Is This A Funeral Or A Rally? Top Democratic Candidate Joe Biden Can’t Fill A Living Room In Iowa

(Gateway Pundit) – Joe Biden is the current leader in the Democratic primaries.

The first vote — the Iowa caucus – is less than one month away.

But Democrats are having a hard time this year. Besides all of their insane, job-killing, America-hating policies, they are also lacking in energy.

Here is a look at Joe Biden’s latest rally in Clinton, Iowa on Satuday.

Is is a funeral or a rally?

Via Olivia Nuzzi:

There were 11 people in that room!

Hat Tip Jason


  1. Still think the best job for Joey would be to dress him up in a doorman’s uniform and plant him in front of a building with a revolving door. Do the same-thing with Bernie only put him at the rear door of a mortuary.

  2. One could blame the snow for the poor turnout. However, taking a closer look the size of the room tells it all. Guess they weren’t expecting a big turn out despite the inclement weather.

  3. Biden is a train wreck waiting to happen. If he is the Nominee for the Demon rats he will be humiliated beyond belief by President Trump. He will have to explain his crack addicted stripper lover , military reject son who got millions of dollars from other countries by extorting them because his father Quid Pro Joe Biden was helping him to rob the American tax payer bank.

  4. It’s the “beginning of the end” . . . It sure SUCKS to be a Democrat! I’m glad I’m NOT one. Just look at what They STAND for – No WONDER they are LOSING! Keep educating the “low information voters” with the TRUTH, and NO ONE in their RIGHT mind would VOTE Democrat. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. To be vulgar after all these are democrats.I don”t thing this guy could get laid in a whorehouse with a fistfull of hundreds (probably from iran)

  6. I have nothing to say, the photo sez it better, the empty rooms speaks volumes of his candidacy and the position of the democracks

  7. Biden; like the rest of the democrap field, are a joke. Not one of the candidates have a clue, and most are pursuing policies which would ruin America and American liberties!

  8. If Biden is the leading candidate then the democrats are in big Trouble. I remember one of Biden’s rallies were 9 people showed up.

  9. quid pro joe…what a farce!! A congenital liar, cheat, and hopefully will be in a gitmo cell with his possee and son!


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