Is Antifa Plotting To Make Peaceful Trump Supporters Look Violent At Stop The Steal Protests? Here’s What Turned Up On The Streets Ahead Of Planned DC Event

( Exclusive) – Tons of patriotic supporters of President Donald Trump are traveling to Washington, D.C., this week to participate in the Stop the Steal protest event where they will be showing their support for the commander-in-chief and demand that our elected officials actually examine the evidence of voter fraud that exists and do something about it.

When big events like this are hosted, it’s become more and more common for folks in opposing groups, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to infiltrate the protests and stir up trouble to make conservatives look bad. It’s a tried and true tactic, so it shouldn’t be shocking to see things escalate during the event.

And we know somebody somewhere is plotting something unhealthy and violent. How do we know this? Because a new report from Gateway Pundit has revealed that there are huge stockpiles of bricks, lumber, and propane tanks out in the streets.

It’s true that these might be from some of the many construction projects going on in the city, but it just really seems like a very bad oversight on behalf of the city, doesn’t it? After all, D.C., almost always completely shuts down every street in the downtown area when they know events like this are going down.

How did they miss all of this?

“2x6s and propane tanks! What the f-ck are these doing on the streets of D-f-cking-C?” said a Trump supporter named Tina, documenting the items in a video she shot. She then warned other Trump supporters in the city to “watch their six.”

Back when the Black Lives Matter protesters were going off the rails, lighting stores and businesses on fire, looting and stealing anything that wasn’t nailed down, and just in general causing mass chaos and confusion. That being said, it’s highly probable that Antifa and BLM will be in the area to counter protest the Stop the Protest event.

Perhaps they will be trying to pass themselves off as Trump supporters and cause issues? Seems like a good way to make the “enemy” look bad on national television, right?

Definitely keep the true patriots attending this protest in your thoughts and prayers. It’s a dangerous time to be out and about standing up for your rights. But it is something that needs to be done.

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  1. Didn’t look to hard did you. John Sullivan created the “Insurgence USA” group’s website. John is Anti-Trump and has called for a “Revolution.”  John was also there… do you think he was just there “sight-seeing or that he went alone?”

  2. Why is it that of the 68 people arrested and identified from videos are all Proud Boys and Quanon thugs? Just asking? Wasn’t a black person in the mob. You people are nuts.

    • Didn’t look to hard did you. John Sullivan created the “Insurgence USA” group’s website. John is Anti-Trump and has called for a “Revolution.”  John was also there… do you think he was just there “sight-seeing or that he went alone?”

  3. Even there were some Antifa disguised among us, & they misled others to storm the House, why no one stop them? Antifa set us on, & led many stupid people completely ruin the hopeful legal process. Do we better be known only fools to storm the Capital Hill to stop the winning debate for Trump, which only started less than an hour, what hell we have so many fools didn’t understand what means of congressional debate in the process, think only storming & guns can solve the problem? Are you guys all under educated? Once the Trump supporters became mob, everything got lost! So stupid, had too much drink to get high for nothing ? All the efforts were worthless now.

    • Bullshit! Tats prove they were white supremacists! You can’t remove tats but you can change clothing, hats and voices! Disgusting behavior by ALL of you!

  4. Anyone who participated at the capital yesterday should be processed and released just as the BLM and antifa thugs were.But that shall not occur because the crew at the capitol were not funded by the Democratic Party ( or were some?)

  5. Before its to late Trump needs to order the military to destroy their stock pile of weapons. The military knows were much of them are.

  6. The majority of Americans do not want what they are selling in the coup that’s been going on before Trump was sworn in. That’s a formidable opposition, the American people. Just learn & don’t go to sleep, our side has to act before elections, looks like after elections is just about impossible to straighten out in such a short time. Wham, election in PA certified prematurely. State legislators want to take the certification back after realizing what was done to them………how in the heck can’t they do it? They could have I think if the Courts had heard it. There you go – crooked courts won’t hear anything but now “they” say, 50 courts said there was no fraud? What court ever even heard any of it? Kool Aid drinking Sheep just watch CNN & hear that & say, see? Trump was making it all up…..

  7. We all watched the election & knew they’d stolen it the next morning. Numbers were jumping around even before the late night fake ballot dump etc. How does the % of votes in go down? That was a clue right there. As far as yesterday, it was clear fight away those weird looking guys with a shield, horned hat, back packs & all of that were not us. So, they’ve identified some of them already, that was being suggested in real time by fair sources. Poor girl must have come in behind them in the excitement of it all & got shot. That’s a tragedy & too bad she didn’t have enough sense to know you aren’t supposed to go in there like that………no matter, this coup was planned from the start, we got robbed & now what? Don’t go away, the majority of us know the truth, do not quit, straighten out bad election laws in your States, vote traitors out. We can make it to 2022 & get the house & cut some of the bleeding, it’s worse, but like when we took the House & Newt was speaker after the awful first two years of Clinton.

  8. The lies keep being fed to America.
    “A mob of pro-Trump extremists, incited by the president’s ongoing, baseless claims of voter fraud, stormed the U.S. Capitol, forcing Congress to evacuate as it prepared to formally recognize the results of the presidential election. THE WASHINGTON POST”

  9. Jd Farmer, the actual Trump supporters did not break into the Capitol building. Those were Antifa and BCLM (Black Criminal Lives Matter), that broke into the Capitol building. The communist news networks only portrayed it as being Trump supporters to make real patriots look bad. So If you are one of those sheeple that believes the communist news networks propaganda, I feel sorry for you.
    All Antifa and BLM needs to be executed for treason, insurrection, and terrorism. They have already had their trials, so we can just move forward with the executions. In the streets if necessary.

  10. The reporters talk about when the violence at the capital began, but the violence began long ago when social media silenced so many of us who were not parroting their rhetoric. the violence began when domestic terrorists financed by people such as Soros burned and destroyed specific areas in democratic managed cities destroying the life work of peoples’s businesses. The violence began when false witness was allowed to stand as truth. The violence grew into the silencing of legal votes during the election process by voter fraud accepted as valid votes. The violence was begun when the the Supreme court and every court refused to look at the fraud and the viable evidence. The violence began when people falsely reported that the the courts DID see the evidence and found no validity to the claim of fraud. That is where the violence started. What took place on the evening of the 6th cannot be condoned but neither can the violence perpetrated by the democrats and the criminals that infused false votes into our election which has denied us our voice. That is the violence that will bring us down.

    • The violence began with the Democrats and Rinos refused Voter ID and Term Limits.

      Every Politician should be LIMITED to either two terms or at most 12 consecutive years of elected office, not to exceed 16 years total.

      That means if a young up and comer political type could start with a two year stint in the House of Reps then run for a single term as US senator and still get in two terms as president. That is all that should be allowed, any more and these weasels build a political empire that turns out to be detrimental to the nation and only good for their personal fortune. Just look at Pelosi, Schumer, Shift and McConnell. All in for themselves only.

    • There is no justice any more! Election was stolen and peaceful protesters were set up by the evil Blm and Antifa to look like Trump supporters! Looks like time to impeach biden and harris. Lots of evidence to do so! Where is our democracy?

  11. Even here on a socalled Constitutional Conservative sight all i read are cowhering comments from FAKE PATRIOTS!! The dems the rinos the judges even Pence are all sitting idly by turning an eye to the blatant Fraud committed that has silenced over 80million American voices! Our Constitution is now null and void and many on here saying they are disgusted by what happened in dc?? What happened today was REAL PATRIOTISM! Our precious right to vote has been nullified, do you people not understand that?? Since 1775 all the lives lost all the mental trauma encountered keeping this republic a beacon for the world to relish and admire due to FREE HONEST FAIR ELECTIONS OUR FOUNDERS INSTILLED are no longer. With the attitudes displayed on here and most sites today, America would never have been founded. This is the saddest day in this great nation as socalled reps who constantly claim to uphold the Constitution do the exact opposite by affirming the electorate knowing RAMPANT PROVEN FRAUD HAS OCCURED IN OUR ELECTION. I took the same oath and unlike this rogue congress i take it to heart. GOD help us.

    • What’s disgusting is the suggestion that voter fraud in any amounts is somehow acceptable. But ,these are disgusting people who make these suggestions.

  12. I cannot advocate or condone physical violence as was seen at the Washington capitol in DC, but the violence the American people have had to endure in patient silence is the violence of the continuing attempt to steal our country. We have had to endure the violence of the theft of our last vestige of freedom , our vote, and none of the Constitutional institutions, the courts have been willing to give us audience to hear the over whelming massive verified evidence with empty excuses of “lacking standing”. If the American People do not have standing in this crime, we have NO JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY. Stealing by force in back rooms and by machines known and documented to steal votes is violence of a more sinister kind. To ignore the act of stealing as in the films from Georgia is violence done to our very heart To refuse to look at the evidence is an even worse and damaging kind of violence done against the American People.

  13. “ Is Antifa plotting “ , ask their master the brown clown Hussein Obama. Surely his goons are behind this and other chaos created throughout our country.

    They’re being paid handsomely by the devil ..

    • His goons are the terrorists known as BLM. He was one of the founding members as he invited them to the White House to give support the a group of murderers and terrorists who only cry out when a fellow criminal is justly dealt with.
      Now that those who are supposed to represent US are willing to allow the theft of our election process, it only continues to promote the idea of civil war.

  14. Well Antifa try to blame us – of course they will. We are just supposed to go away like sheep and let them take over our country. Arrest them all.

    • According to Biden and the other filth in today’s progressive democrat party there is NO such organization as Antifa , and this corrupt POS will be our potus ?

      Of course he’s lying through his teeth because he’s the best they have to offer …

  15. I know some on this site will want to burn me for this post. I have been strong conservative supporter for a long time on this site. But what I am seeing on news from MSM is very disturbing and makes Trump supporters look as bad or worse than BLM and Antifa
    While I support the protest in DC, those there will need to step back and look at this with magnifying glass. If anyone picks up a brick or threatens or even uses violence the true conservatives need to point them out and turn over to police. If we don’t do that MSM will use this to show the nation how violent these far right wing protesters really are. Even if evidence of Antifa infiltrators, we need to be the ones to stop it. Storming House chambers while it might feel good is not the image we should want and lowers us to the same level as BLM and Antifa. If we want rule of law and a country without Facist and Marxist takeover we must do it correctly and peacefully.
    At least until the true hand of oppression falls. Without that we will look like those we are fighting against.

    • Oh so peaceful protesting is the same as rioting, looting and burning? If there are going to be bricks thrown, it is probably because the Antifa thugs have thrown them first.

    • Mystic Lady I think what I was trying to say may have been misunderstood.I am all for the protest taking place in front of the capital building.
      What I am not supporting are the people that actually broke into the building as that act is feeding the lefts agenda and playing into their plans. It did more harm for our cause than good.
      I was infuriated with the way it was portrayed by the media going straight to riots and insurrection, never once a mostly peaceful protest statement, the exact opposite of how the “mostly peaceful protest “ by BLM & Antifa as they were portrayed. CHAZ wasn’t called an insurrection but fit the definition like a glove.
      The deck is stacked against us and by stooping to their levels it allows them to point and yell, see we told you it was the right that is violent.
      And I find it amazing they still portray the Proud Boys white supremist as they report the black Latino leader of them was arrested.
      When 90% of the propaganda mill is against you it is very necessary to avoid stepping into the trap and giving them a chance prove their points on how evil the right is.

    • JD FARMER, I totally agree with your comment, I have been a strong Conservative and REPUBLICAN my entire political life, We must rise ABOVE what we are seeing across the country, We only have ONE PROBLEM we have no-one in Congress or the JUDICIAL system that is willing to stand and fight with us, I believe this election was filled with FRAUD and CORRUPTION,But we will never know because those that should be investigating it have no courage, As soon as BIDEN walks into the OVAL OFFICE all will be forgotten. I truly thank President TRUMP for all he did while in office, I dont always agree with some of his comments, But the fact remains he did a great job for the American people and now it will all be undone by someone that may not have even won the office, But we will NEVER KNOW, WHY? Because it will never be looked into.

  16. We should be able to anticipate honest evaluation of evidence of fraud in the presidential election from the people who receive payment from us. We have standing when our votes are stolen and John Roberts has been wrong . The evidence is over whelming .


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