Illegals Cutting In Line To Receive COVID Vaccines As US Citizens Complain About Lack Of Access

( Exclusive) – Despite your views on the COVID vaccines, we can all agree that illegal aliens shouldn’t be getting vaccines before American citizens who want them, have access to them.

There are millions of people who genuinely believe the COVID vaccines are going to protect them and they should be first in line to receive them over migrants flooding our border to come here illegally.

Millions of Americans are still waiting for access to the vaccines, including thousands of Mayo Clinic employees and people with serious chronic conditions, while illegal aliens are manipulating businesses into giving them shots.

On Monday, retail pharmacy chain Rite Aid actually issued an apology for “mistakenly’ denying two illegal aliens COVID vaccines because they were unable to show Social Security cards.

Rite Aid even went as far as to say that their employees would receive additional training to ensure illegal aliens would not be denied vaccines again.

“In a case where a customer does not have identification, we advise our associates not to turn the customer away,” Rite Aid said.

Both of the women who were originally denied the vaccine have been personally invited back to Rite Aid to get their shots. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are still waiting for their turn to be Big Pharma lab rats.

On social media, one of the woman’s sons posted a picture of his mother after she received her shot and said, “We’re still gonna advocate to make sure that no undocumented individuals are denied a covid vaccine because of their immigration status.”

One of the individuals also in the picture is seen wearing an “Abolish ICE” shirt.

In California, it’s simply “recommended” that people bring some form of identification with them to get their shot if they have it. If not, no big deal.

Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime have been open about their desire to give shots to illegal aliens. The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement recently that said its “federal government partners fully support equal access to the COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine distribution sites for undocumented immigrants.”

The DHS statement called it a “moral and public health imperative” to vaccinate undocumented illegal migrants. Nevermind the fact that the Biden administration is allowing droves of illegal immigrants to flood across the border every day, bringing COVID with them.

There are no COVID measures being followed along the border and most migrants aren’t even being tested despite carrying COVID at a rate double the national average, at the very least.

Even Texas has made a way for illegal aliens to obtain vaccines once they are safely and illegally within the US. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley issued an apology last month for denying several individual vaccines after they could not provide ID.

Who cares that migrants are bringing COVID into the country while Americans are still waiting for their experimental shots and being forced to live under on-going mandates, rules and measures.

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  2. So now we all know the our government thinks about the US Citizens. The illegals can cut in front of the line and get their China Virus Shot before some the US Citizens. Thank you Joe.

  3. I’m sorry but this is not fare at all. Americans come first for the shots. It’s up to the illegals to get on a waiting list like we have to do. Their bringing in more of the virus and going where ever they want ,putting us in danger of getting the virus . We will be going backwards again with virus numbers going up , having to go back to lock down rules . This needs to stop. We deserve to have a normal life. And stop referring to them as undocumented, they are illegals their not here by following rules . Their here because of mr. airhead and the laughing clown.

    • Dude, I’m in 8th grade, my mind is SUPPOSED to be 13, you Christian-in-name-only!

  4. We are a country under God!
    Pray United States citizens!
    Our homeless veterans deserve a nice hotel stay!!
    Stop crazy evil changes in our country

  5. Why is Democrats rats Shitting on Americans and Kissing Aliens Asses? What do they want Civil War ? This is Americans Home! and Especially Veterans who serve to protect us! Where are these Aliens going to live when we have Homeless Americans Veterans on the street’s ! Biden hates Americans wants Aliens take over! Civil War Coming!

  6. This is just Pedo Joe, the Ho, and Democraps all paying their voters for putting them in power. So things will only get worse for Americans since that is the one thing that Democraps HATE even more than they HATE President Trump.

  7. Now this is interesting!
    As reported,”Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said Tuesday on CNN’s “OutFront” that Republican lawmakers were “complicit” in all the mass shootings that take place in the United States, given their opposition to gun legislation.”

    The Bill of Rights is in opposition to their gun rights legislation!

    Here is a facsimile of a human being who has debased himself by lying about his nonexistent military service to win a political position, who takes his pay check and is paid to represent both republicans and democrats, to ‘DEFEND AND SUPPORT ‘ our clearly written, in plain English, Constitutional rights, out of his mind attacking law abiding citizens and congress people who DO stand by their oath of commitment to support and defend the Constitution, unlike Blumenthal and other activists working tirelessly to strip law abiding citizens of their rights of which the government has no authority to abuse. These parasites on our people and governmental system syphon off the countries strength to serve their own evil ambitions to subjegate the Constitution to their evil mind set, whose lack of legitimate character disgrace themselves in the eyes of the people. It is not only this empty corrupt suit who shames himself every time he speaks but also the other democrats who have NO regard for the rule of law and continually support the crime wave of their supported army of BLM and Antifa which has killed police and citizens , Burned and destroyed businesses and ravaged communities threatening innocent citizens, encouraged and invasion into our country without accountability, redistributing to the illegal invaders the People’s money that is suppose to be used to service the needs of citizens. This group of shameful people of the democratic leadership do not demonstrate ANY loyalty to this country or the American People but strive endlessly to dominate and subjugate Americans with a twisting and distorting if not total casting the law a side. THEIR SHAME IS SHARED BY THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE GIVING THEM POWER.

    It is not the law abiding People who are to be held accountable but the people who abuse the laws and the rights given us under the Constitution WHICH CLEARLY INCLUDES SUCH AS THIS MORALLY BANKRUPT BLUMENTHAL.

    He along with so many other democratic leaders disgrace this coundtry and the people who put them in power.

  8. Wait, if you think the vaccine is dangerous, and you hate immigrants, wouldn’t the logical conclusion be to give the immigrants vaccines FIRST so that THEY are the guinea pigs?

    • I’d willingly take a vaccine right now. At least I’ll be safe from COVID-19, while you’ll be coughing your lungs out.

    • You are already the typical liberal! Dishonest and clueless! Learn a little English first little boy! This is a difference between immigrants and illegal aliens-FACT! The same way as you and your family have invited guests/friends over; but have you ever had uninvited guests show up? If so what did you do? And no one hates these people-but they need to come here legally-w/the real shame being none of them will take a stand to demand change in the hell holes they come from. Yet come here and make demands, shameful dishonest cowards!

    • Works for me! I won’t be getting this China virus shot! I didn’t live to be seventy six by being stupid!

    • Of course you are liberal. As they say – if you are not liberal before age 20 you have no heart. If you are not conservative by age 35, you have no brain. Too bad.

    • And if you aren’t a Roman Catholic by the time of your death, you don’t have either of those things.


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