Illinois Lawmaker Floats Legislation To Give Governor Pritzker The Power To Confiscate Property Including Cars, Trucks, Food, Gas, Animals, Clothing, Etc

(Gateway Pundit) – Illinois lawmakers are attempting to pass legislation to give government the ability to confiscate property from business owners and citizens during state emergencies like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Senator William E. Brady, the Illinois Minority leader in the state senate, introduced legislation on Wednesday that will give government the right to confiscate property from business owners who defy their lockdown orders.

Senator Brady is a Republican.

According to the proposed legislation SB3993 the government will set “safe place of business protocols” for businesses to follow to reopen.

The protocols include:

The protocols shall include:

(1) customer density limits based on business facilities’ square footage and appropriate social distancing;

(2) face covering requirements for employees; and

(3) regular cleaning regimens.

(d) The Department shall publish additional protocols for specific customer-facing businesses as necessary.

(e) A business that complies with the protocols may reopen and rehire staff at its discretion as soon as is practical.

(f) A hospital or other healthcare facility that abides by the protocols and is located in a Region with adequate intensive care unit capacity may offer the full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient care and treatment to its patients.

The Department shall conduct a public information campaign to explain hospitals’ and healthcare facilities’ safety protocols and to urge patients not to put off any necessary care.

(g) A day care center, as that term is defined under Section 2.09 of the Child Care Act of 1969, may reopen or expand its capacity at its discretion and as soon as is practical if it complies with the protocols.

The legislation then goes on to describe how the Illinois governor can confiscate personal property during a state emergency.

(20 ILCS 3305/7) (from Ch. 127, par. 1057)

Sec. 7. Emergency Powers of the Governor.

(4) On behalf of this State to take possession of, and to acquire full title or a lesser specified interest in, any personal property as may be necessary to accomplish the objectives set forth in Section 2 of this Act, including: airplanes, automobiles, trucks, trailers, buses, and other vehicles; coal, oils, gasoline, and other fuels and means of propulsion; explosives, materials, equipment, and supplies; animals and livestock; feed and seed; food and provisions for humans and animals; clothing and bedding; and medicines and medical and surgical supplies; and to take possession of and for a limited period occupy and use any real estate necessary to accomplish those objectives; but only upon the undertaking by the State to pay just compensation therefor as in this Act provided, and then only under the following provisions:

a. The Governor, or the person or persons as the Governor may authorize so to do, may forthwith take possession of property for and on behalf of the State; provided, however, that the Governor or persons shall

SB3993 – 5 – LRB101 21409 CPF 72043 b

simultaneously with the taking, deliver to the owner or his or her agent, if the identity of the owner or agency is known or readily ascertainable, a signed statement in writing, that shall include the name and address of the owner, the date and place of the taking, description of the property sufficient to identify it, a statement of interest in the property that is being so taken, and, if possible, a statement in writing, signed by the owner, setting forth the sum that he or 0 she is willing to accept as just compensation for the property or use. Whether or not the owner or agent is known or readily ascertainable, a true copy of the statement shall promptly be filed by the Governor or the person with the Director, who shall keep the docket of the statements. In cases where the sum that the owner is willing to accept as just compensation is less than $1,000, copies of the statements shall also be filed by the Director with, and shall be passed upon by an Emergency Management Claims Commission, consisting of 3 disinterested citizens who shall be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, within 20 days after the Governor’s declaration of a disaster, and if the sum fixed by them as just compensation be less than $1,000 and is accepted in writing by the owner, then the State Treasurer out of funds appropriated for these purposes, shall, upon certification thereof by the Emergency Management Claims Commission, cause the sum so certified forthwith to be paid to the owner. The Emergency Management Claims Commission is hereby given the power to issue appropriate subpoenas and to administer oaths to witnesses and shall keep appropriate minutes and other records of its actions upon and the disposition made of all claims.

And the lawmaker pushing this legislation is a Repubican.

Holy crap.


  1. Are you people in Illinois BRAIN DEAD??!!! YOU voted this bulbous P.O.S. into office and you can vote him out! His actions and the actions of many other Communist Democrap Party Governors in this country have revealed the true nature of these AZZ***S! If they are ever able to come to power in Washington., D.C., Pritzker’s actions are just a preview of what the American people can expect. OPPRESSION AND SLAVERY!!! If you want America’s Second Civil War, just vote the Communist Democraps into power in November!!!

  2. This isn’t Hitlerian, it’s Stalinism. A socialist’s, Marxist’s dream. I’m just wondering how many Illini will stand for this. Judging from their voting pattern, the citizens of Illinois will gladly give up their liberties.

  3. Brady is a Republican in name only. He and the rest of the Democrats are Dictators and fascists. They have no right to be in a free society. Vote them out or impeach them. Get rid of them all. Vote Trump and conservative Republicans in November 2020 or lose your freedom and your country.

    • And all your Assets!!!! Thx Jesse let’s hope they vote them out. By the way Governor Prick, is building a New house in Wisconsin or Minnesota had all the contractors out there building but he has his State on lock down. People wake up this is all about vote by mail so the Democrats will win. One judge just told the truth that he was paid my the Democrats to get rid of the Republicans ballots.

  4. It’s time to act, to rid states of these wacko dictators either by recall, Impeachment, or vote out of office at the next election. The other alternative is to move out of the state. Illinois, Michigan, California and New York could become desolate. Of course California has had a mass exodus for years, and the idiot politicians’ just don’t get it. Just more taxes on those that stay. South Dakota is looking like a nice state to claim residency.

  5. I have never swore before, but what is being proposed is unconstitutional. Especially with this Governor and Madigan.


  6. There is a move to gather enough signatures to force a recall of this governor. See Facebook for more info and make sure your signature is included. The people can speak if we will stand together and put in some effort.

  7. You kidding me? This will NEVER be applied south of 63rd street in Chicago, the northern half of Kankakee, or anyplace where there’s a black majority. Those communities have been nearly exempt from any types of laws for decades. This is meant to crack down on white and Asian folks. Darkies, keep ‘yo violent, out-of-control “culture” and continue raking in the welfare payments. The leadership (Dems and Republicans alike) need you as a dependency sinkhole into which they can keep redistributing wealth away from the working stiffs so the stiffs never accumulate enough money or power to challenge the political class.

  8. I think this whole emergency lock down mess has made many government authorities drunk with power. I hope the voters of Illinois send this legislator packing in the next primary election. The governors of California, Michigan and Illinois need to be sent packing.

  9. Well……lets face it…..this is Illinois. The CPUSA (communist party of the US) was founded here.

    • I think this whole emergency lock down mess has made many government authorities drunk with power. I hope the voters of Illinois send this legislator packing in the next primary election. The governors of California, Michigan and Illinois need to send liberals of either party packing.

  10. You know it’s really bad when a “so-called” Republican sponsors a bill like this. No wonder Illinois has evolved to the fiscal hell-hole it has. And I thought we had it bad in Virginia (which we do)! I’ll be leaving Virginia just as soon as I can sell my condo!. This coronavirus has really opened up a lot of eyes as to what the dems really think of the people they’re supposed to be serving. TRUMP 2020!!

    • Hey Bob I will be right behind you while I still have my money and bring it to a good red state wher my money will go further there is nothing holding me here so I can move whenever I please, let the low lives who pay no taxes support these imbecile Dems.

  11. Fast Bastard is at it again. This twerp of a Republican and his hacks should spend time behind bars, like life for crimes against the USA and the Constitution.

  12. Sounds like the Declaration of Independence in REVERSE. Time for this wannabe KING from the Communist needs to be removed PRONTO.

  13. Let the little fat dictator bring it all and that’ll be the shortest governor we’ve ever had and power! This just showed you this is only the beginning with the communist want to do do we the people in that steel or every one of your rights they’re doing it now Behind humanism. Bring it on fat boy! You think that’s bad wait a little fat King tries to do martial law and get the cops that we paid with our tax dollars to go after us I don’t think it’s gonna work out too well!

  14. Actually this law is probably a good idea as the problem is the governments are already taking the business owners’ property by the lockdowns and fines etc. This will require the government to pay full compensation (buy) the stuff instead.
    There are bound to be thousands of lawsuits coming under the “takings” clauses already. this will make it clear and quicker for the aggrieved citizens.

    • Who do you think is the government the money will come from we the people so those dollars going to those businesses will come out of the taxpayers pocket because that fat little king will pay for it because he has his money in an offshore account his billions of dollars!

    • When the government takes property or things there is no real “just compensation”. THEY pay whatever the hell THEY want to.

  15. Sounds like Hitler’s Germany. Now, on the other hand, i hope he inflicts a lot of pain on his people. They need to suffer long, and hard. then maybe they might smarten up. LOL…Oh wait, they are DemonRATS, they will vote in the same guy again.

    • So true Gerald very sad, but the poeple there put that derelict in office so it’s up to them to take him out, good luck with that suckers.

  16. Traitors used to be hung off of a bridge so as to show the people what the penalty for treason was. It is time to get the traitors to the Constitution, which these petty dictators swore to uphold and defend, out of office and into a third world jail.

  17. RINO is only way to describe him….and the governor…making money hand over fist during this crisis…scary what these politicians think they can get away with…votes count in EVERY election…


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  20. Giving the governor of Illinois or any state the power to confiscate the property of a business owner for defying the order of the governor to remained closed, is a step closer to the governor becoming a dictator. The governor’s executive orders are not law in the strict sense because only the legislative branch of government can make laws. America is not some petty 3rd world country where dictators come and go like the passing seasons. It is a Republic in which the people choose their leaders. They can “unchoose” their leaders just as easily as well. The misuse or the appearance of misusing power can set the stage for a political revolt in any state. When you walk on cracked glass, you must be careful to avoid cutting yourself.

  21. That is no real republican. Anyone who wants this for our country is a treasonous piece of trash who is trying to get on the good side of the demorats!


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