Iranian Regime Releases Movie “Hard Revenge” Where US Capitol Is Blown Up And President Trump Is Killed In White House (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Iranian regime officials including members of the Supreme National Security Council have vowed to take a ‘hard revenge’ on the US. Iranian operatives are using the hashtag #Hard_Revenge on Twitter to push their threat.

This week Iran released a short film “Hard Revenge” where Iranian operatives blow up the US Capitol Building and kill President Trump in the White House.

The film shows the top of the US Capitol Building getting blown up.

The movie displays an Iranian hit list that includes President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Secretary of State Pompeo, the Saudi leader and one other.

And the terrorists raid the White House where they murder President Trump.

After firing several missiles at US bases in Iraq the Iranian regime is now threatening attacks on the United States.

Via Heshmat Alavi:

More on the video…


  1. While I do NOT, in any way, endorse the destruction, of any, historical, federal, buildings, I have no such reservations about Mr. Trump.

    The man has insulted America’s allies more often than I can remember.

    He has, abusively mis-managed America’s social system.

    His answer, to gun violence, in American schools, has been “MORE guns!”.

    This is why, no matter what happens, to Mr. Trump, I PRAY that it does NOT happen inside historical places.

    What I would recommend, however, is NOT a copy of Mr. Trumps actions, in ordering an air strike, or suicide bomber.

    IF Iranian Americans are as smart as I think that they are, then they will JOIN German Americans, Hispanics, and even Russian-Americans, at the ballot box, on election day.

    The best way to, permanently, defeat Donald Trump is to “pink slip” him, come January, 2021.

    BY sending the message, of having the democrat riding a “tidal wave” of support, into the White House (just as former president Obama did), America can PROVE that Donald did NOT represent the general public.

    The ballot box is where we must “strike”, with our votes. Wipe out Trump/Pence with our votes. Including those of Iranian Americans.

    The ballot box is our “nuclear option”. Lets use it, and drive Donald back to his real estate empire!

  2. Wowee..wonder if they serve ”pork skins”at this fantasy film ?…Wonder if their ”cuck” holster Nancy and needle ”dic* shifty Shiff are invited to the premier ?…

  3. Sounds like Hollywood to me. The only difference is that Hollywood would have drug the movie out for at least 2 hours. And then given themselves an award for it.

  4. An Iranian propaganda video? It could just as well have been “mainstream” liberal media “news” coverage or another example of “Trump derangement syndrome” by the Democrat party.

  5. the bast comady avard in year jest commady notthing alse USA WATHING FOR YOUR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and your P.SH. KHAMANAYE


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