Impeachment Manager Makes Blunder In Using “Recent” Jonathan Turley Opinion… There’s Only One Problem

( Exclusive) – Among the House impeachment managers are relative newcomers such as Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO) who is a rising star among the Democratic Party.

Neguse presented arguments against President Trump on Tuesday and in doing so may have dinged up his stellar reputation, though not likely since Democrats have no problem with lies or misleading statements.

Neguse, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, used the opinion of constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley of George Washington University but totally mischaracterized it.

He claimed that Turley’s opinion on the validity of retroactive trials for people who are no longer in office was a “recent” opinion. However, the opinion Neguse cited was one that Turley expressed 21 years ago.

Not exactly recent but no matter. Democrats don’t care much for accuracy.

Turley wrote on his website that “Neguse cited my Duke piece at length to support the basis for retroactive trials after saying that I supported such trials until the last few weeks.”

He went on to say that while he felt Neguse did an “excellent job” in his argument his statement “is simply not true.”

Turley says that while Neguse was correct in saying that Turley sees the value in such retroactive trials but that Neguse’s characterization of his position was “misleading.”

He also joked that if his views from 21 years aro are going to be considered recent he would appreciate the use of his “thinner photos from the 1990’s.”

Above: Jonathan Turley

Turley also pointed out that another analyst, Laurence Tribe, also oddly asserted that “not long ago” Turley argued in favor of retroactive trials. He was also referring to the Duke Law Journal article Turley wrote 21 years ago.

Turley explains that his views have since evolved. Surely you would think that if Democrats wanted to use Turley’s opinion on retroactive cases they could have requested he give one considering it seems his most “recent” opinion is 21 years old.

Turley goes on to explain on his website that his views on the matter have since changed as his thinking and interpretation have become more textualist.

He says, “When I addressed the textual issues raised by this controversy in the recent impeachment, I favored the same textual and formalist view. Again, I still believe in the values of retroactive trials and that this remains a close question. However, my default remains more textualist on such questions and I believe the text militates against retroactive trials.”

He states that he now believes that while retroactive trials were “historically allowed” he does not believe they are “constitutionally sound.” He added that this view has been “strengthened” by what has gone on in the two Trump impeachments.

He also noted that there were big differences between the use of retroactive trials in Great Britain and the US and that the “open presentation of the evidence and witnesses represents the very element that was missing in colonial impeachments.”

He also acknowledged that resignation would be a means for an official to escape corrective political action.

Perhaps in the future Democrats will try to actually make an effort to be more informed on what someone thinks about a particular subject matter before using decades old quotes as in an argument to justify their point of view.

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  1. They LOST again folks .. the dems are the BIG losers again . Perhaps they would do well actually following the constitution of the United States of America.

  2. Professor Turley: I commend you on your honesty. Thank you.

    I can only hope that you can teach these representatives more about US code and the Constitution so they would NOT JUMP at the first thing they read and totally misunderstand.

    Everyone has the ability to learn, experience, to grow and form different opinions later on in life. That use to be called Life’s learning experiences, something the Democrats of today know nothing about.

  3. Blunder seems to be one thing the democrats do well. Close the schools, but open the border for unvetted entering.

    Support Universities to educate citizens, but import and hire only foreign employees for American jobs.

    Allow non citizens to vote and influence America.

    Enable foreign countries to elect our presidents via the voting machines thus silencing citizens votes and then deny the clear evidence of the electronic foot print.

    Yup, they are really good at blunders

  4. To divide a society is to conquer that society which is what has been going on.
    Paul the Apostle talking to the Galatians about this said, “For the whole law concerning human relationships it is complied with in the one precept. you shall love your neighbor as you do yourself. But if you bite and devour one another in partisan strife, be careful that you and your whole fellowship are not consumed by one another.”

    The democrats are attempting to divide and this country. THEY ARE consumed to the point that another, an enemy, power has chosen our president. In Spite of what is presented in
    the Senate, the FOUND evidence of just the internet foot print of international interference of our election is undeniable. Computers leave a electronic trail or foot print. We know the time stamp, of when of which election computer was entered from foreign hacking via what route ,to what Chinese computer in Beijing, Iran and a few other places, with the time stamp of when and what number of votes were manipulated. It is clear the election was stolen from the American People, via the domestic and foreign illegal votes.

    A child who has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, with cookie crumbs down their shirt will object till discipline is administered. The people need to be held accountable for their hand being in the cookie jar.



    • Nahhhh, If you catch a Democrat with their HAND IN THE COOKIE JAR, they will INSIST that they found “said cookie” on the counter all alone and they were merely putting it BACK inside.

  5. The only thought that goes through our minds after viewing the performance of Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO) is what an evil and wicked institution our congress has become. The concept of truth does not exist in these people’s minds except as some thing they can create our of their own bits and pieces of twisted reality. Some day they will come bace to face with Truth and they will not be able to face i, but in the mean time their bankruptcy of integrity have made this institution of government a spewing foaming pit of evil that they pour out onto our country.

  6. More scum bag liars, and cheaters trying to make a name for themselves. These fools are not long for the patriots to catch on to their BS,and to call them on it. Rat party stooges, nothing more.

  7. Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO) who is called a rising star among the Democratic Party is a fraud. a person, who embarrassed himself with his carefully disjointed bits of information put together to make a false scenario that anyone who had a thinking mind understood that he is a bloomin’ liar, and this is what the democrats call a “rising star”? His performance turned any honest thinking person’s stomach. I had to turn him off before I became ill. The truth is that President Trump told the truth and the facts are there for any reasonable person to see. Unfortunately as stated the democrats have long since become so ill of soul that reason is no longer found in their DNA.They have stretched the truth so often and so much to make it what ever their fiction writing will create they are incapable of recognizing fact or truth.We see the lowness of their character and intent.


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