Inventor Jovan Pulitzer Says US Voting Machine Code “Was Designed To Allow Certain Chosen Ones (Politicians) A Win To Rule Over People Unethically”

( Exclusive) – There may be one man who holds the solution to getting to the bottom of the 2020 election and securing all future elections and the solution lies with the paper ballots, not the election machines.

Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has become a target of leftist anger and hate after he got involved with the 2020 presidential election. Now he claims to have the solution for determining whether ballots cast in an election are valid or not.

Pulitzer first got involved with the US election debacle back in December of 2020 when he explained how he could determine the validity of every paper ballot in any election. His proposed method of focusing on the ballots rather than the machines has garnered him both negative and positive attention.

The left has mostly attacked and criticized Pulitzer but those within the cybersecurity field understand that Pulitzer is a genius and his ideas could be crucial to securing future election integrity in the US.

In one article in Vents Magazine, Pulitzer is praised for being “quite possibly one of the single most successful and relevant inventors of all time.” The article goes on to discuss how intellectual property professionals put Pulitzer “in the number 1 inventor position with an astounding 4790% over the industry average for patent citations compared to Elon Musk who came in at 987% over the industry average on the same scale.”

They explain how Pulitzer has over 200 patents which deal specifically with “scanning, machine readable codes and how machines interact with them (such as ballots and voting machines…).”

The article notes that Pulitzer “felt something went horribly wrong with the 2020 general elections.” Subsequently, he acted “to put his 26 years of technological expertise in scanning and digital interactions to good use for the American voters.”

Naturally, Pulitzer is not popular among leftists who only care about rigging elections to maintain power and control.

In another article from the Silicon Review, Pulitzer is praised for his groundbreaking solution to fix the US election crisis as well as for his understanding of the current code embedded in our voting machines across the US today.

Pulitzer sums it up, saying, “The [voting machine code] was written that way, and it was designed to allow certain chosen ones (politicians) a win to rule over people unethically.”

He further explains that the voting machines and the code used in them are in essence broken and purposefully kept that way so it can be used to the advantage of some.

The 2020 election blew the lid off this corruption and fraud. Pulitzer, however, may just have the solution to turn things around and identify all invalid ballots that have been included in the current certified election totals and results.

Pulitzer’s techniques appear to be in use, at least in part, in the massive historical audit in Arizona’s Maricopa County. Potential audits in Pennsylvania and Georgia are considering the use of his ideas as well.

Despite the fact that Pulitzer is a proven genius and world-renowned inventor, the left is doing everything they can to drag him through the mud, discredit him and ostracize him all because they know as well as the rest of us that the 2020 election was rigged and fraudulent.

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  1. Of course the Left/Deep State would throw mud/slander/attack Mr Pulitzer … He is telling and searching for the truth and the Left knows that that will rip their thin veil of lies…

  2. I truly doubt that we will ever find the truth about the 2020 elections in our lifetime. Our children’s children will find out the truth but what will it matter, just as we all lived through endless lies when in our school years, some of us learned that a lie can be spun into belief (still a lie) when told over and over again by those who control our reception of information. One thing is clear,, when homicide detectives are on a case they interview a number of potential suspects and put together a resulting list of things that narrows the list of suspects down. First is trying to cover it up by blaming someone else along with their involvement in trying to cover up their involvement. With a good lawyer or top political backing, anything is possible. Remember the OJ Simpson trial. My question is what stake does certain media outlets have in covering or refusing to cover news worthy events. The biased nature of a news reporting outlet which is supposed to report news and not censure the information to its viewers is now in question. Are they NEWS worthy outlets or just TV shows posing as NEWS outlets telling you what to think and not giving you the chance to decide for yourself what is TRUTH of FICTION.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how many people I consider quite intelligent are shocked when I admit I think the election was rigged. They don’t hate me, they just shake their heads, pitying me for my ignorance. I have learned how to hide my smug grin under my patient “just wait and see” attitude. Truth will be revealed and win out.

  4. Why are the Dems trying everything possible to block numerous election audits if they’re not guilty of wrongdoing? Appears that they’re trying to hide evidence or destroy it to keep from being found out to have been committing fraud and wrongdoings in the elections .

  5. If the Dems didn’t do anything wrong during the elections then they should have anything to worry or fear about concerning several election audits in several counties and states. However, due to their actions to stop audits at any cost, it appears that apparently they did illegally rig many elections and voting machines for political personal party gains for profit and control. They outright act guilty and corrupt in every way because they appear to be hiding or trying to destroy the evidence which proves their guilt.

    • Traitors get the firing squad, and that is exactly what these two and thousands more that helped this coup move forward deserve

  6. About when will the public be told the outcome? it seems like we are waiting for the other boot to fall.
    I hate to say this but I also have an bit of a hard time believing that the Democrats actually rigged the election but the talk is getting stronger and the
    media seems to be feeling it also.

    • I watched votes for trump go backwards on tv, i watched ruby pull cases of ballots out and run them through machines multiple times, but my eyes lie.

    • Jagger, I actually have to feel some pitty for you. The evidence is SO overwhelming at this point there is zero question this election was stolen from Trump. The list is far too long to go into, but with OVER 1000 different people signing affidavits saying they WITNESSED fraud, with penalties of perjury and jail time attached to their signature that alone should make your skin crawl. And that’s not even the tiny tip of the spear. MILLIONS of illegal ballots were introduced. 300% turnout, ballots “arriving” in the mail BEFORE they were mailed…. how does that work? OPEN YOUR LYING EYES

  7. There is massive overt indication and evidence of corruption and for people in corporate America to demonize our desire to maintain our Constitutional rights to a valid election. 20 20 WAS NOT IN ANYONE’S RIGHT MIND A VALID ELECTION.

    “JPMorgan Chase & Co says it will restart making political contributions to lawmakers except to congressional Republicans who objected to the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, reads a memo obtained by Reuters.”

    The overlords of tech, industry and finance DO NOT HAVE THE right or authority to deny us free and valid elections. Biden did not win but Biden being in the white house gives these substandard behaving lame examples of human beings the mind set to subjugate Americans to serve them. This is Animal Farm.


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