Idris Elba Suggests The Planet Created Virus To Eradicate Humanity

The Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance actor has made the suggestion that the human race is ‘an infection’ that the world is trying to destroy before we destroy it

(Mirror) – Idris Elba has suggested that the coronavirus pandemic is a natural reaction from the planet Earth – and says the world is trying to kill the human race intentionally.

The 47-year-old British actor made headlines last week when he revealed he had tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 virus – but has assured fans he is recovering well and that he has not developed any symptoms.

Iris and his wife, 29-year-old Sabrina Dhowre, have been in self isolation since Monday after tests showed he had contracted the virus.

And during an online discussion with talkshow legend Oprah Winfrey on Saturday, the star made the suggestion the planet is consciously trying to eradicate humanity in order to save itself from years of abuse.

“Our world has been taking a kicking,” Idris said as he addressed 66-year-old Oprah.

“You know? We’ve damaged our world. And, you know, it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race,” he continued.

“It’s no surprise that a virus has been created that is going to slow us down and ultimately make us think differently about our world and ourselves,” he went on.

Above: Idris Elba appeared to suggest the Earth is consciously trying to exterminate humanity through the coronavirus (Image credit: Oprah/Instagram)

Above: Idris explained his shock hypothesis during a conversation with Oprah Winfrey (Image credit: Oprah/Instagram)

“For me, that’s a standout thing that’s very obvious. This is almost the world’s cry out to say ‘Hey! You’re kicking me! What you’re doing is not good. So I’ll get rid of you!'” he added, dramatically.

“As any organism would do is try to get rid of an infeciton. Maybe this is it for the world?” he warned.

Social media users have noted in various parts of the world that the planet appears to be showing signs of regeneration after many flights were grounded, transport decreased, and humanity went into isolation as countries implement various lockdowns to combat the virus.


  1. The dems struck a deal w/china years ago so that “THEY”(not AMERICA) can both prosper, that PRES. TRUMP WILL STOP!” Tarriffs put on them was interfering w/”THEIR”(NOT AMERICA)take..The start of “DELUSIONAL COLLUSION” and phony impeachment (“COUP”) BOTH found PRES TRUMP “NOT GUILTY!” Today: “KUNGFLU” virus to be used by “THEM”(not AMERICA)to murder(GENOCIDE)millions of the baby boomer population(most likely vote REPUBLICAN)to regain/TURN AMERICA INTO SOCIALIST/COMMUNISM/NAZI/demoRACIST DICTATORSHIP!

  2. I did not know Bernie had British relatives ? Where do they come up with these crazy ideas with no religious or scientific basis ? Btw what is an Ibris Elba anyway ?

  3. I like how the female to his left (computer screen viewer’s left), who I presume to be his wife, seems to be looking at him as if to say, “N#gg*, is you crazy!!?”

    I.A. seems to have watched too much liberal propaganda cartoons as a child, such as the ridiculous “Captain Planet”.

    Being deniers of Christ, whose imposed standard of loving the Christian godhead, the father, with all your strength, and then loving your neighbor as yourself, seems to be too much for them, liberals have opted for a new religion.

    This new heathen religion is called ‘environmentalism’, and it has as one of it central tenets of faith the belief – divorced from both fact and non fudged data – the ‘belief’ in “climate change”.

    This is why, when one does not share their overblown emotional response to something for which they can present no strong ‘proof’, or one looks at the full set of data and not just the cherry-picked portion they have selected to present as ‘proof’ because it fits their ‘belief’ and ‘faith’, they use the language of religious faith to accuse one of being a “climate change denier”, and not the language of science to argue based on reason for one hypothesis over another.

    And that’s another thing, a hypothesis explains a phenomena consistently over time and allows one to make predictions that come true every time. For instance the laws of motion as incorporated into the mathematics of ballistics allows one to, for instance, predict the hyperbola that a cannonball of a particular weight, exiting at a particular speed from a cannon whose longitudinal axis is at a particular angle to the ground, will follow. IT WORKS EXACTLY AS PREDICTED EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not so with climate voodoo. EVERY SINGLE PREDICTION that has been made over a period of at least 4 decades has been WRONG, as in “not even close to being right”.

    And yet they want you to crash your economy over their voodoo magic beliefs.

    But that ties into another tenet of liberalism that explains why the voodoo of ‘climate change’ was invented; namely their INTENSE MISOGYNISTIC HATRED OF HUMANITY. This hatred expresses itself in many ways such as their support for anything that will put people out of work and cause them to suffer, their opposition to economic development that raised human standards of living, their support for abortion or the killing of the future of humanity, and their ‘wish’ for humanity to be exterminated, often misrepresented as their ‘fear’ that humanity will be exterminated.

    It’s impossible to be honest with people when you want them to cooperate in their own extermination, so you have to lie to them under the ‘fig leaf’ of a good cover story. Climate change is that cover story. Even the way they express it is an exercise in demonic trickery as it is impossible to deny that the climate is changing. Geologist see proof of extreme changes in climate millions and even billions of years before the advent of human beings, co climate change was here from the time the earth cooled out of a ball of hot matter. But what they really mean is “Man made catastrophic climate change” but to state it plainly like this is to expose the stupidity of the premise.

    For instance, liberal screeching led to the banning of R12 refrigerant so now we use R134a refrigerant. But R12 is about 3o percent more efficient than R134a so this leads to greater percentage of spoilage in the food chain, raising food prices, and causing the poorer strata of society to go needlessly hungry. Remember I mentioned that causing human suffering is one of the goals of liberalism, as people are a ‘disease’ or an ‘infection’ on the planet to them.

    Because of it’s lower efficiency, R134a also causes greater electricity consumption to achieve cooling, and does not cool to as low a temperature as R12. This means that more fuel must be burned to create the greater amount of electricity that is needed. At the same time liberals use the law to limit access to the fuel needed by making a ‘national park’ or a ‘protected sanctuary’ out of whatever piece of ground the fossil fuel needed to power our civilization is found in. Notice how they scream even now because President Trump has allowed oil exploration in the pieces of real estate that they set as off limits for creating wealth and jobs for hated (to them) human beings. And yet, to date, not a single drop of fuel has been spilled on the ground or in the water, from overland pipeline or underwater drilling, and we all enjoy really low fuel prices. This frees up money in business for hiring, and frees up money in the consumer’s pocket for discretionary purchases and paying down debt, and increases the speed of money so that in a year a single dollar is involved in wore transactions than before the fuel was ‘liberated’ from liberal wickedness.

    Or take their opposition to dams. Liberals present the scientifically retarded, emotional based, argument that the river must be “freed”. First of all, this is describing the river in anthropomorphic terms, which is really hypocritical coming from a gang which hates humanity. Second of all, the water still makes it to the ocean as before. There is some taken for humans to drink and bathe, some for industry, and some for agriculture, but these are just delays. Humans sweat and lose the water they drink to the atmosphere, and it returns to the sea. Industry has matured and now treats the water it discharges, not just to remove chemical and mechanical pollution, but also heat pollution which can cause algal blooms. Plants transpire – the plant equivalent of humans sweating – and the water again returns to the ocean after a pit stop in the atmosphere. But their real reason is again, hatred for humanity.

    Idris Alba really should educate himself. I’m glad that we are entering an age where people no longer hang on to the utterances of idiots just because they are famous for being famous.

  4. I really LIKE Idris Elba as an ACTOR, but his thoughts on this situation are somewhere out in our Solar System !
    THIS virus, came directly from a Biological Weapon facility, located in Wuhan China ! The Chinese know it, and most other intelligent people in the World, know it as well ! I do not know if it was an accident, or done on purpose, but Wuhan is where it came from, NOT the Planet !

  5. “Idris Elba Suggests The Planet Created Virus To Eradicate Humanity”
    That’s a dirty goddamn lie. The coronavirus was created to make money for Big Pharma. As soon as they figure out a way to make a drug that will treat the virus without curing it, they will put it out on the market and make billions of dollars.

  6. Why do you waste time and space on such an idiotic comment from this actor? This virus doesn’t have the power to think and make up a plan of world domination. Like every other challenge in world history, we will conquer this too. How long and at what cost depends on our abilities in managing the resources given to us by our Creator.

  7. I am not overly impressed with Idris Elba’s acting and I certainly don’t think he is an Epidemiologist or an Environmentalist. Basically I think his idea is absurd and he needs to stick to his acting to make a living.

  8. Since “the planet” considers him an infection and has selected him to be infected with this virus, who is he to resist it?

  9. Idris Elba Is a bit of a wack job, but not totally off.
    1. Viruses mutate and form new strains that attack not only humans but just about every form of life. In this case the corona virus most likely came from an exotic animal consumed by someone in China. The thought that humans were targeted is absurd.
    2. Nature tries to cull out the sick and weak of all species. Most notably, the weak slow animals are eaten first. Thus the strongest animals of all species pass on their genes. Viruses are just another way to cull the weak.
    3. Unfortunately/fortunately for us. Humans are the one species that does not cull its weak. Like our wild forest lands, the lack of culling (suppression of wild fires) now leads to bigger fires once out of control. Humans through modern medicine has enabled the weak to survive. Overpopulation and close proximity of humans in cities allows viruses to spread and much like a wild fire, burn out of control.
    Idris Elba is on to something, but rest assured mother earth is not hunting humans.

  10. Mother Earth must never have liked humans. Long before the Industrial Age, she unleashed the Black Death and many other plagues. She must have known that humanity would someday pollute the air, frack the ground and trigger Global Warming, and/or Climate Change! (These Hollywood idiots should shut up and go back to trying to entertain us – like the court jesters they replaced.)

  11. Hollywood only hires people with extreme personality disorders. That’s why most of them are in drug/alcohol rehab centers or dead. Remember, they have to live with themselves. Most of the world viruses come from crowded places that have unclean practices. China is a breeding ground for thsse viruses. Large crowds and no government oversight for cleanliness. China doesn’t care about their people. China is overcrowded and is a hot box for disease and civil unrest, something’s gotta give sooner or later. Covid-19 is just another series of world viruses that we battle each year only this time it’s being used for political purposes. Stop the politics. Vote Trump/Pence in 2020 and give the Republicans back the majority of the House and Senate. Let’s get back to sanity for a change.

  12. When it finally emerges that there has been a grand collusion between the DNC and the mainstream media to keep this imaginary “pandemic” at fever pitch, WAY out of proportion to it’s actual danger, they will be soundly destroyed in the next election cycle, and rightly so. TEN TIMES as many people have already died from the annual flu than this idiot virus this year. The Dems think they’ve found their precious “silver bullet” to get Trump in November. VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET! KAG 2020!!

  13. I wonder if most actors have a mental illness ? Maybe this is what enables them to pretend to be someone else most of their adult lives? So many seem to be extremely deficient in logic, rational thinking or wisdom. They appear to be people lacking in education or understanding of history or governments. Is the education system this lacking or are these flying under the radar and not being put in “special education” classes. Has anyone done a study on this group to find out if they truly are mentally balanced?

  14. There’s conspiracy theorists on both extremes of the political spectrum. You have these far-left wackos like this guy, and you have the far right wackos with their conspiracy theories too. You just got to tune ALL these wackos out, because they are too far gone to listen to reason.

  15. I really wonder if most actors are simply people with mental illness? and this is what gives them the ability to pretend to be someone else most of their lives (?) They seem to be without logic, without rational thinking or wisdom, and without a background in history and governments. Has anyone done a study to determine mental capacity in this profession?

  16. He clearly has the mental capacity of a turnip. Why would anyone even listen to any of these people whose only skill is “make believe?”

  17. “Idris Elba has suggested that the coronavirus pandemic is a natural reaction from the planet Earth – and says the world is trying to kill the human race intentionally.”

    Well in that case we need to take decisive action and nuke the entire earth into oblivion before it has a chance to destroy us

  18. Interesting how this virus is extremely contagious, and his wife is right by his side. And neither have on masks. Things that make you go hmmm….

  19. Ick! WHY can’t these self-absorbed, wealthy, entitled, protected people on their multi-million dollar estates just SHUT UP!? That includes Nope-ra Winfrey who thinks the world revolves around her and that can do no wrong. WE the working people of the United States of America made you self-important morons famous and wealthier than God. Stop disrespecting US, judging US and telling US what to do! You Bozos think humans are an infection, so do something about Yourselves. Just Shut Up and leave those of US who do the work in this country Alone! WE THE PEOPLE DON’T ANSWER TO THE LIKES OF YOU.

  20. Why didn’t he address the annual influenza viruses/variants (or Ebola virus, et al.) that eliminate some our brain dead (didn’t get him). His words sound so much like the prayers to goddess Gaia and Pachamama recently resounded by Pope Francis (Laudato Si) and his Amazon synod. Prayers to or thoughts of pagan gods don’t do anything constructive – only prayers to the one God who said, “Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.” With a vague, sorta confused sense of mixed materialistic and spiritualistic exercises, maybe both of them have a chance of conversion to a real religion.


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