“I Really Want To Thank The President” Kim Kardashian Thanks President Trump At The White House For His Passion For Criminal Justice Reform (Video)

Kim Kardashian spoke behind the presidential seal on Thursday in the White House.

(Gateway Pundit) – On Thursday President Donald Trump introduced Kim Kardashian to speak on Justice Reform at the White house.

President Trump introduced her saying,

“I’d like to invite up a very special guest and a powerful advocate not just for justice reform but just a good person. And I hear she’s starting to study law. She’s also one of the most successful people in the entertainment business. Soon she will be one of the most successful lawyers. I hate to tell it to all of my lawyers back there. But, I knew her father and I tell you she’s got good genes. That I can tell you. Good genes for everything and she’s been a real friend and her husband has been a real friend of mine.

Kardashian later thanked President Trump for his work and his family’s work on justice reform.

Kim Kardashian: “I want to thank the president for really standing behind this issue and seeing the passion he’s had for criminal justice.”

Ivanka Trump gave Kim Kardashian a shout-out today.



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