Impeach Obama Petition

President Barack Obama’s arrogance and complete disregard for our Constitution must be stopped. His policies, actions and inactions have directly contributed to the cold blooded murder of American citizens, diplomats, military and countless innocents throughout the world.

He has defied our “Rule of Law” and ignored the will of the citizens of the United States from his irrational assault on our health care system to his targeting of U.S. citizens through the use of drones and funding of terrorists.

Corruption in the Obama administration is rampant. We the People have watched in horror as the Department of Justice chooses to ignore laws and brush aside blatant violations of our Constitution…and the IRS targets innocent conservatives for nothing more than their belief system.

Please stand with us as we appeal to Congress to call for an investigation into the impeachable and unconstitutional offenses committed by Obama and his administration.


Let it be known that I stand with the Tea Party and demand that impeachment proceedings be brought against President Barack Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors, including, but not limited to the following:

1. Failing to protect American citizens in the Libyan embassy in Benghazi and purposefully allowing them to be tortured and murdered in cold blood. Cries for help were ignored. Pleas for ground support were brushed off. While American ambassador Chris Stevens and his colleagues were being slaughtered at the hands of murderers, Obama turned a blind eye and went to bed, blaming a YouTube video for the attack.

While “justice will be served” has resonated from his lips, nothing has been done to bring justice for this crime. Instead, it has been swept under the carpet. Now the Obama State Department is compounding the crimes against our diplomats and military by intimidating government civilian and military personnel into not testifying.

2. Blatant abuse and misuse of the true intention of the PATRIOT Act. Obama and is administration deem it acceptable to invade the privacy of U.S. citizens by reading our e-mail, tracking our Internet visits, comparing notes with the IRS about our taxes and “mining” our every purchase. These are egregious violations of our right to privacy.

3. Outright brutal assaults on the First Amendment by the Obama Justice Department. Those who are held accountable to the highest extend of the law chose to break the law by illegally wiretapping phone lines and cell phone conversations and invading email accounts—spying—on members of the press and accusing reporters doing their job of being criminals.

4. Under Obama’s ruling hand, the Internal Revenue Service purposefully, knowingly and willingly targeted conservatives and Tea Party members, delaying their non-profit status and then lying to Congress about their activities.

5. Repeatedly hiding illegal Federal activities, such as the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” program where guns were handed to KNOWN criminals and members of Mexican drug cartels then used to kill our own border agents. Obama acolytes still continue to lie to Congress and the citizens of the United States about the gun-running operation.

6. For purposefully, willfully and wrongfully putting a bounty on the heads of 22 Navy Seals aboard a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan. Obama knowingly sent those Seals to their deaths that fateful day then had his military brass issue orders to cremate the bodies for no reason. Despite the outright lies told to the American people, those men did not all die aboard that helicopter that day. Eight Navy Seals jumped out alive and fought for their lives. Again, no backup reinforcements—only a team of Afghans that were waiting to ambush them. Despite false promises of “justice” by the president, nothing has been done.

7. For constant violations of the regulatory and law-making process—end running Congress with Executive Orders after they’ve voted down bills and making appointments while the Senate was in session, effectively violating the Constitution of the United States of America.

8. Allowing criminals to go unchecked and, in fact, welcoming them into the country. Despite Congress voting down the DREAM Act Obama signed an Executive Order that allows children of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. before they were 16 and still under 30 to remain in the U.S. with no fear of deportation. This is another clear violation of the Constitution and our law-making process. Obama continues his marathon abuse of power by using U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund public relations and advertising campaigns to promote free food stamps to Mexicans.

9. In time of great financial duress in our country, the president is funding terrorists groups in Egypt—the Muslim Brotherhood—giving them billions of dollars, F-16s and tanks all while claiming the White House (OUR house) must be closed to children and families who wish to visit.

10. In his time as president, Obama has levied the biggest tax ever in American history on US citizens with ObamaCare forcing the people to buy it by demand on the government.

This petition has only begun to brush the surface. Choosing to enforce only the laws he agrees with and ignoring others, disregarding the “Defense of Marriage Act, initiating a war in Libya without a declaration of war from Congress…these are but a few of the egregious acts of this would-be king.

Congressional members, he has assassinated American citizens without due process of law and put in place a drone program to kill on command. His election was fraught with voter fraud and promises of hand-outs for the masses, paid for by hard working taxpayers. Scandal after scandal and abuse after abuse continues.

Therefore, I, the undersigned, urge Congress to immediately and swiftly begin a full investigation of President Obama and the entire Obama administration for corruption, high crimes and misdemeanors against the American people and the United States Constitution.

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