Iranian National ‘Armed With Knives And An Ax’ Detained On Flagler Memorial Bridge Just A Few Miles Away From Mar-a-Lago

(Gateway Pundit) – An Iranian national was detained on Flagler Memorial Bridge just a few miles away from Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach police said.

The Iranian was in possession of knives, a machete, a pick ax and $22,000 in US currency, the Palm Beach Daily reported.

The Iranian man also had a car parked at Palm Beach International airport where a bomb unit was called in to search for explosives.

Palm Beach Daily reported:

A man arrested by Palm Beach Police this morning had $22,000, a machete and a pick ax, in addition to knives in his possession, according to an officer with the department.

The man, who was identified by his passport as an Iranian national, also had a car parked at Palm Beach International Airport, the officer said.

The department is working with other federal partners in the investigation, the officer said.

The man was arrested just over the Flagler Memorial Bridge at Bradley Park. Initial reports said he had several knives on him. No details are available on what led to the man being brought to officers’ attention.

The law enforcement officer initially told the Daily News that the man appeared to be homeless or without a known address.

A Daily News photographer who arrived on the scene saw the man, who also had camping gear, being arrested by three Palm Beach Police officers and two plainclothes officers, who he was told were from another department.

Last week, a Florida security guard was arrested for threatening to kill President Trump in retaliation for Soleimani while Trump was at Mar-a-Lago.

Video: Iranian man with weapons arrested near Mar-a-Lago


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