when we are trying to assess whether or not Muslims are trying to kill Westerners en masse.

They are, and this week, their target is the World Cup in Russia.

Don’t believe me? Just consider a propaganda video they put out recently which simulated an attack on the Olympic stadium in Sochi, which will soon hold one of the World Cup matches.

PJ Media reports:

The 10-minute video from Al-Adiyat Media, “Be Violent Toward Them,” first shows stock battlefield scenes from the caliphate, along with ISIS’ use of drones to film suicide bombers driving toward intended targets and detonating their vehicles. It then focuses on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov while highlighting contributions of Russian jihadists.

The video shows a cell speaking in Russian and wielding knives before an ISIS flag, with the identities of three of the 11 members obscured.

The video shows footage of a jihadist climbing into one of the makeshift armored vehicles that ISIS has used to conduct suicide attacks in Iraq and Syria.

It then depicts a drone with an ISIS label taking off and hovering over Fisht Stadium.
Several simultaneous explosions then go off, including one in the main stadium and four in the surrounding lots.

That seems pretty clear to me! The globally-adored sport of soccer has, for some time now, been a frequent target for Islamic terrorists, as PJ Media goes on to explain:

The World Cup is an attractive target for terrorist groups because of the international representation and crowd sizes at the events. ISIS has also long had a beef with the sport so popular in the Muslim world, banning jerseys of European soccer teams in occupied territories and reportedly banning referees for following FIFA rules instead of Sharia soccer laws. One of the 2015 Paris terrorists detonated his bomb outside the Stade de France during a Germany-France exhibition match. And the municipal soccer stadium in Raqqa was turned into an execution center by ISIS; since the Syrian Democratic Forces drove ISIS out of town, games have returned to the pitch.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough how little effort they’ve made to conceal their violent hatred for the West and their very loud claims that they will wreak as much havoc and bloodshed as possible until the world falls to Islam:

Last fall, the ISIS-supporting Wafa’ Media Foundation released several gory posters threatening the World Cup. The images showed FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi dead, French national team manager Didier Deschamps as an orange-jumpsuit-clad prisoner of ISIS being held at gunpoint, and Brazilian national team star Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior about to be executed. “You will not enjoy security until we live it in Muslim countries,” one poster vowed.

PJ Media also explains that ISIS has enjoyed great success recruiting from Russia and former Soviet nations in Central Asia, where Islam is predominant. Their propaganda video even showed several Russian jihadists, clearly ready to do what they can to help the Islamic State.

Say what you will about Putin, and there’s plenty to be said about him–he GETS THIS. While the Democrats try to pin all their election crimes on the Kremlin, Putin’s been boldly denouncing the Islamic state for years, and for very good reason.

What the Democrats miss, however, is that Trump didn’t need Putin’s help to win the election because Trump gets the threat of Islam as well.

This is why it is incredibly vital to continue to defend the President against the smoke and mirrors of the Mueller investigation. He is the one man who can secure our borders and keep ISIS and all Islamic terrorists on watch. Look how much he’s done in such a short time!

We refuse to allow this kind of destruction to happen again on US soil. And Trump is the man to make sure that happens.

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