Insane: Christian Prayer Labeled As “Hate Speech” On Facebook

September 14, 2018 4:25 pm  

( – Why is it that if you so much as look at a Muslim or a gay person wrong, suddenly the social media thought police are descending on you like the Wicked Witch of the West’s army of flying monkeys, but if one of the largest platforms in the internet’s short history routinely discriminates against Christians and conservatives, no one bats an eye?

Do we have civil rights, or don’t we? Do we not have a God-given right to free speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion, or don’t we? Is it wrong to discriminate based on religion, race, nationality, or sexuality, or isn’t it?

The progressive totalitarian left may have no problem with their own insane double-standards that systematically implement discriminatory cultural Marxism left and right, but truth is truth, and they can’t hide from their grievous hypocrisy forever.

Conservative Firing Line reports:

On Tuesday, we received word that Aaron Guidry, a moderator of the West Virginia-based Warriors for Christ was told by the company that a prayer for the protection of children violated the site’s rules on hate speech.

The prayer simply read, “I command the demons of perversion and witchcraft to leave the minds of those precious children right now in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Facebook responded by saying the prayer “goes against our standards on hate speech so no one else can see it.”

I get it–so being a “pervert” is a sexual orientation now?! Is Facebook really more concerned about not offending pedophiles than it is limiting the free speech of Christians on their own platform?

This kind of censorship is insane.

Guidry, however, is unphased, and plans to continue to speak out for the Word of God no matter who tries to censor him:

Guidry told us that while this may be the very first time he’s been censored by Facebook for speaking the truth, he “highly” doubts it will be the last and he’s certainly not going to cave in to Silicon Valley tech companies out to silence those with non-politically correct points of view.

“I will not back down or give up. I will never let any social media outlet silence me. As long as I have a voice and a platform, I will use them to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God,” he said.

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