INCREDIBLE: Liberal Rag GQ Magazine Names Colin Kaepernick ‘Citizen Of The Year’ … Millions OUTRAGED

November 12, 2017 12:06 pm  

( – GQ Magazine pretends to be a men’s fashion magazine, but is actually just an extension of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and who has in the past published an article titled “F*&k Ben Carson” and hired perennial deranged ranter, Keith Olbermann has surprised no one for naming Colin Kaepernick as “Citizen of the Year”. Kaepernick is best known for disrespecting America’s troops and destroying the NFL at the same time.

From The Daily Wire

“In their new issue, fawning over the man who initiated the disgusting habit of kneeling to show disrespect for the national anthem, GQ writes:

“He’s been vilified by millions and locked out of the NFL—all because he took a knee to protest police brutality. But Colin Kaepernick’s determined stand puts him in rare company in sports history: Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson—athletes who risked everything to make a difference.

“Yup. Ali went to jail; Robinson had bottles hurled at him, baseballs thrown 90 mph at his head and other players deliberately spiking him; and Kaepernick’s net worth has been estimated from $17.2 million and he received $39.4 million in the end from his seven-year deal in 2014.

“GQ, in its expert opinion, huffs, “Approximately 90 men are currently employed as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or reserves, and Colin Kaepernick is better—indisputably, undeniably, flat-out better—than at least 70 of them. He is still, to this day, one of the most gifted quarterbacks on earth.”

That is a bald faced lie.  He might be better than 20 or 30 of the quarterbacks in the league, but the truth is he no longer wins football games and when you figure in pissing off your customer base, the fans, who in their right mind would hire him?

Ralph Kiner once had a monster year and he asked Branch Rickey for a raise and Rickey looked him straight in the eye and said, “We could have finished last without you.”  The same can be said for Kaepernick and the NFL.

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