ICE Protesters Raise Mexican Flag And Defaced US Flag At GEO Aurora Immigration Detention Center In Colorado

(Gateway Pundit) – Protesters took down the U.S. flag, the Colorado and GEO flags and and replaced them with a Mexican flag, a defaced upside down U.S. flag and a third flag of unknown description at a GEO contractor-run ICE detention facility in Aurora, Colorado Friday.

Above: ICE photo of standard flag display at the GEO Aurora detention center.

Numerous photos were posted online of the flags.

Someone sent the Mexican flag flying over the Aurora ICE facility here in Colorado… #priceless #CloseTheCamps

— Jenna McKellips (@JennaMckellips) July 13, 2019

Video clips:

KCNC-TV reported the American flag was taken down, spray-painted with the words Abolish ICE and then flown upside down next to the Mexican flag.

Excerpt from Westword on plans for the protest.

A large protest set to take place Friday, July 12, from 7 to 9 p.m. outside the immigrant detention facility in Aurora is expected to draw more than a thousand people.

“We want to close down the detention center, and we want them to release these immigrants to their families or sponsors,” says protest organizer Patty Lampman. The facility in Aurora is run by private prison company GEO Group through a contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The demonstration is tied to a worldwide call to action known as Lights for Liberty; as of July 8, 626 Lights for Liberty protests have been planned across the globe, including hundreds in the U.S. and in at least 25 countries. At 9 p.m. at each location, protesters will simultaneously light candles or shine their cell phones.

H/t Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: The Mexican and defaced U.S. flags were taken down after dark Friday.


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