Immigration Officers Announce More Workplace Enforcement, Jobs Are Roaring Back

December 6, 2017 11:05 am  

( – There will soon be more winning for American workers, and this is going to be huge. Various immigration enforcement agencies plan to get rid of what they call “magnet” jobs that attract illegal border-crossers. The reason the vast majority of illegal aliens come to this country is for jobs, so they plan to do more workplace raids to round up illegal aliens and to send them home. If we take away the jobs, there will be less illegals who will want to come to the country.

They hope it will be effective, but companies who hire illegal aliens consider the fines they pay for employing them as a cost of doing business. Congress should do away with the fines and replace them with prison time with no judicial discretion. If human resource officers and owners actually have to pay a real price, companies would stop hiring illegals as a rule.

A report from OAN demonstrates the perfect example of why it’s so important: we need only look to Chicago where a bakery company was raided and immigration officials detained 800 illegal aliens. That’s a lot of jobs being taken by these illegals. The company is crying it’s eyes out as they claim the drop in production cost them $21 million.

Tough. You disobey the law, you pay the price.

The company also claims that they will have to raise prices because they will have to pay higher wages. This blows a hole in the theory that illegals don’t depress wages that the liberals like to spread.

From Breitbart

In the Cloverhill bakery case, the Swiss-owned bakery argued that a labor broker was responsible for the illegal hiring, so excusing its own executives for the law-breaking. The company was forced to raise wages for American employees after the illegals were dismissed, dropping its profit by almost half.

In September, the Asplundh Tree Expert Co. agreed to pay a $95 million fine for hiring illegals. That fine is a small payment for a 30,000-person company with revenues of $3.5 billion per year, but three company managers pleaded guilty to crimes.

Besides the large amount of illegals hired by Caterpillar, they also fired 300 of their American employees and replaced them with foreign workers through the H-1B visa program. That’s a program that has to be shut down. Companies claim they can’t find enough qualified American workers but companies like Disney were in the middle of record profits when they fired 250 Americans in order to hire cheap foreign labor. To add insult to injury, they were forced to train their foreign replacements in order to get their severance packages.

Asplundh, the tree-trimming service, pleaded guilty to hiring illegal employees and were forced to pay a $96 million dollar fine. It was learned that after they were forced to fire 100 illegal aliens, they rehired them under new names. One such employee who was fired was under the name Danny Palao prior to his being laid off – when he was rehired, he was named Jose Feliciano.

For those of you not old enough to remember, Jose Feliciano was a popular singer:

Eight hundred jobs here, three hundred there, and who knows how many other jobs will open up for Americans – black workers will be the main beneficiaries of those jobs. Beneficiary may be the wrong word, since those jobs were stolen from them in the first place.

It’s just another example of how the country’s first black president was a disaster for black citizens. Jobs in places such as Cloverleaf Bakery are great places where a non-skilled employee can learn a trade that will allow them to move up to better jobs with better pay.

Thomas Homan, director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency says he wants a 400% increase in workplace enforcement in 2018. And we can stand right behind that!

Go get ‘em, Trump!

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